Hi hi hi dear friends! Here is a long waited requested vid for LV retiro review! Hope this vid was helpful!

Retiro NM noir (Black) #M50058 http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/retiro-monogram-009411#M50058

13.4 x 10.2 x 7.1 inches
(Length x Height x Width)

-Golden color metallic pieces
-Adjustable shoulder strap with heritage-inspired shoulder pad
-Zipped closure
-Microfibre lining
-Protective bottom studs

What i am wearing in this vid——————————————————————

Watch Rolex Model # 63603 White Mother of pearl 10 Diamonds
size of the face is 64

Chanel cc necklace ref # A85335Y09637

Zara sweater and jeans

nailpolish x formula flashy http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/6e05/

Eye brow Anastasia M brown http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/c4b1/

Lipstick Bite Pomegranate http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/4b44/

Foundation dior skin #01 http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/7a27/

Concealer Nars Chantilly http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/5080/

Concealer Nars Vanilla http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/6745/

Primer Laura Mercier radiant http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/5949/

Blush Tarte tipsy http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/5600/

Eye shadow Chocolate http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/21a/

Eye liner kat von D tatoo http://a.chipp.us/r/lvlovercc/10fe/

High lighter Becca opal http://a.chipp.us/r/lvlovercc/132e/

Bronzer too faced natural http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/4bf8/

Setting powder Becca http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/c813/

Setting spray Naked http://go.magik.ly/r/lvlovercc/3f51/

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Thank you for watching!
My email address lvlovercc@yahoo.com
Instagram lvlovercc


Lyn Sanchez says:

Do you still have this bag?

Jess One More says:

Hey! I was wondering, what is the versatility difference between this bag Retiro NM Noir and your Speedy 30? I Am LOVING the slimmer silhouette of this purse, and the black pebbles leather handles and accents! Gorgeous. Do you still have this bag, because I haven’t noticed it in your circulation. Would you be able to say which style you prefer, this one or the speedy and why? Thanks so much Charis!!!! LOVE your purse videos and your adorable family vlogs! Big Hugs!!!

aa_ferrari says:

Are you using a bag organizer to maitain the shape?

Agnes O says:

Where do you sold speedy?

dnd_0715 k says:

we have the same Rolex. I bought that in Abu Dhabi. Super love it!

Nuca Paun says:

Love you bag. Thank you

WW Jackie says:

Please could you tell me if the dark interior in this bag makes it hard to find things? I am so torn between this one and the new Melie. What do you think? I’ve looked at both a half dozen times!

nesha lyana says:

Wow… Beautiful

thraciangrapes says:

This one is better!

MadamMorgan says:

Gorgeous satchel pretty girl xo

Maybelline mackintosh says:

where did you get your earrings and watch?

WW Jackie says:

Thank you.

Simplybrandy03 says:

Do you still have the Retiro? If so, has it maintained its shape?

MadamMorgan says:

Excellent review. I love your LV Retiro NM Noir so much, but in end for my lifestyle, the weather resistant DAMIER SPEEDY BANDOULIÈRE 30 with a SAMORGA SPEEDY 30 ORGANIZER will be my LV birthday handbag gift come end of September <3

Gayalasy says:

Hi CC, i am thinking of bying the retiro in black but i am affraid if color transfere. Did you notice any color transfere from the black interior to any of your slg? Like light vernis or damier azur pieces? Thank you!

Agnes O says:

Great video, where do you sell your speedy?


would you say this is your fav LV bag now? I do like that it has feet and is it solid at the bottom or do you need a shaper?

Susan Ervolina says:

Trying to decide btwn the retiro noir and Montaigne mono mm…… would love your thoughts/ opinions Also ….will the retiro noir pair well with neverfull gm in mono when traveling?

Margery Hannah says:

Great review!

SydneyDiva says:

Absolutely beautiful – and it will look newer much longer than vachetta leather! Very classy bag!

Stacey Floyd-Thomas says:

Why did you sale this bag?

Sonya Lee Han says:

I’m having the same problem as your subbie. But I don’t carry any one thing thats heavy like a laptop or anything. My heaviest thing is probably my wallet. But I consistently wore it crossbody for a few months and thats what is happening too. If you wear it on your arm, it won’t happen of course but why have it as a cross body if it does this? Just curious if anybody else has this problem and if its something LV would fix or if it would be considered normal wear and tear? What do you think? Did your subbie ever get it fixed? =)

Frenchie FunFinds says:

Beautiful bag! I think it’s going on my wish list. Hope all is well with baby! Xoxo

WW Jackie says:

I had said “oh my goodness! Check out the new Girolatta….hated it!

Cynanne Olazabal says:

It has been said that by leaving the 2 zipper pulls on top is bad because it can in time make the zipper pull apart there. Very nice bag. Enjoyed your video. This bag reminds me of my great grandmothers time when every thing was dark in color. Nice bag.

lionessB says:

hi! did your retiro ever lose its shape after using it for a long time? do u still love it just as much when you first bought it?

Melissa Moffitt says:

Love your videos!! Please check out my first video on a Louis Vuitton Estrela NM in Noir xxo

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