Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Bag Review (Small Comparison with the MM)

Hi! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. In this video, I share with you some of my thoughts on the beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM.

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Sabrina Keo says:

Hi, I just ordered my own Neverfull PM today and I was wondering if the interior gets dirty over time?

Lene Smith says:

The Neverfull PM is perfect for everyday bag. I love my Azur color and the monogram like your’s in fuchsia interior ( deep pink). Lovely Video.

Lady B says:

Great review you explained things very well.  I have never been a big fan of the NF.  I prefer a bag that closes, would make me nervous have a open top bag.  Thanks for sharing

Joanna Bickford says:


WenD1908 says:

thank you for this review.  it’s very helpful as i’m waiting for mine to arrive:)

Ginny Blumberg says:

Lovely bag and review. Would you mind giving me the measurements of the little pouch that comes with the PM. Thank you in advance.

Alex Jayne says:

just got mine today! i love it!!

The She Things says:

Pls use an auto focus camera.

chien ju lu says:

i’ve never considered the pm, but after watching this video it does look really cute! I imagine it more of a summer-coffee date type of bag.

Kat Mao says:

hi, where did you get this with the burgundy lining? Unless it’s just the lighting..

COCO Lve says:

I like the Neverfull.

giak5555 says:

Hi! I want to get the pm size but can’t decide on the print. I know the straps are shorter and it would be harder to carry on the shoulder. Do you think the untreated leather would really stretch out to the point where it would be comfortable to carry on my shoulders? Thanks!

Alisa Kireeva says:

Hello ! I love your channel ! Are you based in London ?

Nikki V says:

Hello, what is the name of the black bag again thank you! 🙂

NYCBrat says:

Hi, great review! Regarding the Neverfull PM size… Does an “iPad Mini” fit into the clip-on pochette? Or into the zipped flap pocket? And if you know, does the 13″ MacBook Pro (12.76″x 9″) fit into the main area? Thanks a bunch! xx

itsYuenny says:

Great review. Really helpful. I have the NF MM and considering an NF PM. Thank you.

Samadhi Herath says:

+Pursedoll hey I love you videos! if you ever sell any of those bags can you please contact me? I just subbed btw and I have a channel 🙂 if you have a time check it out and if you are interested please subscribe 🙂

Sybelle Benedict says:

I think im going to buy it in damier ebène. Thank you !

westphillysoul says:

I have to agree with Lady B, the lack of security keeps me from purchasing however, I still think about this bag especially seeing the interior colors…decisions, decisions.

Kim McDaniel says:

Great review. I think the PM is a nice bag. For me it will only work for the crook of the arm and I am considering that because the strap on all sizes are short.

Lily 16 says:

I’m always contemplating between a PM and an MM, so thanks so much for the info! 🙂

Nicole Nikki says:

Beautiful Louis Vuittons btw!! How often would you say you wear the pm on the shoulder and are you still able to dig through it?

Sidney Loveles says:

I really like my pm, I think it’s the perfect size and the gm is way to big, just like the speedy 40 is way too big lol.

vintagepointyshoe says:

This is a well-explained video, I like how you made the relevant comparisions to the MM size, Speedy25 and Longchamp tote, very helpful. You went through the pros and cons so well. I did get the chance to try out the PM NF at the store and I agree with your observations on the practicality of the drop-length of the shoulder straps. The length does make it a little clumsy to get the bag on one’s shoulders. I have tried the Totally (both PM and MM) before, I find it a structured and chic style. Between the NF and the Totally, I think I am leaning more towards the Totally as my next purchase. Thank you so much for making this video, I really appreciate it!

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