Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM Review 2015


Back with my Review & strong opinion on this Handbag by
Louis Vuitton Hope you like it I just really believe this is a Stunning Bag!
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Tamara Gerber says:

Oh, so you returned the Pallas?
The Montaigne is definitely on my wish list!

Julie Hadley says:

Where would you attach a cles on the outside

gtabxembo says:

argh watching soooooo many LV videos to try and choose between Speedy 25 or the Montainge MM
Any words of wisdom ???
I think I lean towards the Montaigne because it is a little more organised and the opening is easier AND the shoulder strap works better

chickpea20101 says:

Nice and helpful vid!
Do you have the Kensington? I’m considering the Montaigne and the Kensington and I’m going nuts about which one I should get…I love both but can’t get both ;-/

Monika Hatinová says:

I love your excitement 🙂

Debbie Kimber says:

Hi. ..For my first LV bag…do I get speedy 30 in monogram or damier, please help ..

Pan Puszkinson says:

great video, thank you!!!:):):)

May Hii says:

Excellent review!!!!

Lenora Gray says:

I think u just helped me find my first monogram canvas bag.

Lik Wu says:

Girl u sounds like so in love the whole video… Great bag review btw, very detailed

Susana Ip says:

Thanks for your insightful opinion when pointing out the difference between the canvas and empreinte leather.  Never even realize that they were different in these small subtle ways.

Danielle Avery says:

Love that shirt , where did you get it from

prashant agrawal says:

Can u please do an updates on this bag

Georgiann Curry says:

I’m fascinated over this BAG how so I order it….I’m new to the game

Elyse Ahn says:

Hi Jerusha!! I always love ur reviews!!
I’m trying to decide on another purchase and trying to see if this bag is the one. I have a Turenne pm and speedy 25b in damier ebene. Would I suggest this bag or the speedy 25b in monogram or the Pallas bb? I’m trying to decide btw these. I would definitely love ur opinion.

Cravenn5 says:

You are totally Amazing!! ❤️ your opinions… Ding!! Thumbs way up!!

lifeslittle luxury says:

Oh my gosh Jerusha…You have me lusting over this bag:)!!  I am no where near a boutique and I have been struggling with either getting the MM or GM size.  Are you still happy with the size of this bag or do you wish it were a bit bigger?  I have an Insolite wallet and just wanted to make sure that fits.  I could use my zcw, but I love my multi insolite:)  I also have a couple pochettes and agenda that I need to fit.  Thanks for the great reviews!  Love watching your videos:)

Anna Overcash says:

Oh I thought I was the only one who hates when the strap attaches on opposing sides near or on the handles. Ugh. I had a coach bag that had the crossbody strap attach that one and one day I noticed that they were deformed from being pulled. I was horrified and I switched bags that day!
But yes if the empreinte one was made just like the canvas, I would for sure consider it!

Violet Rose says:

You look so pretty in lighter colors.

vashsteel21 says:

Sooo cute, loved this one!

Samantha Venables says:

Gorgeous!!! I loved the split screen to show us how the bag looks when you wear it!

szy1440 says:

Jerusha … if you had the choice between the Montaigne and the Pallas … which would you choose?

Samantha Venables says:

Gorgeous!!! I loved the split screen to show us how the bag looks when you wear it!

Jae Shin says:

Hey Jerusha.. After watching your review of this gorgeous hand bag.. I bought my mom her very first LV bag (at LV store in Tyson Corner Galleria).. She loves it! Montaigne MM was absolutely worth it! She loved the whole experience of getting her first LV bag! This whole experience simply brought smiles! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review of this bag and please continue to rave more about it!!! God bless!!

Alba Cappuccilli says:

Made my first purchase at the Palm Desert LV in CA and…. indeed, I did purchase this bag. Crazy in luv with it. I only new about this bag cuz of your video so MANY MANY Thanks to you my dear.

KSBM A says:

how are you liking the bag after 1 year?

Freyja says:

Hi Jerusha, appreciate if you could you please reply to me and tell me if the brass of the strap handle has chipped or peeled off eversince you carry it because the one I saw at the LV store itself was chipped off and the SA couldn’t explain and was shocked himself. It’s bad to know LV doesn’t provide good metal.

Half Pint says:

I have this exact bag and adore it! It makes it hard to want any other Louis’ but I think I need to add to my collection a little less flashy bag so this one doesn’t get worn out! 🙂

Nancy Fong says:

Hi, just wondering if you still have Montaigne MM?

Kac4 KLHC says:

You are so darn cute! Love your presentation. You helped convince me I wanted the MM, not GM:)

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