Louis Vuitton Victorine Wallet – Review, Measurements, and Layout!

Hi guys! As a follow-up to my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review (link below), I wanted to also review the wallet I quickly showed in that video – my Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet in the color rose ballerine! In addition to this being a totally beautiful piece to look at, it’s really just an ideal and practical layout as well! Please excuse the derp thumbnail… I forgot to strike a pose XD



Let me know what wallet “style” you always gravitate towards, I’m curious!!

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flygemini08 says:

I really like this wallet and your review was great! I would like to know how many bills do you think would be the max you could fit in it at one time? I want a compact wallet just like this so I can lay my cash flat as well. Thank you!

KWShops says:

This is such a great review! Thanks so much for posting it, I just subbed! I’ve been obsessed with this wallet forever, and it will prob be my next big purchase. What small bags of yours does it fit into?

Nasamani Thorne says:

Great video, very informative.

XiZhi Yu says:

Hi there. I bought the same wallet. One thing is “made in France” is not clearly. I did exchange,is better than before. But still not clearly. How about yours?

Dodo TheCaique says:

I prefer the capucines compact, 2 more card slots, and taurillon leather 🙂

Quyen Nguyen says:

I wish your video went up 2 months ago! I ve had my Victorine since then and i love it! Its so cute and functional. And perfect for not only my small bags but surprisingly for my daily use! One thing, i was travelling when i first got it and put too many cash notes in and now has a bulge on the inner side of the flap 🙁 im trying to flatten it out now that im back on holidays and not carrying cash anymore.any tips?

Claudine Cat says:

I just got mine in fuschia! :)before i foubd this, i saw one wallet nearly with the same layout in YSL. It was about 900$cad + but I got more attracted to this! And 200$ cheaper than! Btw, nice review! I didnt realy the rosw ballerine but you made me like it haha.

Kimberly Gonzalez says:

I actually have on from coach with a similar layout. The coach wallet has more slots and a larger pocket for coins tho. This is still a beautiful wallet tho!!

flowersinyourhair313 says:

You put so much love in your videos, you deserve a lot more subscribers. I’m pretty sure, one day one of the bigger youtubers is going to feature you 🙂 keep on going, Girl!

Jade says:

Can you fit it into your jeans back pocket?

reneity says:

the wallet so cute, but is currently oos in my country. ur review really detailed! any chance u can measure the weight of this wallet? thanks!

Ooogle at Luxury says:

I was thinking about getting this wallet, but I ended up getting the Gucci wallet in the same size! I put a video on my channel about how I like it!

km_au says:

I love your wallet….luv the pink

Kay H says:

I love the wallet too!!! But it is now sold out online…

sarah_says says:

This is my favorite review of this wallet so far 🙂 I’m stuck between this one and the Rosalie coin purse.

Καλλιόπη Φ. says:

How much is this ?

accessoriesjunkie1 says:

Great video! I have this wallet in the Epi and love it!

Hannah N says:

I love this wallet!
Cant wait to order it!
great review 🙂

Julie Muniz says:

OMG, great review. Complete and fast. Thanks girl. Put transparent nail polish on you button so the color will last longer.

Shannon Ong says:

hello. if there is liquid dirt on the pink interior, able to wipe off easily?

Monserrat Munoz says:

Going on Sunday to order mine! Great review!

Honglei Zhang says:

hello I want to ask when you first use it, does your wallet smelly?

lily lilin says:

you r so cute :)))) nice review !

Georgina D says:

Hi! My concern is when you put cash in the wallet does the cash get kinda crumpled up? Or creased? I ask because I sold my compact curieuse wallet because putting cash in it was a fuss. Thank you!

Janfier Tam says:

I am so disappointed about the quality of this wallet I have from LV.

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