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Holly Sider says:

I prefer the actual camera, but love you trish<3


Totally like the idea of you doing a “What’s in My Purse?” video

Christina Alexander says:

Love the purse. Super jealous

Taylor Stritzel says:

The way she says bag has me dead lmao but love you Trisha

natluvcoach79 says:

I’m sorry, but she talk too much. I ended up leaving the video way before it ended because of her mouth! Just get to the unboxing/ unbagging! All that other mess she talking about just started sounding like jibberish cause she kept rambling. She has went all into things she’s sold, how often she uses a bag … girl damn! Just show the damn bag and end the video! We don’t wanna hear all that other shit!! LMAO!

Allie x says:

Oh hey 2015 Mama Fishy! <3you

Megg Lynn says:

Did she lose her camera?

Katy Lady says:

Also I dig the MacBook camera videos !!

Shauna * says:

cant hear you.. 🙁

Jilly Turner says:

Looking good Trish, the casual look suits you 🙂

Reeree Ward says:

Love the video on your new bag. Could you please do what fits in there. Im getting one soon and would like to know.

Adelaide Owens says:

trish, this macbook just ain’t workin for us

Sam Angarola says:

The MacBook really bothers me

Sana Siddiqi says:

Bag is ugly.

Natasha Marley says:

Why do you say bag like your from Boston!

Jade Salyers says:

I actually like the MacBook

Eliza Mayberry says:

I miss trish and shane

Courtney Norton says:

whats your poshmark?!

CalCalixto says:

I like it. It feels like you are like sitting in front of me instead of being in a whole studio with so many lights and stuff

Michelle Grzechowiak says:

She cud do some more ASMR videos. Would be so relaxing.

Jackson Makl says:

Randy Ramkissoon says:

Can literally pay for 2 1/2 years of my college rent xD
Work Trish <3

WW Jackie says:

Love , love the bag! Yes the chain is cool, but a Pom Pom or bandeau would look great too….and for a lot less…I mean that chain in half of a bag…I’d return the chain and try something else to dress it up. But best wishes , enjoy. Gorgeous bag!

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