Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Update (Purse Valley)

Here is the first video with the bags 3 months after getting it ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv04sHTaH2k

Link to my bag! http://www.pursevalley.cn/neverfull-mm.php

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Samantha Pignatelli~ https://www.youtube.com/user/ItalianGoddess26

Samantha Almeida~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyTikUmon85FzhoLGcbU5fg


Kl Blackman says:

I am going to buy a bag today because of this video. I wanted a monogram. Thought about buying a new real one..

Ms.LivingstonLifestyle says:

thanks for giving an update because it shoes how it ages for a rep. which I’m impressed how “authenticly” it’s aged lol

Nicole Brown says:

Nice review of the neverfull Rep . Purse valley is iffy with quality now and cost more . I got my neverfull in Damier ebene print from another seller and I love it and everyone thinks it’s real will make review soon it’s cheaper than purse valley

Terrance Bates says:

Both in monogram.

Jewles Miller says:

Did it only came with a dust bag ? I really wanna order some bags from them but I really would like too have a Louis Vuitton box with the bag please reply to me as soon as you get a chance thank you

baddie chow says:

Great Video, you are very pretty! I am still hesitant about my order, I placed an order with them a week or so ago with my credit card and i checked on the tracking number that the bag was shipped from china on 1/9/17 and that it traveled some more today (1/10/17), hopefully it arrives to me soon! how long did it take for you to receive yours?

Debbie L Gregory says:

I just looked at their site and they do still have the discount, $18.50 as of Feb 2017 for using Western Union to pay. Glad to see a recent review on them and the quality of the bag. I just found their site and looked up reviews before making a 1st time purchase and seeing this makes me feel secure to purchase from them.

Suzanne Genareo says:

I actually bought an authentic replica of one of those bags from http://www.replicanation.store and I sincerely could not tell the difference. The quality was out of this world and I matched it against everything mentioned in this video..You should check it out for yourself..I’m guessing you won’t be able to tell the difference.. Love my bag!!

Terrance Bates says:

My Keepalls are amazing !!!!! 55 and 60.

Ariyana Moran says:

i’ve heard a lot of bad reviews and im pretty nervous.. any advice?

Shawn Gordon says:

Can you please tell me the site? I went to the one you link under the video but that site is not coming up

Robin Rhines says:

That bag looks good

Shamirrah Edwards says:

Lipstick please! What’s the brand?

Alexia Banks says:

is it real leather??

Tamara Lopez says:

Can I ask how you paid what do you recommend as far as safety did you purchase with cc bank Acct money gram??

littlekid ratio says:

how much was for shipping? please reply

Dani Michaell says:

Absolutely love your channel! Thanks for the video! I’m browsing through PV right now!

Terrance Bates says:

Purse Valley Rocks !!!!

Rei Valentina says:

I’m getting paid in a few hours and kinda wish I didn’t read any of the negative reviews do you think it’s safe to make lots of purchases in one transaction ? Have you bought sunglasses and jewellery ? I’m trying to call and it goes straight to voicemail

Ms.LivingstonLifestyle says:

wow I’m really impressed.

VR Mom of Four says:

How much did you pay please?

Melissa Salomon says:

Hey! Did you have any issues with the payment? & how long did it take for them to ship it?

Simba DaLion says:

Debra your beauty makes it so difficult to focus on the bag that I had to watch this review 107 times (yes I counted) before I could actually concentrate on the review of the bag. I think whatever comes in contact with you turns beautiful. If you want your viewers to take eyes off, of you and concentrate on the bag you are reviewing, you should not show yourself in the videos. I have no problem, because I come less for the review and more to admire your beauty 🙂

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