Louis Vuitton Westminster GM Review ❤

Hey dolls!! Today I wanted to share/review my birthday gift with you! Thumbs up for a ‘What’s In My Purse video’ For pictures and more– http://www.kaylalashae.com/fashion/louis-vuitton-westminster-gm.php

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Black Label Automotive Group says:

How do you like the Belmont compared to the Westminster GM? I’m looking for a handbag for my girlfriend and she only likes bags with a zipper. Do you have any suggestions?  

Rachel Wong says:

I love this bag!

Ree Walker says:

This was very informative. I had this bag in my cart on line and now I’m going to buy it. Thanks.

sprinklerain says:

I just recently bought Nerverfull and speedy bag and I love them! This is really a great review! Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

Laura Fonseca says:

can you fit your macbook pro in there?

Dreaming of Luxury says:

Beautiful bag!

Kayla Lashae says:

They are both beautiful bags! Thanks for watching!

Antania King says:

Do a whats in my bag

APKD07 says:

How much is this one?

44ody says:

Thank you for reviewing you convinced me I am getting this bag. Follow me on Instagram I have all my bags prev44

Kim Pilar says:

I LOVE this bag <3 <3 <3 I tried this bag on yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it! it's so well made and you never see it, unlike the Neverfull which everyone has.  Can you tell me if it would fit a Macbook Air 13"?  I don't normally carry around a laptop, but if I travel, it would be a huge bonus if it fit.

Arielle Jasmine says:


Laurel Robateau says:

Great review! I’m thinking about doing research & invest In a LV bag 🙂

Greek Heart says:

Purse collection video please?I LOVE purses and i would like to see your collection plzzz!!!!

citygal123 says:

but Im also afraid of cracking.. I guess i cant have it my way lol

paeeze5 says:

I like to know you stil like this bag becouse i am thinking to buy on pre loved .. Letme know plzz thanks

tye Kellz says:

i love this bagggg..

Kayla Lashae says:

Awh thank you! Im glad to hear this! <3 Thanks for watching

Samantha Tom says:

Love the bag. Think I might end up getting the gm too.

Juke Box says:

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love THIS!! 🙂

LYSA says:

Great review. I’m convinced to get the Westminster for my mom now 😀

Kayla Lashae says:

no you cannot

ECQ says:

i absolutely adore your videos!!!

Juke Box says:

Is that a michael kors satchel hanging in the background? I’d love you to do a bag collection video! Thanks <3 🙂

Amanda Torres says:

I love #LouisVuitton #handbag Westminster Gm is an amazing bag!!!

DebDeb P says:

Great review, well done. Thank you!,

gabby rudner says:

Happy belated birthday! Sorry this is late:P

Kayla Lashae says:

Thanks!! I love reviewing bags!

alejandra bermejo says:

how much was it? Thinking of saving money up to buy it for myself.. :p

ecarge1213 says:

hi, nice review. i sub

Lillian Mary says:

Love the bag!!! This will be my first splurge item when I get a job lol

Kayla Lashae says:

Yes a pocket folder will fit and zip but its a little snug.

Matthew Eubanks says:

You are so well spoken =D Sometimes people who review bags just say it’s super pretty and cute XD

Liz Ngo says:

This bag is gorgeous! This review really helped, thanks! I will definitely get this bag. ❤️

Mary Lynda says:

You give awesome reviews!

basicbooknerd says:

For some reason, I feel like this bag is more Kayla than the speedy (if that made any sense lol). And thank u for the review so informative and straight to the point!

Kayla Lashae says:

Totally get one in the ebene canvas it’s so great for everyday and you dont have to worry about the weather and it messing up the leather!

Louie Perez says:

Love this bag

samantha lunla says:

็How much ?

wanna that one but i’m not sure is it have in thailand shop ?

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