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Annie T says:

Love your bag videos Tiffany! 🙂 Your GM has held up so well! I’ve had my MM for about a year now (still love it!) and I’m worried when I put a lot of things in it that the base will slouch and become saggy…how did u keep your GM base so structured all this time?? I’ve seen people around with the base totally dipped down and I don’t want this to happen!

TheJulietSeries says:

Where is your bag shaper/organizer from?

jcas9382 says:

Great review, which bag organizer do you use?

Kristina Rosselli says:

Am I weird that I’ve never thought LV bags were cute? I’ve never liked the prints. Now Chanel bags I adore. I love your reviews tho because it’s always fun to hear others thoughts on things they love.

Cassidy says:

Your hair in this video is to die for!!!! That cut and style and colour look amazing on you! Xx

Barajas Life says:

Gorgeous bags!!! Thanks for the review maybe one day I’ll buy the mm that’s my favorite so far ☺️ always look forward to your videos

msatty19 says:

Love the video today, always so relaxing and fun! Where did you buy your bag organizer? I need one in my life!

Morgan Smith says:

I think the height thing is so true!! My neverfull was my first LV & it is still my go to! When I went in I had planned on getting the GM but it looked HUGE on me because I am only 5’1″! The MM still looks oversized on me! My best friend on the other hand is 5’9″ & her MM looks like a small dainty purse on her!

Nicole Luechin says:

at Louis

phenomenalgrl says:

I have an unhealthy addiction to grey sweaters and white t’s. lol. i’m glad to not be alone. 😉

hrcubsgirl says:

Can you carry a 15 in or 16 in laptop in the Neverfull MM?

Dalila G says:

I have a gm and I love it too

karen fields says:

I loved today’s video. I really like when they are long.

Kelly Southerland says:

What size is your sweatshirt? Do they run true to size? Debating between medium (normal size) or large for some slouch. It’s so cute!

Girl with the Pink Bow says:

always love your reviews! so helpful and I love the Rose ballerine omg!! I think sizes depend on frame not just height, my mom is 5’6 but has a tiny frame and the GM looks ridiculous on her! xx

mach1grrl says:

Your hair looks gorgeous in this video! Would love a tutorial!

Lisa Lynn says:

The Samorga in Indian Pink is perfect color for the Rose Ballerine

Jazzonic says:

I’ve been wanting the MM in damier ebene, but the GM looks so comfy. I’m only 5’2 though so I feel like the bag would swallow me up. Always enjoy your videos. <3 they're my way to relax when my two year old and ten month old are sleeping. 🙂


Hi Tiffany I was wondering if you can tell me where the organizer is from?? Would love to get one for my lv

asceses1 says:

I cant believe ive just sat here for nearly 30 mins and watched someone talk non stop about two bags …. lol and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. I do love to listen to Tiffany chat  😉 Ive always wanted to touch a LV bag, just to see what they feel like. I often see women out and about with one and im so tempted to say can I touch your bag please?  lol but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be met with a very favourable reply

michell turner says:

iI just bought the neverfull gm damier ebene bag.i was confused weather the gm bag was too big for me,I was thinking about Exchange it for the mm neverfull bag .I am 5’9 but after watching ur video the mm bag is to small for me.Love ur video!!!

Lisa Lynn says:

You crack me up! I have 2 videos on here, and I HATE when people I know watch them. So I can identify with what you mean. I want to do more videos, but I’m so camera shy. lol

susanqingfei says:

Hey! You can purchase them if you already have a neverfull as a “replacement item” no matter how old your neverfull is!

Joy Joy Joyfolie says:

Loved this Tiffany!! I have never had an LV and when I was in Hawaii they had An LV store and I went in….and was looking at the mm’s  their sales tax over there is I think only 4%..something like that…anyway…didn’t get it time my hubby and I go… I told him that’s what I want!!!  thanks for showing us all about them!! 🙂

Carina Oliveira says:

Love the LV videos, can you please do a video of your LV bags , thank you☺️

LindsayCallis says:

Thank you for posting this!!! Im about to make my fist LV purchase, and have been going back and fourth between the GM, and the MM. This is sign that I need to buy my first LV stat.


I always feel the straps look really uncomfortable due to how thin they are….do they not dig into your skin when the bag is weighty? I have a Chanel GST and the straps on that are wide and even they dig in? Thoughts?

Farzana Jamadar says:

R u scared of the pink lining ? I love the pink lining and since the day I have seen ur video I cannot stop thinking abt it.

Kinny 2402 says:

I have had my monogram MM neverfull since 2009 also and I just can’t find a bag to compare! It’s perfect and it still looks as good as it did back then! You would think it was brand new! I just wish I had that pouch with mine! Might have to get a newer one just for that! Xx

Jennifer Foster says:

I took my artsy back to the store because my canvass was cracking. They replaced it on the spot. We spend a lot of money on these bags. They should have replaced it if they couldn’t repair it.

Andreina Vanessa says:

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a Tiffany video and a cup of coffee.

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