Louis Vuitton Unboxing!! Brand New Release! Jersey

Louis Vuitton Jersey Link Below:

Retail Price $ 2,260


celestine gobert says:

Thanks for sharing. I personally love unboxing vids

Carmel A says:

Gorgeous bag. New subby.

Dawn Loves Couture says:

Beautiful bag. F the idiots and enjoy!!!

agbonkpolo42 says:

congratulations!!!!! thank u for sharing.

Ella G. says:

Why did you sell this bag???

VK Grace says:

you’re awesome!!!! good for you and congratulations on your new bag

April Madison says:

Congratulations on your new purchase. I am waiting for this bag with the cream inlay. Cannot wait. As for the idiot that said you don’t look like you can afford these types of bags…I sense a little hatorade. Do your thing girl!

Tina Bain says:

Oh goodness, people who are leaving hateful comments are just jealous because they want what you have. Ignore the haters!

Michelle Brito says:

Beautiful bag I love your hair it’s soo pretty! Love the video!

Sherita Willis says:

Ummm, don’t even address those idiots…they cannot afford it and have no taste. You are beautiful, poised, and professional! I love your videos!

agbonkpolo42 says:

OMG this troll stuff is getting out of hand. Thank goodness u are a strong person with confidence. thank u again for sharing. Enjoy ur bag.

Designer Bag Lady says:

Don’t give these people any power. Don’t give them any attention. Making a disclaimer like that is giving them too much attention. Just do you and ignore them. Block them. They are not important enough to make it into your video

Moma Sol says:

glad your back doing videos! Missed seeing you and your unboxings. Haircut looks great on you! So upsetting that trolls are out their giving off that negative energy. Glad you don’t let it get to you.

June Church says:

You do not looking like a housekeeper! Some people are just jealous. Just keep doing your thing and showing your bags, we sane people enjoy you,!

Jen Design says:

Hi Susan. I really love your new bag, Congrats! Love your videos as well. Sorry you are having nasty people commenting. I don’t understand it. A few other channels I watch are having the same problem and a few stopped videoing for a while because of it. All I can say is that they must have miserable lives and are trying to share there misery with us by leaving harsh comments. Your a sweetie don’t let it bother you.

Christina says:

Thank you, your review covered everything quite nicely, I have been looking at this bag in the pinkish color for all the same reasons you like it . The zip and the straps ! The neverfull straps hurt my shoulder….

Lanita Greer says:

Thank you for posting this helpful video. I was contemplating this bag and thought it would be a duplicate of the Neverfull but it is not. Love yours!!!!! Thanks again!

Ashley Dawson says:

Lovely!! We always had very similar tastes in bags. Like you I had the estrella too but I hated when the corners caved in when I wore the shoulder straps so I sold it. The haters are awful girl, nasty and jealous I hate you had to make that disclaimer. Please keep us updated if you’re selling anything all your items are pristine condition! <3 <3

Kourtney Putman says:

I was scrolling through the website and came across this bag… absolutely LVOE!!

Spuzva Rahil says:

The color fits your eyes and hair so well its better that you picked this one cause the creme looks more of a summer bag.

Valerie’s Fascination says:

Wait…. so what is wrong with cleaning houses for a living? Just wondering? Honest work and you can make a great living and afford LV. Trust my cleaning girl has hers.

Tammy Maddox says:

REALLY? SHAME ON THEM! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT AND STRONG, YOU KEEP BEING YOU! On a side note for those that made that really stupid comment….I started a cleaning business 10 years ago and have been blessed beyond measure, I employ several people, we clean luxury homes, and more and I have been able to bless our employees as well. In addition to being in the cleaning business I own 6 Louis Vuitton bags, 4 wallets and 2 Chanel Handbags. Not bad for a cleaning person! Tammy

Designer Bag Lady says:

I like watching your videos and I’m a subscriber. But you have spent more than five minutes talking about and directly to the haters. Forget them.

Mia Lily says:

Love this video ❤️Please check out mine if you can

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