Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Review, Thoughts & Regrets


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This is my full honest opinion on my Speedy 30 Bag in Damier Ebene print I purchased with my own money. Make sure you comment down below on what your favourite Louis Vuitton Pieces are and with some suggestions for what my next Louis Vuitton piece should be!




My Louis Vuitton Pochette Clés Video:






Elisa D'Angelo says:

Great video!! I was going ‘back and forth’, and I took your advice and “went for it”…I bought a Speedy 30 today!! I did get the Bandouliere version, because everybody who did not get that version seems to regret it!!

Fern Fancyface says:

I had the 30B and sold it for the 25B, I am only 5′ and felt it was huge. I am not sure but your base shaper seems to have pointy edges, if it sits snug in the bag, I would be careful, it possibly could tear through the piping. I use a Samorga or The Original Club purse organizer, they are made of felt, so it would be a safer than the shaper. Next bag, my suggestion is the pochette metis, but of course, it is up to you. Great video. I am a new subbie.

Hey, What's For Dinner? says:

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xoAngelicaF says:

I’m thinking abt buying same bag but my for an everyday bag. I don’t like straps but I do love the look of the bandouliere (spell chk) speedy.


great review dear:)!!

Bentley Beauty says:

I love your review girl! Such a cute bag!! xoxo

Rei Valentina says:

You look like you could be cousins or a relative of Michelle Rodriguez this was a very informative video I paid attention

noemi acevedo says:

Lovely bag on my wishlist

Makaila Panizza says:

Hey Girl! Just thought i would stop by and say I love this video, your super cute and i love your accent! Im from Australia so we sound completely different hah!

I also subscribed to your channel, I would love if you could check my videos out too and possibly subscribe back? Im a Makeup Artist and I love All things Beauty! Have an amazing day Chick! Love Makaila xo

Paris Bella says:

Loveee!! x

Raquel Uy says:

Just FYI, you can buy a strap for your Speedy. I have the 25 and it’s not as small as it seems, it fits A lot!!!

Mila Blond says:

This was a great review! Thank you so much for sharing!

Cutepink wink says:

I thought the pocket didn’t zipper?

Dyza Tarroza says:

been debating to get the regular speedy 30 or the bandoulliere.. thanks for the help 🙂

deequu says:

Always get a crossbody version if you can take off the strap! Its a more versative bag, and you dont have to use all three straps in the bandouliere!

Kat 0126 says:

Get the mettis next for a different style? Since u already have speedy. At least its another canvas collection a monogram next.


Can I put my Mac Air 11″ inside of a speedy 30?

noemi acevedo says:

Love all 3 speedies! Love the size 30
The 25 too small for me.

Selina Browning says:

The bay shapers with the sharp corners are very bad for the corners of your Speedy bag, It darkens your corner. The Speedy B 25 is actually a spacious bag in the inside, people tend to not want to buy it because of the opening. I bought the Speedy B 25, I am 5’1 a 175 lbs and love it. I also have the Speedy DA 30 and the Speedy B Mono 25 and love them both.

Aminah A says:

I want one

jen d says:

LV has released a variety of straps that you can choose from. I know it’s not ideal but you can use it on your speedy if you need to be hands free for awhile. Speedy is a classic.

cacaolv77 cps says:

Don’t full up your zipper compartment. In time it will rip your bag.

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Doll. I tried to reply back to you on my video, but it spammed and I cannot get it to go into my approved comments. Anyway, I did subscribe to your channel and it is amazing. Have a wonderful day. xoxo

Stephanie Gomez says:

Did the lock and key come with it or is bought separately?

Anaksunamun _ says:

Girl, to have a nice bag like that and the only problem is washing our hands at the public bathroom…. honestly? Just use hand sanitizer and you’re good! LMAO… this bag is gorgeous, totally worth the “hassle” 🙂

pinkygirlXOX92 says:

Do you use a base shaper? Just bought one and torn between base shaper or organizer.

WW Jackie says:

I’d say sell it and get the one you really want! Totally!

CuteAnnaMarie says:

Hey dear, I’d suggest you to sell this bag and get the bandolier version. But if you’d never wanna part with it, then I’d suggest you get the azur one in 25 with the bandolier. I think in summer most people don’t carry much anyways and it’s a great summer bag. Just my 2 cents 🙂

Lucy Cabral says:

I have the 25. wearing it crossbody is one of the main reason I got. I wish it would open wider, but I love it.

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Doll. I love the video. The Damier Ebene bags are so gorgeous. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel. I just subbed to yours and I look forward to watching more videos. Have a wonderful week. xoxo

Anders Julian says:

Loved your review. I bought the speedy 25 but am thinking about returning it and getting the 30 since I can still do so What do you think?

BCS says:

You should buy the Speedy B 30 in Monogram.

MaeJanaeBeauty says:

Loved this review girlie!! Love your bag! <3

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