NEW $6000 LOUIS VUITTON BAG! DO I REGRET IT?? Unboxing, Review, Storytime! Petite Malle

Hi everyone! I’m back with a brand new video for you guys! I know a lot of my subscribers have wanted to see more luxury hauls and storytime videos so that’s what I am giving y’all! I really love this bag but as you guys will see… there are a lot of pros and cons. I know a lot of you guys also wanted to know more tea about my Louis Vuitton experience so I decided to go back in there and do a little shopping (I caved… I know… I’m ashamed). BUT HEY! At least I’ll have some fun new things to show you guys!

Tell me what you think of the bag in the comment section below… just don’t call me an idiot bc we’ve been over this… I already know that.


Thank you for the love! Thank you for the support!

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vanessa velazquez says:

You are adorable to watch lol
Love your personality
I subbed to your channel
Greetings from Chicago 😉

richalex19 says:

I get the regret cuz most of us would like to fit eveything on a 6k bag and get our money worth! But lets be honest, this type of bags are made for people who think 6k is like spare change!! So they won’t even bother on returning lol.. but it’s beautiful! Use it, give a try and if you take good care of it you can re sell it ! Resell market is big on Louis!

Kimmie Cunningham says:

I know your best friends love you when it’s their Birthday or christmas lol

Thomas Talks says:

Another great video Blake!
When are you going to do a video on your Lexus? 😀 (PS mine has been delayed til march 1st)

Nini Ashley says:

You are so funny, I was laughing through out this video.  I think the bag is cute.  If you really like it you should keep it, no matter what others say or think.  However, if you are having second thoughts, or if you think you won’t reach for it often, I would return it.  Congrats on your new bag!

Ben Ben says:

R u keeping it? It’s cute

WW Jackie says:

Yes, unique, cool….but wayyyyy too expensive. Yes, I buy LV but in my opinion $6000….no way.

Emanro34 says:

I think that it’s too small and I’ll return as fast as you can before you regret it and don’t get me wrong it’s cute but $6,000 you should fit everything you want in it Ahahah my opinion OR!!!!!! You can keep it for collection wise because it is a little version of a brief case lmao

B D says:

dang didn’t know that bag didn’t fit anything LOL

Rosan Patel says:

I sold mine because I couldn’t fit shit in it lmfao

Aw€sum101 says:

Is the checkered pattern a cream or a white colour? Is it easy to keep clean?

Mai Her says:

6k for that lil box
I’ll pass…

Charles California says:

Wow beautiful bag but sooooooo small and it’s expensive too. I love unboxing videos that’s what I do too on my channel. New subbie here. Love your channel.

Destiny Fine Art says:

I think you should return this because it is too much for Louis Vuitton, most of their bags are around 1000+, 2000+, something like that, and if you even get Gucci or Fendi, for that price you can get two bags and more like a few hundred dollar shoes or something like that.

G G says:

Wait. What. Taser?

B N says:

The print on the inside of the bag is actually featured on their actual luggage pieces. Random fact lol

Julie Crespo says:

You r cute.. the bag reminds me of a cow.. return it get a bigger one. Luv yah

Dirty Dan says:

Nice review my guy

videomanic411 says:

So pretty- it’s great

Jutta Wessels says:

Not my taste, but if you are happy with it, im happy for you 🙂

Brett Barban says:

that iridescent bag is GORGEOUS

Maria K says:

U need to get a functional bag that holds what u need to carry.. keys, taser, etc..

Jan Levitan says:

Blake you are a doll!❤️ very expensive and a lot of money but if you really like it hang onto it I say it’s a little bit too small but beautiful nonetheless

Zazazlemynizzl L says:

big fan ly

denver_inLVoe says:

That’s a gorgeous bag

amber thompson says:


RandomCreationsDuh says:

It’s not worth it bo!! But hey if you like it that’s good ^.^ did you ever fix your other issue with the fake??

DanaAnn says:


Henry Boeke says:

keep it!
you’ll always want a petite malle because the look is so gorgeous and sometimes when you go out on the streets you only need a cardholder and keys

Mrs ANG’ says:

I love it! I would keep it! It’s such a fashionable piece!

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