Louis Vuitton Rosalie Coin Purse Review

Review of LV Rosalie Coin Purse, which I purchased in September 2016. It functions as a compact wallet that I use every day now!


CuteAnnaMarie says:

@anders Julian: sorry I am unable to reply to your comment hence posting it separately.

I think it’s a personal choice. All 3 are around the same ball park.

I picked up the Victorine because I live in an Asian country where I use cash on the daily and can’t imagine having to unfold cash n count n then give. Cash payment equals getting coins in return n hence the Victorine was ideal again. And I like the card slots so I can carry my most important cards – bank cards n ID. So it was perfect and compact for me to fit into any bag!

Although, if I lived in the U.S. Or any country where cards were used more, the Rosalie would have been a no brainier for me. A little smaller than the Victorine, it can hold quite a lot of cards, even has 2 card slots where I’d keep my bank cards for quick access. The insurance cards n stuff that I need but don’t use on a daily I’d keep in the back pocket along with folded cash bills – 1 or 2 bills for emergency. I’d use the zip for coins though it’s small, for the off chance I’d need coins for parking or such.

So that’s how my brain works n that’s how I made my decision. The ZCP has lots of sections to organise which is great, but I prefer the Rosalie because it’s cuter 😛 and I’ve heard the zipper can get in the way when pulling out cards. Don’t wanna deal with that on the daily. ZCP didn’t serve my purpose of unfolded bills. So Victorine was the logical choice. I love my Victorine! Very practical piece from LV! But if I didn’t have to deal with cash, definitely the Rosalie, it’s darn cute! Hope this helps!

Wendy Montano says:

I love this wallet is so small but I put tons inside !

Vanessa L says:

how much does it cost in sgd? thx

CuteAnnaMarie says:

Nice video. But don’t worry about the leather strip pull, it doesn’t crease ever! Hence LV made it that way. I have a Victorine with the same kind of pull. No problems with mine. I however tuck it inside so it doesn’t hit everything and I personally prefer it that way.

Vanessa L says:

how much does it cost in sgd? thx

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