Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (1 YR) Review, Cracking Straps

One year later…Review on the LV Neverfull MM Damier Ebene handbag. Review covers my thoughts, cracking straps, wear, etc. Please Subscribe! Thanks for watching 🙂

{My initial review}
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lggQ-15rdgI

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Ava Funderburk says:

I got my new Louis in Rose Ballerine in the damier ebene and it came with cracks on the straps. Super disappointed. The straps stand straight up which bothers me so I can’t wait till they break in. My friend told me just to live with the minor cracks and if it gets bad to have them replaced. So I guess I’ll never buy another LV but I’ll just keep this one probably

Blair Jonsson says:

just get to the review already…..

Aces & Queens says:

Superfake bag. Anybody can tell it’s not real because of the bottom cut, the squares were cut and sewed unevenly. Return it! Real LV Bags logos or squares are not cut and sewed continuously on the bottom of the bag.

11JadeStone11 says:

Um hello! Can we talk about your lip color it’s GORGEOUS! What is it?

Sue says:

All neverfull models can possibly get cracking on the handles. It’s more normal on a Damier ebene bcz the leather is treated. So that means there is a top coat on top of the leather. Some people are having this issue with the new model as well.

Brooke Willer says:

Love this video!  You are so humble and I love that you don’t have that “braggy” attitude so many people have when reviewing their LV bags-it has always turned me off from buying one.  I have wanted one for many years, and will have to save a lot to get one.  I always thought I wasn’t in a certain “class” to own one but your video changed my mind, I don’t have to be rich to buy a bag I’ve always wanted!!

TattoosLovers Tiger says:

I Love’s my bag but my canvas has a crack but I take good care of it very well , but the sales lady said she can’t fix it.

jessmunoz4 says:

Great video! I got the same bag last October and I still love it!

SydneyDiva says:

You make some really good points! They are just materialistic things and it having an LV bag won’t make your life! But if it’s what you’re into, and you put all your savings into having one, then that’s your choice. I’d rather buy one nicer, more expensive bag and wear it all the time for longer, than heaps of cheaper bags that I won’t wear very often.

Sunnybrowngirl says:

No one needs to explain anything to anyone! People who have a problem with people having luxury goods, shouldn’t watch.

Max M says:

I received my Neverfull MM about 4 months ago but have only worn it once because I don’t like how stiff it feels. Is this normal? Do you have any tips on how to make it less stiff? (I store my bag in the dust bag with a cushion inside it)

YoungLadyInRed says:

Nice lippie!

Jenna Navarro says:

Love your video and your personality!

Sabiha B says:

I totally agree. I am the same saving hard not buying other things just so that I can buy the speedy bag very soon! Can’t wait!

Sparkly Pink Wisteria says:

What color is your lipstick?

Sidney Loveles says:

you don’t need to justify why you like what you like and you shouldn’t care what people think about your style. I like the look of this bag that’s why I wear it, I bought mine 2nd hand for a really good deal. Enjoy your bay hun.

Flower Palacios says:

Your so beautiful you look a lot like Katie Holmes

Rachel McCarthy says:

Wow you’re so pretty! And your voice reminds me of Mila Kunis haha

Jessica Valle says:

What are you wearing on your lips? Is so pretty!

Ruth Zau says:

Thank you! Your original review helped me in my decision to purchase this bag, my first LV bag. I am glad to hear how well it has held up!

Leo Lion LV says:

Great video and points! We are bag and shirt twins 🙂 Looks fantastic on you!

Luisa Light says:

Love my LV pre loved bag and my new wallet from the LV store. 🙂 best gifts to myself

pedot4life says:

Amazing how the straps look brand-new after a year of use. They still look stiff. I hope they did fix the problem with the straps. I just recently purchased the new model and am excited to see how it holds up. Great review.

Evelia Perez says:

what lip color are u using I love it.

R M says:

Question: why do you tubers feel the need to over justify like this?? It’s too much! If you like it and can afford it then buy it! Some people won’t be able to afford things and that’s just life. If you can afford something and buy it please do not apologize. It does not come off well.

Vanessa Delanoy says:

What lippie are you wearing in this video!? I love it!!!!! 🙂

mollyxiong1 says:

What’s on your lips?

Luana Amancio says:

hello I am from Brazil ‘s Bahia , okay? what’s your height? I ask
because I have 1.77 and I want to see a laughter legal size , thank you , kiss

2sdaze says:

Lol I loved how you said you don’t set your bag on the floor or take it with you to certain places. I do that too. I also don’t use a dust bag but when I leave my purse around my BF will put it in the dust bag. I have a totally MM Damier Ebene and mines is two years old and still in perfect condition. If you’re reading this, I recommend you buy an acrylic base on eBay. It helps keep the shape of your purse and much more

Lainey says:

I love this video!! I’m gonna save up and get one because of this! You’re so humble and gorgeous. Subscribed!! ❤️

Julie Darling says:

Great video!

Christina Skiles says:

im so glad that ppl do reviews, i don’t look at it as showing off, we love what we love, ppl who make negative comments usually don’t have a profile pic, and why are they looking if they don’t like, just saying, thanks for sharing. now off to look at more beautiful reviews, 🙂

Patt Mayer says:

Good job describing how well it’s held up.(Must mention, your eye make up and brows are gorgeous-very professionally done.)

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Great bag!!! No need for that disclaimer! Hate that people feel they have to because of others nasty comments. You are gorgeous and I love your hair and makeup. Great video!!

Ms.LivingstonLifestyle says:

if your 5’1 I think that’s the perfect size for you. lol its cute girl!

Dina G. says:

Can you do a whats in my bag video?

KassieGirl LA says:

@glamourbylexi Your videos are so helpful, I have one coming soon. You are gorgeous too btw love your hair :). Just subscribed ❤️

Jennifer De La Cruz says:

Tutorial in this look, please!
I love it 🙂

billywillychilly says:

Half the video is you justifying spending the money on the bag. The people who watch a Louis Vuitton review know and accept the prices.

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