Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet Monogram Review

Review & DEMO on the ORIGINAL Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet in the Monogram Canvas. The most versatile of wallets, the Zippy is a very practical choice. With plenty of room for money, cards and coins and a handy all-round zip, it looks doubly tempting in Monogram canvas.

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—–Original LV Zippy Wallet Model M60017 (2012)——-
7.5 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches
(Length x Height x Width)

-8 credit card slots
-Open compartment for banknotes
-Zippered compartment for coins
-Three large compartments for papers and passport
-Two inside patch pockets
-Interior Lining: Armagnac

—–NEW LV Zippy Wallet Model M42616 (2016)——-
7.5 x 3.9 x .08 inches
(Length x Height x Width)
*Now Wider

-12 credit card slots
-Open compartments for banknotes
-Zippered compartment for coins
-Three large compartments for papers and passport
-Two inside patch pockets
-Interior Lining: Rose Ballerine, Brown, Coquelicot, and Fucshia.

*As of 2016 both wallets retails for $805.00 USD.
I purchased the original model in 2012 for $750.00 USD.




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I purchased all products featured in this video and I am not being compensated for my review or tips on how to use the product. All opinions expressed in this video are 100% accurate of my experiences with the product. Fashionphile links are affiliate links.

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deequu says:

Can this fit an iPhone 6Plus?

Anna Sanvictores says:

Hi! May I know which code is this one? Is this the 60017?

BlueHorseYellowCow says:

Hi, and thanks for the detailed, helpful review! I do have a question. The problem you mention about the credit cards bumping into the zipper when you slide them out–wouldn’t that happen with *any* zippered wallet, not just the LV? I’m just trying to weight the pros and cons of the Zippy. Thank you.

don't sub me says:

Is it weird for a man to own this wallet?

Justin Akioka says:

yeah… because nothing says “I don’t have money” than a Louis Vuitton… more or less a 20 dollar bill..

Kim Feldmann says:

Where can i get a wrist strap

Jessica Cruz says:

hey just found your video what color is the inside of your wallet thank you so much

Pople BackyardFarm says:

really nice wallet

mishimishix says:

Awesome review. Very helpful. Thank you!

ana ezernack says:

Liked that you pointed out the flaws, I have to rethink my purchase many thanks

Ru Sa says:

Excellent review 🙂 thank you. Picking mine up today ♥️

Lost Soul says:

Do you still own the wallet? If so, how is it holding up? Great review btw!

Israel Torres says:

How much does it cost

Byron Works says:

She did a really good job reviewing the zippy wallet. Thx.

Velvet Rose says:

How much? I looked in their website but they didn’t put it

Luz Rosenberg says:

Hi! Thanks for the review. Where did you get the wristlet?


Ashxl- first excellent review! Nice job. Question, have you had any issues with cards pushing to the bottom and causing wearing at fold at bottom of wallet? Non zipper side?

Amy Hebsch says:

Great review!

Michelle Perkins says:

What’s the name of the Michael Kors one?

urbanmiss26 says:

Very detailed review. Looking forward to your future bag and SLGs reviews

Katherine Knight says:

Great review, but I wanted to add that I have had this wallet for two years and LOVE it. I see what you are saying about the credit cards but it doesn’t really bother me. The zippers are fabulous–there is nothing more luxurious than a LV zipper every day. And there is no comparison between the MK wallet and your LV zippy. The LV ZIPPY is GORGEOUS, sleek and classy. You bought a winner

Vic Ng says:

I really enjoy this video bc youre in-depth on the Flaws! No other review videos I have seen so far seem to grasp the flaws, only mention how fabulous their wallet is. Kudos!

T.J. Rodgers says:

Hi, you mentioned how the zipper drags at the corners of the wallet. You can use a little bit of wax paper around the areas that you feel need it, this will help the zipper close along the opening quite well. Also, you can take the wax paper and rub it along your closet rods so that moving hangers back n forth will glide with much more ease.

Bagslover Louis says:

Love your review! Thanks

Holly Watkins says:

I love, love loooveee the way you give detailed and unbiased reviews on this product! Please continue doing it with all of your handbags, make-up, etc. I will be watching your channel – hopefully for life!

Jen Design says:

Wow thanks for pointing out the cons you wouldn’t realize without actually using the wallet. Fantastic review. Thanks!

Amanda T says:

Why do you carry your passport! Thats really dangerous

Chocolate Thunder Cherry says:

The red one is to die for I can’t wait until I’m able to get it !!!!

Jurgita18 says:

HI ,this is original o not? 

J M says:

I don’t seem to have the issues you seem to have getting credit cards out, mine come out fine.

Oksana Badanina says:

Good review!

TheMaterpiece19 says:

I purchased the zippy wallet, and I noticed it is super hard too. Is yours still hard?

Che Kein says:

Hi! i my aunt give me a zippy louis vuitton but im not sure if its authentic mine says made in france. sorry i dont have much infos about louis vuitton wallets.

K kab says:

Great review! Finally one that isn’t just raving about the pros of an LV but actually focuses on the challenges that come with it. Thanks!!

RICHARD Sandoval says:

where is the date code on the wallet? I bought one but just wanna make sure it’s real

Devi Arradhani says:

how much it cost for LV zippy wallet ? please info. Thanks

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