Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Full Reveal/Review + What’s in my Bag

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Jennifer Klimas says:

A great bag. Yours has a pretty patina. This bag has the upside LV monogram in the back, or one continuing piece of the monogram canvas. To me, it adds to the popularity of the bag. I got mine about two months ago. When I went to the LV store, the bag was not on display. So, I asked and they had three in stock. Great video. Thank you.

Sunshine A. says:

yeah…for that price they should have lifetime warranty and replace/fix things for free. but no, lets charge an arm and a leg AND to fix/replace ??? no thanks. im sure i can find something similar for fraction of the cost

Izziebiz says:

LV Monogram bags are made of canvas, only handle and trim is leather. Love this bag, but too many pp carry it now.

Francesca C says:

The vachetta on your bag has a beautiful patina. X

Anita Szepelska says:

How can one be so beautiful

Erin Rein says:

Chanel or Mulberry. I’m aiming for a Mulberry once I find a job after grad school.

Gail Miranda Falcione says:

Yes you pronounced métis right.

TheCilou6 says:

Hi Angela, it’s Cilou from France.
About the prononciation, you say it right on the beginning of the video (at 0:24 ) but not in the end (at 7:23) where you said potchette instead of pochette.
The po is the same than on the word doe
The ch is the same as in the word shy
the ette you got ok, it’s the same than in silhouette.
I enjoy your reviews and can absolutely imagine the look you got. You should *really* review a Chanel bag 😉

Bird Kiwi says:

when you said you bought the bag in vancouver i was like what?! i am watching this video in vancouver lol

Kristen Rickenbaker says:

I would love to see a review on a birkin bag. Rory Gilmore style!

Donna Wagner says:

Thanks for the review! Lots to consider when making such an investment, so I really appreciate your pros and cons. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

They replace the “brass” free for the first year for sure. I love your bags patina!!

Vivien Cheng says:

this bag is so beautiful. is it very heavy on its own ?

Amber Hertel says:

Would love to see an LV collection video!

Katherine Holmes says:

Yes to the review on the wallet!

Be Beautiful says:

Would love to know where you got your iPhone cover from

Krisword says:

You touched the body of the bag when you mentioned how the leather was holding up. The only leather on the bag is the handle. The body of the bag is coated canvas. It’s a PVC plastic coating on top of canvas material. The bag unfortunately is not made of leather. For the price you’d think it would be though!

KSBM A says:

hi have you had any cracking or glazing issues? I’m deciding on getting this bag but I’m just little iffy because of possible glazing issues where the flap opening is

Micah Liam Torres says:

Hi! Love your videos. Please review pochette metis and speedy B 25. Im contemplating between the two bags. The pros and cons for each. Thank you.

SimplyJenn says:

Hi Angela. Can you do a video about Invisalign?

Makay Smith says:

I would love to see Matt in more of the vlogs y’all should do husband does my makeup or see how well he knows the prices of makeup.

theGrace4 says:

Angela, love your lips colour here! Actually, like it more than beige. I think it suits you more
The bag is gorgeous

Dee C says:

I love the top your wearing … where did you get it from?

hilarys01 says:

Does this bag carry heavy ? Or is it pretty light weight. I usually carry smaller bags and don’t load them full at all .

Chanel Lilly says:

Did you get your lips done? Love them!

xjenni561x says:

Please do a video on your Invisalign experience!

Sam0828 says:

This is (by far) my favorite LV bag. FYI– I had an issue with my lock not staying closed and LV replaced it free of charge. It was really scratched up too, so getting a new one was great (this time I haven’t removed the plastic covering yet).

katie valle says:

Do you have a speedy bag? i really want the speedy 25 but in not sure if which one is better, the Pochette Metits or the Speedy 25 if anyone knows please help lol 🙂

Khryztal Reyes says:

Beautiful review, loved it. Yes, it would be great to have a review on the wallet. Thanks for your time. Keep it up you rock!

Cassidy says:

It’s always so exciting when you upload! Great video 🙂 Btw your lips look so nice and that lipstick is bomb. xo

C Haskins says:

I really want the Chanel Flap Bag and would gladly take a review of it!!!

Karen Englander says:

Where did you get your iPhone case?

Leah Dunn says:

Louis Vuitton collection video??

HeLLeR Channel says:

I’d love to buy it… it is very expensive, but I think that it worths … I’m waiting for the sales 🙂

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