This Louis Vuitton Round coin purse is hands down the ultimate
in French style just so sanity and sweet! I love how easy it is to get the coins in and out!! and in special edition OMG!
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Louis Vuitton – Round coin purse
Louis Vuitton -Special edition Round coin purse
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Rach Duffy says:

Woooo! Still got some shelf space for more bags!!!

Jessica Scarano says:

You are so funny! Great video!!

Susan Cooley says:

Hi Jerusha! I love my little round coin purse! Such an essential. I purchased the sunglass case mm online a few weeks ago- I was surprised to see it available online so I went for it. I just checked, and it is available online still. Unfortunately, it did not work for my lifestyle. I only have very large sunnies, and they just don’t fit well inside it. I was happy to check it out though! I love hearing Massi in the background. You are truly blessed!! Love to you. ❤️️

ThatsLuxe says:

Man. I missed your reviews. Very thorough. Love it.

Sheila Gurr says:

Ordered sunglass case from LV USA. No problem

Deborah Gibson says:

My favorite part of your video was seeing your handsome son!

Peter Uwongjogja says:

THX for the video, IM GOING TO GET IT.

Julie Muniz says:

The coin purse (specially the transatlantic) looks gorg as a bag charm.

Noemi ace says:

Love your videos Jerusha!

Melissa Washington says:

Thank you for showing that bills can fit. Enjoy!

ZoilaSolis says:

I love this, I might think about buying it, buts being discontinued soon 🙁

Suzanne Webb says:

Great review, x

N T says:

Great review, thxs

Ruby Lewis says:

Masai is so adorable!!!
I love the round coin purse. I wanted it for a long time and received it this week for my Bday.
Thanks for sharing.

_lifeslittleluxuries_ says:

I totally agree with everything you said, about the round coin purse, Jerusha! ☺️

Keeley Elkins says:

Oh I got one few months back,put coins in and the zip completely came away from the fabric and it now has a massive hole in it,I was gutted :0(

Kaylee Kim says:

Love that coin purse and love ur gorgeous baby!!! He is totally sooo cute!! I love watching ur videos as usual muah~~

cps525i says:

Hi – Can you suggest a website that explains how to authenticate LV’s

shoppingwithapassion says:

I never have change and rarely have cash – but this is great for those who carry coins – it’s so cute!

Indi Boo5 says:

Sunglasses case still available in uk and after a year of it not being in stock it’s finally readily available! For now lol!

alexandrabakka says:

What are your thoughts on the new LV Jeanne wallet?

Isabel Houser says:

You look amazing and I love hearing Massi he is so cute

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