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Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I’m here reviewing my Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in the colour Galet. I hope you find it helpful! For photos and extra info on the LV Soft Lockit, visit my blog post: http://chaseamie.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/louis-vuitton-soft-lockit-review.html

18.1 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches
( length x height x width )


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Hello Kitty says:

Hi beautiful! You’re very details explaining the bag and i find its very helful. Thankyou!

Jacqueline Knight says:

Lovely colour!!!

Mariola Sanchis says:

I had that bag and I just sent it back to LV because the material (wax on the straps) started melting. Just keep it in mind, because its a gorgeous bag, but the formula they used makes your clothes get dirty and stained.

Sandra Robinson says:

I have just bought the PM lockit in black and I love it

Jessica Vy says:

Thanks for the honest review! I like the look of the bag, but your review showed a possible problem for me. The problem for me is the weight of the bag. I am finding my Jumbo to be heavy, and you mentioned the weight a couple of times.

Nicole Darky says:

This was a great review. However it would have been nice to see some modeling shots from afar with and without the cross-body (yes you don’t use the strap, but maybe other people would have appreciated to see how it looks on.) Thanks for the upload all in all.

The_Magnanimous_Heart says:

Great review! And I really love your accent:-)

Jenny Li says:

Hiya! Could you please do an up to date review on the soft lockit? I’ve been considering this bag since your first review and would actually like to know how much the bag weighs with nothin in it?? 😉

Shannon Wu says:

Hey Amie, I totally agree. I LOVE the slouchy-ness of the bag. Do you find that once you fill up your bag, you have to constantly reform the little slouch arms?

I actually think it’s ugly when it’s straight up… I think the slouch is such a cute feature!!

I want to pick it up but I am cautious about it not having a slouch once i stuff it =/

DarthDiva says:

Would love an updated review:)

Cheese Cake says:

Hi, Amie! Have u ever considered buying Hermes’ bag?

Ioana Elisa says:

I’m highly considering this bag and color, but in PM size.  Looove the color but I’d be scared to use it in fear it will get dirty very quickly.  I’m debating how I feel about the slouchiness over time.  I like how it slouches in your video, but looking at pics of stars with the bag in everyday life, like Jessica Alba as you mentioned, I don’t like the slouch I see in those pics – looks sloppier, if that makes sense.  Anyway, now that you’ve had the bag for maybe a year or so, how do you now feel about the wear and tear of the bag in relation to how much you’ve used it since you’ve got it?  How has it aged with delicacy, leather quality, slouchiness, color transfer, etc.  With taxes it’s just about $4000 here in the US , so I want to make sure it’s worth all that money!  Sorry for all the questions!  Any updated feedback would be greatly appreciated. 🙂  Thanks in advance.

mamaumar says:

between this bag and lv kimono. which do you prefer? need your opinion. I don’t trust myself with full leather bag. I have had a terrible water mark on a leather handbag. but I want something really luxurious and pretty. maybe it will stop my bag addiction.Haha. And I live far from lv boutique

Vivian Li says:

I saw this in store with a black and a navy and absolutely adore it! But I just justify the price tag! Maybe one day! Beautiful purchase!


Where are the code numbers placed on that bag

Sally Myers says:

Gorgeous , gorgeous bag…….dreaming !  Thank You for such a detailed review !

Donna Hicks says:

I wasn’t interested in this bag at all until I saw your review! Love the color and the shape!

Halo Mackey / 文具口袋 says:

Really love your sharing, you should totally keep on making videos here!! Look forward for more!!! ^^

NancyLife TV says:

ahhh my dream bag! love the color…love everything about it! 🙂

Joe Greski says:

I love this bag very nice I really want to get this for my mom one day your video is great

Benny Blair says:

thk u for sharing i really want to get this bag in the future may i ask u , for the pink one is the inside pink micro fiber too ? thk u

Iveagh 32 says:

great vid. bag is gorgeous.

SueLocd says:

Really nice review!! I loved your comment comparing this bag to the Chanel bag. I would definitely opt for this one as somehow the quality of it just shines through for me, and I personally would use this one way more than the Chanel. Love your videos!! xxx

JasmineCouture says:

oh my… this bag is stunning.

neshanta1 says:

Great video. Thank you !

Sandra Robinson says:

I have just bought the PM lockit in black and I love it

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