Louis Vuitton Saintonge | Keep, Return OR Exchange?

In the unboxing of my new Louis Vuitton Saintonge in Noir, a lot of you guys suggested for me to exchange or return this handbag. Well I decided to keep the handbag after I quickly fixed the dent.

Watch the original unboxing of this item!

Stay tuned for the review and what can fit inside the bag.






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Kiki says:

how much is the bag? loved the review!

Djellza Ramadani says:

Even though you fixed your bag, it wouldn’t hurt to exchange since you paid so much money for a bag that had no airpaper and was just not properly packaged. The bag should have never had the dent. But if you’re happy with it, you do you girl! 🙂

Natasha Harper says:

Beautiful bag! I thought I would want to get one. Great video on it!

Jennifer Blue says:

I bought this bag last week and LOVE it. Mine had issues with the zipper. A little wax and now it’s perfect! My go to for a weekend bag!

WW Jackie says:

Great! The bag is gorgeous! I hated that “is that a lunchbox “ comment…that was ridiculous! This is a classy bag! I love it! Congratulations! Love the tassels!!! Thanks for the mod shots!

mtkaren says:

Their shipping is HORRIBLE. I don’t have a boutique anywhere by me so I have used the .com. AWFUL! My Palm Spring Mini was thrown in it’s box with straps attached (like it was a return). When I got it, it had come out of it’s dustbag in the LV box and was just a mess. The LV box was thrown in a shipping box that was too big and ZERO padding. No ribbon on the box, nothing. I get packages from Amazon that are packed better. I ended up keeping the bag (it was Made in France and I was stoked about that) but I did send them an email telling them how disappointed I was and went back and forth with their customer service a few times. Never again will I order from them. If I can’t get to a boutique, then it’s just not meant for me to have.

Figure8snowman says:

Mine just arrived. Ordered from LV website client services. Made in France early March this year. Top right corner has about an inch stretch of the stitches SO fine ( significantly smaller) than the rest. On top of that that inch of faulty stitching waved up significantly towards the zipper making the stitch line wave upward and then go down & straight again. Because the stitching in that area went havoc it grabbed the leather harder & gave the right top corner slight dip/sagging effect. I can’t even look at it without cringing.
HOW did my bag made it through their quality control?

The bag is a thing of beauty but I’m so dissapointed with the LV quality control. Will exchange but only once.

Licensed and insured A says:

I’m sorry but my 7yr old could have straighten that dent , the bag is stunning but the issue is elementary.

aaron.ng says:

How tall are you, for reference?

Audrey Goc says:

How long are the straps? Looks great on you, now I want it too 🙂

ankimbo says:

I considered this bag and ultimately bought the soho disco. I love the look, but I couldn’t get past the placement of the tassels. I feel like the wrinkling wouldn’t have bothered me. It’s leather, after all.

邱玉莉 says:


Melanie Fluker says:

Wish you tell the price that would help

christmas9lights says:

Should of return it as soon as possible why make another a video

Ong Lynn says:

Mind sharing how tall are u? Want to roughly gauge if this bag suits me since the strap is not adjustable.

ThatsLuxe says:

Just came across your channel. And I am loving it. Soooo subscribing now. Yasss girl!!!!

08HErin says:

Beautiful bag! I’m glad it was an easy fix for you.

Coffee & Coco says:

Just got my Saintonge in too – I have the exact same problem where it got squished in the corner in shipping! So disappointed in LV’s packing with these expensive bags 🙁 I am going to work on massaging out the deformed areas like you did. Thank you for the advice! I plan on keeping mine too – they are selling out everywhere and I am nervous I wouldn’t be able to get another one.

Mimi Y says:

I am really considering this bag after seeing your videos! Seems very functional to me but the strap does concern me 🙁 I owned the Gucci Soho Disco Bag but sold it due to the stiff zipper. But I know LV has amazing smooth zippers. Would you recommend this bag to someone who is 5’2? I’d love to know what you think! Thanks in advance♡

Aliya Al-Yaqoub says:

Thats a beautiful bag..can we get a review on this bag in the next few months

doowopshopgal says:

It’s all good, if you are happy with it %100, then keep it. I’m happy for you that you were able to fix it.

Sweetestdrug Foryou says:

Not a fan of the bag personally. Not also a fan of small bags that’s not proportion to my body.

Milica Vega says:

In Europe is the same with the shipping. Without any protection or air paper. I’ve ordered a pochette metis in empreinte in the new colour freesia. I’ve got it with a big scratch in the leather. I was rlly mad because how come Louis Vuitton letting this slips trough the quality control! I’ve called them and they didn’t even apologized, after that I’ve sent my pm next day back to them. And it was like 1 week I’ve got a new one but they forget to sent me my bill, again I’ve called them told them if they could sent me my bill and again they didn’t apologized for it. I think lv lost a lot of service. Now I’m into the saintoge or maybe I should better get a Gucci one.

kay0406 says:

How do you feel about the opening of the bag? When I briefly tried it in the store i find it rather tight. But it is a super cute bag. I will reconsider this bag when the change the strap to a removable one. I think felicie chain will look cute with the Saintonge too

屈艺 says:

Good job

Doll H says:

I got my Saintonge yesterday in noir. I am very indecisive about it. Is it worth it? for almost $1,700 with taxes? with unadjustable strap? is it worth the hype of this bag? Please help me decide if I should keep it or return it?

beeta foro says:

LV has no cushions in their bags; just go to the store and purchase there. I have the same bag but in different color of tassel.

Ashli Adams says:

I just got this for myself for my birthday in Freesia—it is SO cute! My leather strap squeaks where it is connected to the brass ring…did yours do that??? LOL I don’t really mind, just hoping it stops! 😀

Sunny H says:

Saw your original unboxing yesterday and went out and purchased it today! Omg it’s GORGEOUS and so so light, it feels like it literally weighs nothing… I think it’s a great alternative to the gucci soho disco. The white is also gorgeous but I was too worried about possible color transfer to get white lol

Boualay Phomsaphao says:

How tall are you? Dont like the fact thag th straps are not adjustable but love the look of this bag

Sylly says:

So glad to hear the dent popped back so easily. I wore mine today, and I LOVE it!!!

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