LOUIS VUITTON Neonoe Review, Monogram Noir M44020

Detail-Mod Shots-Pros and Cons
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for Handle → https://youtu.be/iLc4UECRC_Q
Organizers → https://youtu.be/eTQNHhc8PXs


Peedie says:

Where did you get the black fur charm from? So cute

lvluxdelight says:

I love the poof! I use the same on mine.. love your videos..if you get a chance, you can check out my entire LV collection video that i recently uploaded.. lots of love..Xo

VR Mom of Four says:

I’m torn about this bag. Some days I want it. I love the black & the rose Ballerine. I think I’d get rose. Ugh don’t know.


Great review. It is a gorgeous bag. I may add it to my collection ❤️❤️

Razan says:

i love love love the top handle that you added

shabby says:

Wow! You are incredibly talented!

Gingerca says:

I’m saving money to get this bag! Planning on buying it in december ♥️ Thanks for the great video!


Hi love the added strap, do you sell those?

bang g says:

Does yours hurt your shoulder when used as a crossbody? Mine does:(

Kate_Mnl says:

The bag suits you. It’s so lady like.

gly yym says:

Hi Chloé and I thank you for this video! Please, your dress comes from which brand? Thank you very much.

Carolyn T says:

Hi chloe, do u know if toiletry 26 would fit into neo noe? I hv been thinking of using the toiletry 26 as bag insert and I can grab n go when I don’t want to bring the bag with me. TX.

KatbTV says:

Daebak, unnie~ I kinda of what this in the Noir color too! The Rose Poudre is super pretty, too which is what I have 🙂

17minjung says:

What would you revommend between speedy b 25 and this? I really need anadvice

A Siangchin says:

Love ur vid! And the bag looked so much prettier with the handle

Daisy Van Acker says:

Hi, love the handle on your bag! I have yhe same bag in rose ballerine, do you make the handle only for yourself or do you make them on request too? I really would be interested if you do…

Hello Kitty Okeeey says:

hello just wanna ask what do you use to clean the gold of the lv bag?

Tiffany Cheng says:

I also got a shorter handle from Kate spade and that’s all I use when I carry this bag!

LA Woman68 says:

This is one of my favorite LV bags. It’s so elegant.

Rosa Igual says:

I prefer alma bb and speedy b 25 on you

jadisskiss says:

I would love to buy the organizer and handle if you sell them!!!

Dianay Santoyo says:

I almost wish I got the black instead of the rose because of the handle you made foe it as the rose is a harder color to match for.

Dani Green says:

Love your reviews! Can you do a showcase for your entire collection of luxury handbags? I really love your style and your videos are always so fun to watch 🙂

Bunni says:

Really pretty dress and hair! 🙂

Leo Lion LV says:

I love this bag! It is so tempting :))

WW Jackie says:

Got it today! Thanks to your great video and especially your modeling shots! So cute! Thanks so much! Oh btw, I returned my new Saintonge, the strap was too thin and not removable. Now I NEED that shorter strap that you make….please do you sell them? You may message me personally if you’d like. Thank you!

R M says:

Is it bulky?? Like do I find it sticking out a lot at the side of your body? I have he sienna and it’s a bit bulky as a cross body

Kiara Hale says:

Love your dress! Where is it from? X

lala lee says:

I can easily insert an ipad 2 right? Thnks!

Susi Susi says:

So glad i bought the NeoNoe! Perfect bag! Live your Review ❤️

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