Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Review

As requested from a viewer, here’s the review on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in the Damier Ebene canvas. I hope you all enjoy it and find my tips helpful. *Please Subscribe 🙂 **More info below**

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This is not a sponsored video. I purchased this handbag with my own money and this review is meant to help those who want more information on this type of handbag. The review is completely honest and not a form of bragging 🙂


mzlareine1105 says:

I love how real you kept it! You are and I have the same exact thinking. I appreciate this video very much love … I am saving $2000 so I can get me one for Christmas 2015, I have it customized and saved to my wishlist and everything lol <3

Kaitlyn Yeager says:

Most in depth video I’ve ever seen on this bag. Thankyou for taking the time to make this video <3

fiending says:

what ethnicity are you
cute pajama pants

Melanie Strickland says:

Great review! I have this in the GM and MM sizes because I enjoy it so much. The only thing I disagree with is how long this bag will stay looking new. It will show signs of aging and wont look brand new in 30 years. Mine is cracking on the handles even though I take good care of it. Not trying to be a Debbie downer…just that I don’t think you have a realistic idea. Just because it is LV doesn’t mean it will last forever. These bags aren’t made for that.  They will show wear and tear as you use them.

Mandira Popat says:

Very helpful video. Thanks.

Chikku says:

great review! thx so much

Kaitlynb2011 says:

awesome review!! thanks!!

Alessandro Lindblad says:

Ok wanted to buy this for the girlfriend and I think I will because she wants something big like this, thanks

Selah That says:

Hi there , it’s such a beautiful bag .. Just a question ? Is the insider zippered pocket lined with like the old neverfull ( to wipe clean ) or is the inside of the zippered pocket the same material as the red lining ( cotton I guess ) ? Thanks in advance. 



Fern Fancyface says:

Thank you for taking your time to make this video.  I do have the LV monogram and I agree with you, I am always worried about the vachetta leather, especially in the hot summer with unexpected rain storms, perspiring of the hands, so I have put it away and yes, I am so excited, I got this MM last week when in Massachusetts we had a no tax weekend, it saved me almost $80.00, like you, I am not able to buy one anytime, I had to save.  Enjoy your bag, I am thrilled with mine.

Anjelique Collins says:

great review!! can’t wait too purchase mines. I’m also saving up for mines too haha!

LinneaK says:

I just bought the neverfull mm in monogram. I have a question. The bag itself is not real leather it’s just the handles and the straps that are real leather??

Faith Praiser says:

You don’t have to justify your purchase, it’s a beautiful bag. Thanks for the review!! 🙂 I just purchased the MM.

Samor Le says:

GREAT review! I really want a Damier Ebene bag. I have the neverfull in monogram but now I wish I got ebene for winter!

Lindsay Braxton says:

Great review! I wish the Ebene print came in different color interiors other than red. Like the fuchsia color would look great inside, imo! Thanks for sharing!

Liset Simental says:

You have convinced me! I’m totally looking forward to buying this bag. Great review! I also live in Denver, Co so I was shocked when you said Cherry Creek Mall haha. You also have a new subscriber <3

Lizzie K says:

Love the new clutch add on, favourite pattern, wish I had one!

bugseye66 says:

I can’t believe a grown woman giving such a long disclaimer about bragging

Carl Hewett says:

I don’t get it; why do people buy their social status like this?

Marlyn Athajarusith says:

Love your video! It was very direct and detailed! I also like how you’re real and passionate with it and you really worked hard to purchase this luxury item. I’m still trying to decide between the MM and GM size! Thank You for your review!!!

Kylie Afeaki says:

I love this bag and one day I will buy one, thanks for the review very helpful.

Samantha Della Torre says:

Very informative! Thanks for posting! 

Tereza Valencia says:

Awesome vid!

Mehabbeh- says:

Where i can get this neverfull gm tote , and is it all leather, thank you.

Ernest Garcia says:

very honest! i have bought 5 Louis vuitton monogram pieces from tradesy.com all authentic pre loved speedy 35,40 and Neverfull gm honestly not all perfect condition but I’ve learned how to clean , restore and even repair canvas! now I’m looking into damier Neverfull gm and speedy 35 and your right i think damier is difficult to find i think because they are so durable!

Richard Burns says:

I like your hair color

Sleeky O says:

Did you go to the store or ordered it on the website

Ola Ab says:

hello lovely just Q how much did it cost plz cuz im saving money to get one 🙂

Lydia Marie Heinz says:

I love how you saved up for this beautiful bag because it tells me that you value things and work hard for it. Because LV is a luxury. Loved your review and it was a very real review to me. I’m definitely gonna go for the Neverfull MM now because of you:)

Danielle Jones says:

Your makeup is beautiful:)

AdamAldo Smith Mitch says:

Man’s messenger bags

Yvette Romero Moreno says:

Great review!! Quick question what country was your bag made in?

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