Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack Review +Why I Returned It | Emily Dao

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack Review +Why I Returned it!
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I recently purchased the super trendy Palm Springs Mini Backpack from Louis Vuitton, and after contemplating, I decided to return it. This video is a review and first impressions of the backpack, and my personal pros and cons on why I decided to return it!

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Sebastian ortiz says:

You know you can adjust the straps right….

Bella Reese says:

Why would you do that ?????? So confused!!!!!! GIVE IT TO THE POOR!!!!!! DUR DUR

Luv1234 says:

I am 5’1 and I adjusted the straps and it hits above my waist. I am not sure wearing it as a crossbody will go out of style because backpacks are used for travel and they are always in so wearing a backpack as a crossbody will always be in. This bag is for shopping and travel, not for looks per se because you need your hands free. This is a very, very casual bag. It’s expensive but you are paying for the name and you don’t want to look cheap even during casual days (shopping while wearing jeans).

ThatsLuxe says:

Hello. New viewer. Love it.

MissChrystalNguyen says:

You should shorten the straps or buy replacement straps! Stores like Mautto or this Etsy seller Mcraftleather makes VERY good Louis Vuitton quality replacement strap without the Hefty price tag! I know because I’m a loyal customer to both when it comes to my Louis Vuitton bags! And they’re like handmade so you can customize the straps length! Seriously! It’s such a beautiful bag!! I think it’s classic but I mean just want to relay that info!

ThatsLuxe says:

You can re adjust the straps they’re adjustable. That limits you from enjoying the bag. It’s just the straps. I love this bag! I got it before it hit the market back in November-December 2015!

Curls & Bags says:

thanks for the video! Thinking about buying this one for my bday in december haha! I would wear it as a backpack but just with one strap I think :). The sales people are always so full of lies, I asked for a gucci bag once and they told me it was sold out in Europe and the next day I’ve found the bag in a different store in the same city lol 🙂 Subscribed btw, happy I found your channel because of this video!

fatima yante says:

I own this bag and theirs a way to make it short and it dose not damage the straps theirs a specific way of doing it. I have Benn using it this way since May and nothing has happen to the bag or the straps.

khorizo says:

If anyone is considering this bag, I’d say to go into a store and actually try it on. I’m 4’11” and I’ve had this backpack for a few months and I use it every single day as a backpack! It’s so perfect on me, strap length wise, and dresses up any outfit! It’d be a yes x10000 for me!

xxxcherrysakuraxxx says:

Aww that’s sucks it’s too long and yea that’s going to bug m so much. That wouldn’t be worth it

ZukieART says:

I just got the bag and I used the last holes basically the smallest the straps can go and I’m 5’1 and it does not sag to my butt weird right . It sits right where my back ends

Carmen Chen says:

yasemily yqwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

nastasha nastasha says:

It seems like you return alot of stuff.

Crystal M says:

I appreciate this review…I honestly don’t like the look of this style worn as a backpack but what attracts me to this bag is all the same reasons as your pros but with the option to wear as crossbody, which I find seriously too cute. It may be trendy, I personally don’t consider myself trendy either but I just love the look of it…it’s def on my wishlist & hope to acquire it for my birthday as well, TFS!

Diya Joshi says:


Kaylee Zhang says:

love your background in all your videos!!!!

JellyBean Mochi says:

Thank you for this video and being honest. I’ve been wanting this backpack,but now that you have mentioned backpack purse will go out of style, made me reconsider. I think I’d save my money for a classic bag that I can wear for years to come. Really appreciate this video!

alexa cuffari says:

did you sell this???

Felicia Visser says:


u can adjust the strap like this ( link)

Diya Joshi says:

when is your birthday?

Heidi Chung says:


Vivian Chang says:

There are many people waiting for this bag. Why don’t you think twice when you want to buy something. Same as the Chanel boy bag. Buy it and then return ??? So you can film a video???

Trena marshall says:

You can shorten the straps by removing the extender straps, and you buckle the end of the longest straps to the bottom D rings. I’m surprised the sales associates don’t tell people this at Louis Vuitton. Simple.

Vhannie Dacumos says:

Omggg you got point love Instagram: @msvkooklulu

Vicky Andrea says:

great vid, you’re right there are tons of what’s in my bags and a lot less useful info so this was very helpful thank you!

Jane G says:

lol i’m literally 12 and 4 foot 8 this bag goes up to my waist

tiffanytheface1 says:

I been looking for this bag for months and here you are returning it ugggh i want one

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