LOUIS VUITTON Pochette Metis | Review 2017

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Hi Guys Im back with a Luxe Review and it feels great! the Louis Vuitton Pochette
Metis is high on a lot of peoples wish list so let me go over some of its awesome key features!!
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Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Monogram


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Jennifer Blue says:

Very thorough review of one of my favorite bags!!!

Zaragato Zaragato says:

Oh IT was send before I finish;) but maybe its nothing Wrong with your glazing just the light Or maybe I need some new eye glasses:) Peace and Love Åsa

Sarah DeCarlo says:

Hi Jerusha! I had a question about your bag. I’ve seen some ladies on YouTube review this bag, and sometimes the back zipper will have a little leather ribbon thing attached to it but sometimes not. Do you know why this is? Are some made different or are the others simply fake? Thanks, love your videos !

li li says:

Hi,@Jerusha What kind of method can buy this bag in Sydney? I really like it. When I go to the store, it’s sold out. Can you help me get it? thank you

DaxyBlu says:

Hi Jerusha, does a full-size iPad fit in the Metis?

Alicia Murielle says:

I love this bag and have wanted it for so long! I will eventually take the plunge! Thank you for doing this video!! xxx

nt2girls says:

Wow what a thorough and helpful review! Thank you so much.

Ella D says:

Hi Jerusha, Im glad you are enjoying your pochette metis and still get giddy feeling when you talked about it you were my inspiration why I bought mine .Anyways unfortunately I can’t say the same thing as my Pochette metis is starting to have glazing issue around the flap and vachetta handle which is extremely disappointing as I just purchased this 4 months ago. I am planning to go to LV George street to see what they can do to fix it. I just hope that will fix with no cost at all. Pochette metis is such a beautiful bag but I just hope that it can hold up a little longer.

Leo Lion LV says:

Hi Babe, I am so happy to see you again! Great video as always, I am so happy that you got the Metis back again in your collection. I am still loving mine in Infrarouge. I am the most organized with this bag 🙂 Have a FAB weekend! Love you my dear ♥

Natasha Somalia says:

Question…Do you keep your bags in the duster all the time or are they always displayed the way you have them on your shelf?

malika Cherif says:

I just saw this video really nice bag even if it’s little bit small but really it’s a great greatttttt bag it’s so cute and chic and wearable it’s versatile bag and this one is my favourite and also the speedy 30 are so perfect and this pochette are also my favourite anything by louis vuitton it’s greattttt

Angela Silver says:

Yes! Great review. The pochette metis is definitely the favorite in my collection.

Blaine Wailani says:

I love this bag, and I really do want it, but Iʻve seen so many fakes. I love the Monogram canvas but its the most copied

s berg says:


Jen Design says:

That’s exactly what I said when I went to see it for the first time ” wow it’s really small.” I finally decided to purchase it and I just could not believe how much fits inside. Great video ad always!

Deborah Warren says:

Hi Jerusha, I only have a couple of Louis Vuitton bags. I love my pochette metis in monogram. I have the clemence wallet in noir empriente leather which I love. I am thinking about the pochette metis in empriente leather noir. The weather here in Canada is not kind on vechetta leather. What do you think? I am also wondering how do we go about getting your Jerusha cosmetic pouch.

Marcie Jenkins says:


Christine Cavazos says:

I have a huge question and I really need help!!! I really want to purchase this bag. It’s sold out on the main website. So I’m checking it out in the fashion phile website. Did yours come with the “hardware scratches, surface wear, liquid marks” very good condition description? Is it worth it?

Zaragato Zaragato says:

Hi sweat Jerusha, I Love your videos :)I purchase the metis pochette in March but have not use IT yet wanted IT to get some tan before 🙂 one question so many people have this issue with the glazing and I Did notice that your bag glazing in this video look a bit strange? (

Veolia Edwards says:

Hello I just purchased my first Pochette Metis Reverse and I simply adore it. Little lady I would not have purchased it without your very informative video. Thank you Doll!

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