Louis Vuitton Pallas Shopper Review

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Hi babes!! I promise I will give you guys a break from my videos after this one 🙂 Today I’m coming at ya with a much needed review. I recently did an unboxing on this bag. I loved it, it was beautiful but once I got a feel for it, I have decided its not for me.
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Louis Vuitton Pallas Shopper
Retail: $2490 USD

Makeup in Video:
Eyes: Too Faced Palette
Eyeliner: Loreal Blackest Black Liquid Eyeliner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown
Blush: Too Faced Full Bloom Cheek (Tea Rose)
Lips: YSL Lip Gloss
Nails: Essie After School Boy Blazer

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Anne Gisbert says:

Oh btw, this one looks like a higher end neverfull to me, so i guess the price should be only a little bit higher than the neverfull like maybe $1600? More of like that price range

koibito bui says:

Good for you  on your choice of returning the bag. Why stick with something that in the end didn’t suit your needs or you wouldn’t been able to use. No shame in that.

BleuSaphir says:

I am in love with this bag! But I am not a fan of the price point for it. 2K for it is just murder. X.X

toyarj37 says:

Lv is getting really ridiculous with the canvas prices…..I don’t buy monogram anymore I stick with understated leather

Noemi ace says:

Amazing LV handbag love her.

Ben Ben says:

i think if you know you are going to return the bag you shouldn’t handle it as much as you did on the video opening it up, stuffing it with your stuff etc. If you got a bag that you knew someone had handled and had even the tiniest scratch on it, you probably wouldn’t want that bag  no matter how gently it was handled.

Regina says:

thanks for the informative review and comparison with the GST!

Lori K says:

great informative video! Yes the GST is WAY better of a buy! Lucky you got one! It really is beautiful! Plus its Chanel… I mean no comparison.. =)

Vanessa Kennedy says:

I knew this was going back when you first revealed it. Too bad it looks wonderful. Too many cons for the money. Whats next?

Pinoy Ako says:

i know this is an old video, but would you mind letting me know where you got your necklace and bracelets? they look pretty! thanks!

DebDeb P says:

I just stumbled upon your channel looking for a review. You are literally one of the best handbag reviewers I’ve watched. Well done! Thanks!

Samatha Everett says:

Thank you doll. I was in love but seeing your review I will continue to search for my next investment piece. xoxo

Kim Goad says:

Great review-thank you! Visually a beautiful bag. I think the chains are stunning and I like the concept of the bag. But, I’m with you 100%, the slouch would drive me nuts and the interior zip pocket would jam my vibe every day. I bet this bag would work better in Epi, and the price would be right for Epi, not mono.

Ayanna Harris says:

I think you made the right call. I’m sure that someone will buy it and love it but it’s not for you. IMO the LV canvases are best represented in their classic designs, i.e. Speedy, Neverfull, Alma, etc., or the SLGs. It seems to me that when you really want a more structured, glamorous bag from LV, their all leather bags appear to offer that more than the canvas. For the price of that bag, I’m sure there’s something else you’ll really love! Happy shopping Minnie!

Melissa Bailey says:

I’m all about a structured bag. The slouch would bother me too so I totally understand where you’re coming form. Beautiful bag though

caiden ngo says:

My gst is caviar and silver hardware . Love it .

Apelila says:

Great review❤️

SueLocd says:

Within the first few minutes I could see you weren’t that happy. That’s a shame, but for that price tag, I agree, you need to be in love…xxx

AnykTerio says:

Now that is a perfect review!! Thx! I wish I didn’t missed on the gst!

omghandbags1 says:

Great review, I agree with you!  Happy 4th!

Agnes O says:

Just want to ask do you have a pochette pallas with a 6 card slots inside?

Szys says:

It’s a pretty bag Minnie, but not for u I think! It will slouch too much, and I feel like the opening is kind of restricting looking!! Good luck with what u decide! Take care!

K. Hogan says:

Hi +Minks4All I have a question about one of your bracelets. I am quite a jewelry aficionado and I was wondering where you got that beautiful sparkly bracelet next to the chain bracelet you have on? I couldn’t stop staring at it in this video. P.S. just subbed! 🙂

Carrie Nelson says:

Hey minks! I love your lv videos. I watch them all the time as I rely on your reviews for my upcoming purchases. I ended up buying the Pallas shopper in red even though you gave it bad reviews. It has been great and I carry it often. It hasn’t fell over to one side either. If you are rethinking this bag (but you do already own the Chanel) give it a chance! I love that it’s a tote but the chain dresses it up which I like. Keep up the videos as I’m an avid watcher!! Have a wonderful day 🙂

Noemi ace says:

Amazing !

Woodywoodpecker says:

Love your channel. Thank you for your excellent and thorough reviews. I recently bought the Pallas Shopper in noir and have been using it for about two weeks. I love it! I am able to organize my items perfectly in it and the bag holds its shape beautifully with my items inside. She is also very comfortable to wear. The Pallas Shopper is now my favourite LV work bag. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2016.

Brooke McLaren says:

Your bag is gorgeous!

B Positive says:

Minnie, LV should hire you as their consultant. 🙂 You have a very good eye on details. 🙂

msminapooderpie says:

Is the central zip compartment sewn to the bottom of the bag & sides?

CarlosSpungenMoss says:

This bag was designed by someone that doesn’t wear bags

Rlyn Bal says:

a very nice review, just purchased mine today at the forum shop in Caesar palace. I got the cherry color and I love it! the bag is so light to carry on the shoulder… thanks for sharing ur Pallas shopper here❤️

cly bee says:

Your honest and detailed review of all the bags earn a new subscriber today in 2017. I love watching your videos. You are always smiling!

Cindy Hoh says:

Wow… changed my mind. I definitely want structure for that price!

Shelly and Lilli D. says:

Thank you so much for sharing honestly. I swooned when you unboxed this bag, but I’m glad you shared your cons with us. They would bother me too. Now I’m a little sad.

Annie J says:

What is your opinion in the Cluny MM in epi? Thanks!

Lovellia Jay says:

I’m really glad that I watched this video. Thank u so much for making a review on this. I thought this bag has a zipper and a structured one. I like a bag that stands nicely, looking elegant.. Not slouchy. It’s a beautiful bag though but I expect more than just the looks from a bag that is really expensive.

Anne Gisbert says:

Gst will always be my all time favorite bag! for the gst price im so glad its just $2900++ compared to other chanel bags like the flap. The lv tote one is overpriced in my own opinion, galliera gm is so much more worthy for the price if we are talking canvas to canvas. This one looks stunning but not for the price $2400++

cindy greene says:

Just got finished watching one of your 2014 videos that you were on a bag ban! This is a prett bag but did you really Need It??? Yiu have that girgeous chanel GST that any girl would kill for! Think it’s time for another bag ban Minnie…just saying

cindy greene says:

I don’t know sometimes, I think I really NEED things and when I really consider it, I probably don’t.  And you are absolutely correct, if it makes you happy, go for it!

Jen Design says:

Great review! Love the constructive criticism!

Tyree Mcphail says:

what is your occupation, all them Louis Vuitton bags and chanel items as well as hermes sheesh

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