Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM review | Is it worth it??

Hey guys! Here’s my first hand review on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in the monogram print. This was my very first luxury bag purchase, and I’m giving you my full thoughts on whether this bag is worth the hype! Please like this video if you found it helpful and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more honest reviews! Thanks!! 🙂

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Kay Em says:

your daughter is toting around her own “Neverfull” 🙂

Suzanne Taylor says:

Would love an update on your bag!! I bought one and you should have received the commission lol! Thx

MaggyP Lukmanjaya says:

Love the neverfull. And the favorite MM is such a comfy and versatile bag. You should get it, dear

lvluxdelight says:

Hi there..that was adorable when you said you wanted something cute and your adorable daughter walked in…perfectly on time!

Ms Alfaro says:

Just sold my neverfull in medium size to get the same bag as yours 🙂

Elizabeth Jones says:

Your daughter was cute with her bags. Great video

Diana Ng says:

Hi Aby, i’m thinking of buying same bag but preloved. Your video helps me a lot to decide but one thing im taking back one step , that the date code provided by the seller was like 2 letters and 3 numbers. Is it authentic on ur judgement? I dont want to spend so much money then regret it as im not paying an authentic item. Looking forward for reply.

Melissa Bryner says:

I love how excited people get when they purchase Louis Vuitton bags lol. After you purchase a few its really not that big of a deal. Congrats though! It’s an investment

forevermrsbullock says:

Love your review! I like you and just a girl who is excited whenever she can purchase an LV! You are real and I appreciate that

Staci Keller says:

Are you still using the Neverfull? How is the wear on it? I just purchased mine and wondering how it will wear with constant use.

Brenda Palmer says:

What lip stick are you wearing on this video. So pretty!

M. Taylor says:

Would you say this bag is a perfect tote for the beach? I’ve seen another video about the GM neverfull and they mentioned the Florida sun will patina your leather so fast. I’m not opposed but I don’t want brand new vachetta turned too dark ya know.

Keanna says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Denieccee Pettaway says:

Loved your video. New subscriber. I’m considering getting the same bag. What is your update as of late?

Evelyn Aguilera says:

I’m so excited. Got my neverful gm for christmas with the same color. I love it!!!!!!

Sarah Lundeen says:

Hi there!! I just got this purse in Piovine, do you have any problems with color transfer of the fuschia onto the vechetta?

Candy W says:

You’re so pretty, I love your eyelashes!!

Brenda Palmer says:

This vid made me a subscriber!! Love it!

Natural TeaCup says:

I’m saving for this bag in the gm monogram, I have the mm in darmier ebene and wish I wouldof got the gm and I’m a mom as well and I just don’t have enough space since I use it everyday as a work bag a school back pack and a diaper bag smh

Katerina Alepou says:

The perfect bag!

Lee Ming says:

What is the lining of the inside pocket made of? Is it the same cloth material as the inside of the bag? Canvas? The same interior like the cosmetic bags? Coated like the old neverfull?

A varnju says:

Get a speedy 30 or 35 in one of the damier prints!!! Start with the classics 🙂

Keanna says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Fitmomma nyc says:

I love the furry ball. where did you get that?

Lizwsw says:

I knew I wanted the GM but I couldn’t decide between DE and Mono, but your reasoning makes so much sense. I’m sold on the monogram now!

AyeGodiva says:

Omgoodness! So here’s my story on how I bought my neverfull GM, the exact one as you have. My first LV was the MM in damier in rose ballerine. Went and bought my second, a speedy 30 the next week because it was tax free (overseas). I sooooo wanted the GM that time, but was talked out of it by a friend who joined me that owned a cpl Lv bags and the sales associate. They both said it was too big. Ugh. I honestly didn’t do my research so i take some fault. I also had a 5 month old at the time and KNEW i wanted a big bag! Why did I listen to the mom of a 12 year old and a guy?! About 6 weeks later i bought the GM. Unfortunately it was past the 30 days to return the MM or the speedy (i hadnt used them). So here i am with 3 LV bags, 2 used maybe 6x combined. Im definitely selling the MM but gonna keep the speedy. I ABSOLUTELY LoooooooVee my GM!!! It’s a year old now and I just put it away because I’ve decided I want to hotstamp it with my daughters initials and give it to her when she’s older since it was her diaper bag! I recently purchased a preloved GM so I can be more care free with it!

TheLove2share says:

Video would be great if you put the camera on the bag instead of yourself 90% of the time.

Exploring Espadrilles says:

How do you feel about traveling with it on an airplane? Is it too big to fit comfortably under the seat? I feel like someone can easily reach in and grab something? I dont know, i love the bag looks, am i too paranoid??

Samantha Christine says:

Love the monogram and the pink lining!! I got mine in the damier ebene and i can’t stop staring at it! lol Its on my channel if you’re interested! My next LV purchase will be something with the monogram print I’m just not sure which bag yet lol

Neha Adarsh Shinde says:

In fact! I want the vachetta to age!!! It just makes the bag more personal! And also the patina looks so beautiful with the color scheme of this bag particularly! Love it! The best video on this bag i feel! Thanks

Heather Davis says:

Thank you again for such a great video and review!!!!

Angie B says:

Loved the video, was nice to see a review from a real mum who used it every day! My neverfull gets delivered on sat and I can’t wait as iv 2 small boys and I needed a big old chuck everything in it and go bag! It took a while to save for but I’m so excited so thanks for the honest mum style review cause let’s face it I’m not using it for work or laptops……it will be full off snacks, sippy cups and nappies x

Kate Lacson says:

Love your make up

Manka Stanka says:

Nie wal smutőw bez końca!

Sara Kozaily says:

Just ordered this bag. As a mom as well I feel like I’ll be stuffing it ( diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks plus my wallet and a few other things). Im so curious to know if the straps dig into your shoulder. I already sold my Artsy MM because it wasn’t working as a mom bag, so I don’t want to make another mistake.

Heather Davis says:

You absolutely sold me on this bag!!

Lisa Johnson says:

Thank you for convincing me to go forward with my purchase. I actually ordered same size and color. Hope you still love it! I feel like you get 4 bags in one with the adjustments you can do and the small bag inside!

MyLifeIs Beautiful says:

Thank you sooo much for this video. It’s time for me to get another purse and I have decided I want this one. The last time I bought a purse was a Doney and Burke around 2015 so it still looks good it has gotten darker but I want another one and I’m getting this one, thank u sooo much….

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