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Thank you all for watching this video on my favorite Louis Vuitton wallet! This is definitely the best Louis Vuitton wallet I’ve ever had! The Clemence wallet is organized so well, extremely slim, yet still a full-sized wallet. Enjoy the video to see more details! 🙂 Do you have a favorite wallet? Comment below your favorite wallet! It doesn’t have to be Louis Vuitton of course!!

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Y Shah says:

I purchased this wallet because of your review

Y Shah says:

I brought this wallet because of your review

Kelly Gulino says:

Loving this wallet recently. Great review.

heybabi says:

Does the wallet fit into the alma bb?

Christine Lee says:

Love your videos shea! How is the wear and tear on this piece now that it’s been a year?

EZ ID Tags says:

My product compliments these perfectly. We make it easier to pull out ID and credit cards from your wallet with handmade tags

MsAnnTaylor says:

Can you do a wallet collection video?

Stephanie Hofmann says:

Hi Shea, I was debating between this and the Emilie. I’m still torn. I do love the zip around wallet style. Such a tough decision. Did you order it online or purchase it at your local LV boutique?

Pavithra P says:

Just subscribed! Great review. Do you have trouble taking the cards out the slots? Thanks!

fmineable says:

Update please. Do you still like it? How’s the wear and tear

happy happy says:

Hello Shea,
From Vancouver@ Thank you for your sharing the video. The video helps me make decision to buy the wallet on next weekend.

Kimberly Adolph says:

I have a question. My last wallet was a compact Coach wallet that I had to unbotton and unfold for cash. Then I’d have to turn it and unzip for change. Im really hoping to find a wallet thats easily accessible at checkout. Im stumped between this in damier ebene with rose ballerine interior or the Emilie. Which do you think will be easiest to get into? Do you ever open this to get cash or cards and have to turn it around? As in, is there an easy way to differentiate the back from the front?

Shan Brooks says:

Shea you said this Clamence fits your favorite. Is that an MM or PM?

Sheri Flatt says:

Just subscribed! Watched several of your LV reviews and they are so helpful! I just got this wallet in DE with rose ballerine interior. I was questioning if I should have gotten the Zippy. After seeing this review, I’m confident I made the right choice! Favorite MM is on my wish list and it’s great to know this wallet fits easily inside! Great review!

Y Shah says:

I brought this wallet because of your review

Anisah Mamoojee says:

I bought this today because of you! Love it!

Jazzy Rachel says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Marylynn Tejeda says:

I have the same wallet and the iPhone 7 Plus actually does fit without a case, kinda tight though for my liking .

Peter Tran says:

Can it fit a check book?

ComyaBee says:

Great review.

Kagenveama Bryan says:

Hello! Great Video, does this wallet fit a passport? Thanks!

S Nelson says:

Love this video. I think I’m going to go with this wallet. 🙂

Origami Artworks says:

Help! Can this wallet fit in Chanel classic 10″?

Catharine's Life says:

Great review, thank you!

De's Edit says:

How does the Clemence fit into Chanel mini rectangle? Does it leave a lot of room for other things?

MacLadybug says:

I pretty much have the same wallet requirements so your video was very helpful.  Just got my Clemence today… Damier Ebene with Cherry interior (Matches the interior of my Neverfull GM perfectly.  By the way, my iPhone 6s Plus fits in it perfectly with all my credit cards, cash and coins.  I do have a Peel Case on my iPhone.  I think that’s the most minimalist case you can get. Here’s a link to the 7-case: The colors are perfectly matched to your phone so it looks like there is no case on it. Also, no logo.  

And you are right.  Best wallet ever!

Rikka Mae Mejia says:

Does a powder compact fits inside ?

lakingya johnson says:

Well, this is by far one of the best reviews that I have ever seen for any item. Thanks so much!

Y Shah says:

I brought this wallet because of your review

Susan Byrum says:

have been considering a Clemence or possibly a preloved old style Zippy full size wallet.  I like the size of the Clemence, and your video helped me to see how things actually look inside and now I’m sure I want the Clemence.  Thank you so much!

Kac4 KLHC says:

Great video! So funny, the issues you had with trying the other wallets were the exact issues I had! So if you’re picky, I guess I am too. I love this wallet. The Zippy wallet was wayyyy to big for me. The zippy coin purse was too small. The Emilee was a bad fit, this one is perfect and you are correct, the price point was surprising to me considering what the zippy costs.

Geraldine Hercule Alectus says:

Hi Shea, Love this review! I was wondering if a passport can fit in there? I do a lot of traveling and this would be my first ever LV purchase.

TheRelaxedHairShow says:

Thank you for your review, and the amazing video quality. I want this wallet, just haven’t been able to decide on which canvas. I love Damier Azur, but want something different. The Mono Hot Pink is speaking to me. Lol so is the Damier Ebene Ross Ballerine.

VickyV806 says:

Would you say this fuchsia color matches the pivione interior of the neverfull mm? I’m considering getting this wallet.

Kelly Gulino says:

Do you still recommend this wallet, Shea? I’m interested in purchasing one for myself.

Krystal Law says:

My husband just surprised me with the Clemence with rose ballerine interior and I love it!
PS. My iPhone 7 plus fits even in its speck case!
Thanks for another great review.

Gail Ventic says:

Can it fit inside a Channel rectangular mini? 🙂

markbosman12 says:

you look like a hooker

Kelsey Wages says:

I go back and forth with getting this wallet because when I see it I feel like the length is a little awkward and too long. Do you ever see that? I have not seen this in person. Just online and in videos. Would love to hear your opinion!

SweetPRN Erin says:

Thanks for the review! I will buy the one with flower so i can attach my key fob!

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