Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and MM Review and Comparison

This is a requested review of the Neverfull GM along with a review and comparison of the Neverfull MM.


Vitória Lobo says:

I’m 5’6 and I will use it for everything (everyday use, work, vacations etc.) but I don’t like to carry a lot of stuff, shoud I get the MM or the GM?

jianbing chen says:

hi,i like you

Ronnae Beech says:

Thank you , very thorough

Beatrice Thompson says:

Thank you very much for this video. .it helps me a lot to decide wich one to get. .well I am a coach fan..n the market tote n the mm is almost the exact size. .love how u model the lovely bags. I’m ur height n petite as well like u..

TMarie That's Me says:

Lol.. Check the dog out in the back he is so over these handbags tell he can’t hide it any longer to funny and cute..

Heydee Hochman says:

Thank you so much for doing this video! I definitely needed this info and to see a comparison with the mm and gm.

MulberryEllie says:

Absolutely the best comparison review re mm/gm on youtube. Thankyou so much xx

Chanel Valentine says:

You are too cute!!!

suzanne bell says:

Thank you for your practical, no nonsense and extremely helpful bag reviews. No cutesy baby talk , sighs or hair flicks, discussing what colour lipstick they have on, or waffly talk. Just about the bag. Thank you 🙂 Suzanne

Rachel Grinstead says:

What is the name of the Michael kors purse you have?

KazzyK810 says:

Great detailed comparison. Thank you!

Elaine Karrh says:

Best review I have ever watched! Thank you!

XxDarkSkin Beauty says:

Thank You For This Video

陈薇芯:13022006773 says:

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Karen Huyler says:

Thanks for posting this! Currently obsessed with Louis Vuitton. I can’t decide what to get. Probably because I can’t afford either. Haha!

Ellen Yi says:

Great review ! Very helpful.

Haiikbenmai says:

Great videos! I still cant decide wich bag to get… The louis neverfull or the balenciaga city bag…

Beatrice Thompson says:

Was wondering n deciding to get the coach market now. .now I made up my mind with the sizes u showed us….thank you very much

Senpai kun says:

I Baugh one for my gf & it is thebigger one

Samah A says:

can I put a 15 inch mac pro in the MM?

MyLuxury1st Hair, Pigments, and Apparel says:

Thank you. I had to skip to your video because another reviewer took too long to get to the point. Again, thank you.

Martinez Martinez says:

Are the pochettes that the neverfulls come with the same size? Or is the one that comes with the GM larger?

baby jordan says:

your review helped me decide which bag to surprise my girlfriend with =) .. thanks so much, very helpful and informative

Agnes Collazo says:

exactly the info I was looking for. THANKS!

Cyndy B says:


Melanin Rayy says:

Thank u for this video I saved money for this bag lol will be purchasing the MM

Janet Gault says:

Extremely helpful!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Ulya .K says:

Hey so I wanna get one and still can’t decide so I’m 5,7/5,8 and wanna use ut for the usual day and don’t carry much just a litle make up bag my purse and stuff idk which one should i choose can someone pls tell me their opinion?

luvpinkhellokitty says:

I loved the comparison review!! I’m planning (thinking)on getting the Monogram Canvas GM because I want the pink liner & the extra pouch it comes with now. I was thinking of the Melie too, so I have to decide & it’s so hard!! Anyways thank you for your videos!! Love the pictures of the Furbabies in the background too!

Sam M says:

If only more people did a review like this. Really good review and comparison!! Thanks.

Crisss S says:

Hi I like your videos! I’d also like to share this DIY tutorial on how to clean dark and dirty patina of Louis Vuitton leather handles:

Kristina Foster says:

this is the BEST comparison video I have seen so far!! Thank you!!

Michele Alvelo says:

Thank you for this review. The stores are sold out and I couldn’t decide which to get.

Mm for me!

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