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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s video is a much requested comparison between the Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the sizes MM and GM. I hope you enjoy and find it useful! 🙂


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metray 2211 says:

Is the mm size similar size to michael kors jet set travel?

Anni xx says:

you think I can Use the gm for school cause it is so big ?

Designer Bag Lady says:

Just ordered my roses neverfull this week… do you feel the straps are getting weak and could snap? I’m a little nervous. Never had one!

Jasmine Wang says:

do the handles patina darker than the rest of the leather trim?

Moriah McQueen says:

great video, very helpful. I’m trying to make up my mind and it’s hard

Jon Imatz says:

I prefaire the nevefull mm ni damier azur more Than the Gm, the GM looks so big, i dont like It

Hyuen Nie hmok says:

Great review! I have the Damier ebene in mm and lovvvvvveee it, so carefree.i also have the azur in mm and thinking of getting the gm since I will be a mom in 2 weeks.i don’t want the same print so I may go with the monogram gm in only 5’1 and petite, hopefully it won’t look huge on me haha

Diane Milligan says:

Very good comparison, we’ll done, thank you!

luvpinkhellokitty says:

That was such a FANTASTIC comparison review video!!!!! I loved it!!!! I am planning to get the GM…as I have the MM already. Only thing is that I am 5’2…hahahahahaha…so it may look big on me, but I do carry alot of things. Thank you for the video!!

GettingJennyWithIt says:

What size is your laptop, so I know it’ll fit mine

Joyce Tong says:

babe… do you feel that putting a laptop in the bag is too heavy for it? looking into getting a gm as a daily bag for school.. let me know. tia!!!

WildPitcherNae says:

can you compare the neverfull to the st.louis?

kulasa jones says:

GM looks much better 4 u hehe!

Anastazija Daljević says:

Hello,please do you can ask me measures from GM and MM bag from this video? Thank you 🙂

Kimmie M says:

im not a tote person the MM is really cute and i might get one =)

brownangel926 says:

Thanks for the video. I have been looking at the Neverfull GM in DEbene color.

jordanandre says:

How big is your laptop? I have a 15″ laptop and i was wondering if it will fit in the MM

Jillian Stephens says:

I have a 15 inch macbook pro, do you think that would fit in the MM? I’m so confused as to which size I should get!

Hem Hy says:

When new is the vachetta the same color on both of the bags?

kulasa jones says:

i see….the GM looks better on you dear!!

Kelly Mendoza says:

Do you ever use an insert in your GM and is your little cosmetic pouch from
Tory Burch? Love the pattern!

애플댄스 says:

와.. GM 사이즈 가방 크네요

Keith Wilhelm says:

I love the bags.

Coffee & Makeup24 says:

Love your videos , Amie, i have binge watched them haha. I’m going to get my neverfull MM with hot pick interior soon. Any tips on how to protdect teh vachetta leather from getting stained or dirty? I know you live in London which means rain all day everyday haha.

xoAngelicaF says:

That gm is huge I don’t understand why LV didn’t make thicker straps due to the sizes of the bags

ndncutie says:

Were you able to treat the vachetta?Can you do an updated video on the GM?

Weijia Li says:

Is your laptop 15 inch or 13 inch?

Roz K says:

This video was really helpful for me to decide which size will work for me. Thanks. I’m a New Subscriber

EL Yasmine says:

What’s the meaning of shortcut to mm / GM / PM ?

Ellen Lung says:

Your bags have patina well. How do you clean the leather and canvas?

Stine Egeberg says:

I wonder how much each of these bags cost? Xx

Samantha Ferraro says:

I have a question, do the neverfull handles slip off of your arm when you are wearing it? I am getting a neverfull GM in monogram because this video helped me make up my mind lol but looking at the shoulder straps it looks like it would fall off easy…

Gggg says:

Any issues with cracking with the white one?

Sharon Damongeot says:

Have you tried spraying anti repellant on the pink lining of the mm? I want to buy it it’s gorgeous !!

Cecilia W says:

i can finally decide which size to buy based on your video. Lot of thanks 🙂
btw the patina on your older neverfull looks awesome. Do you use anything to treat the vachetta leather? I just got a pochette metis last week and have absolutely no idea what to do with the vachetta leather.

mskanesha sherri says:

Great review! You answered so many questions I had regarding these sizes!

VR Mom of Four says:

Did you ever find a liner for the Azur? I just ordered the MM AZUR in Rose Ballerine & can’t wait but worried about the stains a bit. I’d love a clear liner that isn’t an organizer but will protect the bottom.

iiNo Usernameii says:

Hi – I purchased the Neverfull GM Mono from Fashionphile in August 2017. Even though they guarantee authenticity for a lifetime, I still wonder if the bag I purchased is authentic. From your experience, do the handles flop down Inward more than outward? Someone said the handles should stand straight up which doesn’t make sense to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated – thank you!

Career Enthusiast says:

What size laptop do you carry?

Jen Design says:

Excellent review! Thx!

sakurasoh says:

I still not sure which size to go for…

Junfeng Yang says:

Love your videos! Can you fit a 15 inches macbook in MM? I’m considering buying a Neverfull for sixth form and uni. I find the size between MM and GM would be perfect but…Which size do you think I should get? Thanks!

Dalila Acosta says:

I’ve been looking for a good size comparison video between these two sizes. This was so helpful! Thanks so much 🙂

beauti4liife says:

Thanks so much! it was very helpful. Both bags look gorgeous on you. Good picks!. xx

Jeanette Negron says:

Very useful! Thank you~

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