Review: LOUIS VUITTON Pallas Clutch Bag

Review: Louis Vuitton Monogram Noir / Black Pallas Clutch

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HoneyB563 says:

Really nice bag! If I didn’t have an Eva clutch, pochette nm AND a favorite mm I might be tempted……loving that outside pocket and the black accent on the bag, I wonder why they didn’t match the long strap to the accent color!Love it anyway so I guess I am tempted after all! Love your reviews and that you too have an iPhone 6 Plus, very helpful. Enjoy!

Ele Bear says:

Thank you sooooooo very much. Loved your review. Is there a reason you selected this one over the Eva, or Pochette nm? I am so drawn to it’s design. By the measurements though, it doesn’t look like it would be able to hold a regular size wallet, like my Emilie (sadness) Do you see it more as a “mini” clutch? I’ve not seen the Nano bags, but I’m wondering how they differ as compared to this beautiful clutch. I may have to sell my Eva clutch. Oh my. Thanks again. ~ Ele ~

Luvlylee337 says:

Cute bag…Just don’t know why they didn’t make strap in black leather instead. That would make me want it 100%..thanks for the review

SnapeHBP says:

Such a pretty bag, glad to see a review on this. I was hoping the strap would be noir colored which would have made the strap softer but the fact that it’s not untreated vachetta is a plus. Good review!

Squeaky Cheese says:

Thanks for the review. Great bag. Just to let you know, the leather strap can be combined with the gold chain and it makes the bag longer. Great versatility. The LV SA showed customers how to attach one strap to the other to make the bag longer.

Deee M says:

Great video. Would love to see a collection video

Wendys loving life says:

Great review! I’ve tried this on now twice and am obsessed. Loved this video – good job! xoxo Wendy

Miz Ali says:

I’m plus size and I love cross bodies so I was disappointed you didn’t model for reference. 🙁

Cecilia Jara says:

I was waiting for someone to review this bag. It’s such a nice bag. Love that it has no vachetta leather and outside pocket for easy access.

A E says:

Gorgeous. I love that clutch.

Christy J says:

Cute! Matches met twinset! Happy to see a new video from you! How do you think it compares to the favorite?

Leo Lion LV says:

Great review and such a pretty bag! Love it with the Noir ♥

iREVIEWitALL says:

Love this bag it’s such a practical little bag thx for sharing!

Nicole Novo says:

Lovley little LV bag 🙂

Sandy D says:

May I ask how much it retails? Thanks!

Wendys loving life says:

I LOVE your review/reveal videos. They are so informative. They are the best on youtube! xoxo Wendy

log Ikz says:

Have the side tabs started to curl yet?

Hillary Ayon says:

Have you noticed any wear on the bottom folded corners? I considered purchasing this today, but it looks as though there is a lot of strain on the corners.

Ele Bear says:

Had to return to your review again. As I look at what all fits, I measured my Emilie Wallet, and it will fit, but I’m thinking it would have to be angled in. Can you tell us/me what the measurement is on the zipper opening? I notice that it is NOT the 9.1 length as is the wider, lower portion of the bag. Hmmmmn, right? Lovely, lovely review. Thank You, ~ Ele ~

Ilham Yousfi says:

ابغي شنطة لونها اسود

Sly3n says:

Great review! I looked at this bag the last time I was at LV. I was deciding between this and the Eva. I ended up opting for the Eva as I liked the shape better. But this bag might make it into my collection in the future.

Carina Mehta says:

Would the zippy wallet fit in? xx

Mrs B says:

that is the one I am planning to get also bc of the dark carefree strap!! thank you for the vid!! ::))
Iam new here to YouTube Community and would love if you check me out 🙂

Lemonmon says:

If the strap was in black or monogram then this bag would be perfect

Kiersten E says:

Thank you so much for the review. I have the NM pochette accessoires and the Eva but I love this bag much more. I think that I will sell my other bags to get this one. I know you said the strap drop is 22 inches but if you get a chance could you measure the length of the strap. I live in Kentucky and there is not a Louis Vuitton here. When I called customer service the representative said the strap is the same as the Eva clutch. Congratulations on your new bag…I love it!

M C says:

Thank you sweetie for a great review! I was debating on getting one. I have the Favorite MM and was wondering if you have a Favorite MM to compare. Have a great week sweetie!

Ilham Yousfi says:

ابغي اللون الاسود

Hunniebunches020405 says:

This clutch is gorgeous! I was never a fan of the Eva clutch but I absolutely love this. With the black color you can carry it in the rain?

jackies lvgirl says:

Very nice, may be on my wish list now! Thanks for sharing

Me And My Haileyv says:

Thank you so much for this review. I love this bag. I’ve wanted to get a little crossbody/bag clutch but the Eva just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. This is now on the list 🙂

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