Louis Vuitton Round Coin Purse Review

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I can’t get enough of Louis Vuitton’s SLG’s!! A super quick review on one of my faves from Louis Vuitton!! Please comment, rate, like & SUBSCRIBE!! Stay Fabulous!! Xoxoxo

Louis Vuitton Round Coin Purse
3.5″ W/H x 0.4″ D
$260 USD

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Chasta Espinoza says:

Ur so cute hit me up on Instagram Chasta Espinoza

ILoveMakeup&Stuff says:

What an informative review! I’ve had my round coin purse for 10 years & it still looks great on the outside! You’re right about coin residue….the inside is awful! Any advice on how to clean the residue off the interior lining?

Marcus Lee says:

Ooooo never thought that it could be used as a earpiece pouch!

skinnypennie says:

I love your videos!

Aileen Marotta says:

Great video! I had my eye on that piece for almost 5 years. Finally I gave in a bought it last year. No regrets. Love it and recommend it. I use mine for my earbuds and mobile charger. I agree with you about the coin residue. I hate it! I instead give it to people on the streets who are in need of spare change.

bdl70 says:

Too cute! It is one of my favourites! Best from London

michelle haywood says:

i love you and i love all your videos!! may i ask a question – just out of curiosity – why do you refer to this item as “he”? you said it so much that it almost became distracting…, thanks to your AWESOME review of the toiletry 26 i got one the other day and i’m wondering how it wasn’t in my life before – got sooo many compliments in the last 2 days – i was carrying it as a clutch, perfect for this lovely summer weekend we had in nyc. thanks again for another FAB video!! 

Sherin Ng says:

Great detailed video about the coin purse! Thanks for sharing, I wish they came in more options!

Jennifer P says:

Minnie, do you still carry him every day?  I might need one.  😉

MSpanders10 says:

Oh I love the round coin purse, every time I see it I want it.  

arentUlovely says:

I agree that the round coin purse is a handy little item. I love mine too!

Shamil Buxo says:

Great review!!! I also do not put coins in my LV wallet. Also I do not use my cles for coins. I use anothet brand (tous) coin purse. Jummm but maybe this one can be my next one…. lol. Have a great week doll

Someday Shabby says:

Such a cute item I want one! Great review.

hannah snyder says:

Wow I thought it was empty before you showed the coins – I love how flat it still looks even when full!

pamalou208 says:


pedot4life says:

Lovely SLG….on my wishlist…

Chanel05 says:

This one just made my wishlist!! Great review hun! Xxx

JerushaCouture says:

Love it babe great review! Only thing I wish is that it had a Key chain 
like the Groom Collection porte monnaie!

shopgirl says:

I really enjoy your videos because you are so informative….so for that…Thank You! However; it’s like nails on a chalkboard when you refer to your pieces as “he” or “she”!  It drives me crazy!!! (LOL) I still will keep watching your videos.  I just tend to fast forward through the parts that I can when I know you’re going to say IT 🙂

Nichole Hamilton says:

Saw this video and fell in love, went straight to the LV website and ordered it, awesome video 🙂

gatorblue11 says:

OMG you read my mind lol I’m going into the store today to pick up a luggage tag and I was definitely going to look (and probably buy) at this guy. Thanks for the great review!

YazLinda Yazid says:

Hi Minnie. I have a preloved cles i used as a coin purse. What is your views in using a cles as a coin purse compared to this round coin purse?

Behind the Bags says:

It is a great piece! I really enjoy watching your videos! 🙂

Hungarian Tornado says:

great review!! 🙂

Marisol Godinez - Ceseña says:

Hi I have a question for you , does your coin pouch smell from putting coins in it ? And how do you get rid of the smell ? I bought a pre loved one and it smells. Don’t know what it is but I have no idea how to get rid of the smell ! I’m afraid to put it inside my new bag.

shopgirl says:

Ok…maybe nails on a chalkboard was a little harsh….sorry:)

pamalou208 says:

Hi, love your reviews! I always use my monogram cley for coins. I just love the sound of the coins inside…is that weird or what!! Much love from England xxx

Rocio Coello says:

I just got mine and I’m soooo happy 😉 xo

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