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In today’s video I will be doing a review of my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag and show you what I carry in it, which are all of my daily essential slg’s.

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Anders Julian says:

Nice review! Thank you. I’ve heard some people treat the vachette with Apple Garde and am told it works well. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. Thank you.

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Great review. After FINALLY seeing the bag in person, I want it so bad!!

Arie Gobellan says:

Great Video hun! I love the pouchette metis! it’s gorgeous!! LIKED & SUBBED. Love for you check out my channel it means the world to me. Thanks:)

EddaElid says:

Hi there. I just came across this video and was wondering if you experienced any new issues with your pochette metis. I have my eye on the empreinte version but all the issues with this bag makes me hesitate. .

Lumi Ice says:

love the way you talk. and your smile~

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

The bag is gorgeous! Love it! Love the quality of LV too.

caathy79 says:

Going on vacation &. I am definitely gonna purchase this bag

Ngoc Anh Nguyen says:

Do you treat the vachetta part with anything?

Simply Rosie09 says:

I’m really loving this bag … the more I see it the more I love/want it !!! thank you for this video !!

helena olsson says:

can you make a comparison of the pochette metis and the gg marmont metalase chain bag. …thanks

Solynna says:

always loved this bag, definitely considering on getting it! 😀

LBlush says:

Love it. I own it, but enjoy watching other folks take on the bag. Sometimes watching these videos make me love my bag more…it is sickening. I love your review. Enjoyable to watch. When I initially saw the pochette metis held up by a sales associate when it launched, I did not like the look of it. After seeing folks style it on Pintrest and watching reviews like yours, I fell in love. I think it does remind me of the tiny purses and lunchbox-shaped purses that I had back in the days. I think it is the perfect size bag. I noticed something about this bag that I would like to share and that is I thought this kinda like a Louis Vuitton style bag that rivals the Chanel (medium) flap bag. It is a bag that represents LV with it’s rectangular shape (reminds me of luggage), S-Lock (what LV is known for vs the Chanel CC twist lock), and luggage style shoulder strap (which looks like a travel style strap vs the chanel chain). If LV made a Chanel Flap this is what it would look like. I do like this bag more because it has a classic luggage look but in an everyday bag. Thanks for sharing your video. It was fun to watch and love your fashion style.

BagsComeAndBagsGo says:

Love mine also! xo

Lee Lee MLV says:

This bag is about to enter my collection and not even on purpose I have been going back and fourth with this bag for over a year , I sent in my mini Palm Springs back pack for repair and it was deemed defective , I was given a choice to get another back pack which my Soho store did not have or to take a store credit ,since I have the reverse mini back pack I was already going back and fourth with which back pack I was going to sell ,felt I didn’t need 2 back packs so I felt it was a sign and since the pochette Metis is still being made I felt Now was a time to just go ahead and get it so my store put me on the list I’m am 2nd on the list and hopefully will have it soon ,are you still glad you added the pochette Metis ? I still have a chance to turn it down when they call me so I’m doing research to be certain 100 % it’s the bag I want

Elizabeth M says:

TFS! I love watching it on different people. This bag is on my wish list.

KSBM A says:

hi have you had any cracking or glazing issues? I’m deciding on getting this bag but I’m just little iffy because of possible glazing issues where the flap opening is

GamerFashionGeek says:

I’m getting this bag soon at valley fair! Should I go to Palo Alto instead?

Celita Guia Whittington says:

I have been using mine everyday since I received her and love her! It took a bit of maneuvering to downsize what I carry but its perfect. I love that the strap never slips off my shoulder which would drive me crazy if it did. I put my receipts/coupons in the very back and my phone in the outside zip pocket too. Thanks for the review and have a great week!

shoppingwithapassion says:

Gorgeous bag…it’s as small as I can go for a bag and it forces me to downsize. I am so happy your PM had been doing great since the repair….I’ve had a lot of issues with glazing on my initial one and now having the same issues with the replacement as well. You did a great job with this video hun!

Rachel Les Paul says:

Great review ❤ This bag looks gorgeous on you!

Paige Alicia Beauty says:

Hey hun, I loved this video and you are literally so pretty, I just subscribed and I would love it if you could sub back as I would love to be youtube friends <3 xx

Louise Olvera says:

great video!! I really look forward to your videos!!! Can you do one on your skin care/makeup..your skin looks flawless.

Everyday Glam says:

Valley Fair LV is notorious for horrible service. I have had 2 nightmares with repairs. I am so glad that you got it sorted out. When this bag first launched, I did not care for it. But some reason, I have been obsessed with it lately.

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