My Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection and Reviews


I hope you enjoyed my Louis Vuitton handbag collection, thank you so very much for watching this video! I am super excited to be able to share this with you all, as this was very highly requested!

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Louis Vuitton handbags mentioned in this video:
– Speedy 30, Monogram Canvas
– Alma PM, Monogram Vernis, Amarante
– Thames PM, Monogram Canvas
– Pochette Metis, Monogram Canvas
– Pochette Accessoires NM, Monogram Canvas
– Neverfull MM, Monogram Canvas (x2 shown in this style and size)
– Neverfull MM, Mon Mono, Monogram Canvas with Bleu Clair & Ivoire stripes and monogram
– Neverfull MM, Damier Azur
– Neverfull GM, Damier Ebene
– Keepall Bandouliere 55 Luggage, Monogram Canvas


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Toni Peterson says:

same bags, let me go to the dam website. Nobody shows the inside, and where are the black girls, lol

proud thai says:

be careful with that bag lv . china can fake any thing .

Titus Barto says:

I love you and your bags!!!

Cat O regan says:

Love your collection, but i would stuff them,, I worry for the keep all in that box lol, would love to see slg collection

Melanie Strickland says:

Yea, that is NOT the Galliera. It’s called the Thames. Just so you know =) Nice collection1

godjenta66 says:

I would love to see an accessories collection video from LV.

Karlie Shanelle says:

Your Galliera PM is actually the Thames GM 😉 The Thames features a zipper closure and are a bit smaller than the Gallieras which feature a magnetic snap closure, but beautiful collection!

Chyna Carlynn says:

When you pulled the third neverfull out I started to judge you… Hehehe.. Great video! You’re so pretty

Lily993 says:

Hi, love your collection! I just purchased my first NF MM preloved (I had purchased a PM, but I returned it, as I found it to be too small under my shoulder) and I was thinking about getting another NF in a different print, but I’m having doubts about wether to get another MM or a GM. I’m 5″1′. Do you think it would look too big on me?

Leo Lion LV says:

Loved your video xoxo

Alison Walker says:

I have a purse collection it has different styles and brands.

Gwenny Ame says:

i love your videos! you are so pretty :)) what is your job? Do you find the Eva pochette bether or the fav pm? 😀

QueenKattz says:


Leslie Miller says:

I enjoyed your video !
I have 2 Neverfulls – a dark chocolate Damier and a LV Monogram Neverfull. I am currently working on purchasing the white Damier with pink rose interior

sally nie says:

hi i wanna buy LV neverfull soon, can you share how to take care the strip, to turn it nicely to honey colour.. cause i dont like much the white colour of the strip.. thankss..

Kionna BeVan says:

Honestly do you really need that many purses?? If I had that much money to spend thousands of dollars on purses for myself I would hella donate or do so much else with my money instead of paying thousands of dollars for a dead cow

Akhira H. says:

I have the Neverfull MM Mono and I’m definitely considering getting both of the Damier’s! I loveeee them.

Susie Peep says:

Great reviews! Love the Mon Monogram colors! I would really like to see a video on your LV accessories! Thanks!

gatorblue11 says:

Just so you know, You can bring your Monogram Neverfull to the boutique and send it for repair to get the vachetta leather replaced (rather than buying a brand new bag). It will look brand new.

Rebecca Boom boom brand showcase says:

I love your video. Let me know if you ever want to collaborate. Recently I’ve made a bunch of Louis Vuitton videos with names and prices.

Kharli Chanel says:

That bag looks like the Thames not the galliera . I saw Minks4all galliera pm and her bag was a lot bigger ???

Jennifer Calcano says:

I’m enjoying your channel because I’m obsessed with LV . I have the speedy 30 I think and the neverfull and I’m so in love I’m budgeting for my next bag. I know it’s something I can pass down to my daughters

Jorge Game says:

my mother have the same bags

Jesse Figueroa says:

What a beautiful collection. Be sure to take your keepall out of the box and stuff it, you don’t want your canvas to crack. Check out Rachiella on youtube this happened to her beautiful keepall.

Maggy Lukmanjaya says:

Awesome videos….your videos are very nice and informative

KT says:

Hi hun great vid! I believe your Thames is actually the GM. Can you do a review on that bag? Also what fits inside etc? There aren’t many on youtube.

QueenKattz says:

Beautiful collection, but just to let you know the 3rd bag you showed was the Thames, I have it in the GM in Damier Ebene and I love it.
None of the Gallieras have a zipper, and the strap connects to the big differently.
Take care
Katt ^,,^

Victoria Macri says:

I think its pronounced “vern-ee” but great video otherwise! 🙂

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