Louis Vuitton Iéna MM What’s in My Bag & Mini-Review

Thought I’d show you how I have been packing my Iena MM and let you know a little info that I consider a “con”.

Pursefection Expandable Organizer

PurseN Organizer
* Small Insert Size 8.5″ L x 3″ W x 6″ H – Fits Small to Medium Handbags Measuring 10″ in Length and Above
* Medium Insert Size 10″ L x 3″ W x 6″ H – Fits Medium to Large Handbags Measuring 12″ in Length and Above


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Wayne, IL 60184

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Laneisa Burey says:

Hi – can you tell me which size organiser you have in this handbag? The small or medium? Thanks

Clare Hill says:

I feel the same about the Samorgas and will be trying to purchase what you have used in this video instead! Thank you for the recommendation!

Mely Gaya says:

is the shoulder strap strong enough once you put weight on the bag? that’s the only issue on this bag. i own a rivington and the strap is long and secured and i can put weight without worrying it will snap.

Kat 0126 says:

Love this bag, but question hows the shoulder strap once worn long on shoulder? Is it more comfortable than the neverfull MM DE?

shoppingwithapassion says:

Love that this bag comes with a lock ❤️

tzeling says:

Great review! I have bought an Iena in Damier Ebene too. what is ur PurseN organizer size, small/medium? and do you ever use any acrylic base shaper for your bags? what’s ur thought of bag organizer vs base shaper?

Nik Brink says:

Hi Jennifer, I have been considering either this bag or the totally mm. I am just unsure if I want the outside zip or the 2 different slip pockets. Did you have or ever thing about getting the totally mm? Thanks for another excellent video. xo

Katrina O'Daniel says:

I was chucking over here when you were showing the one feature that kind of bugs you. It looked like a mouth hanging open. I was waiting for you to start ‘making your bag talk’. 🙂 Great video!

bizybee65 says:

I have that same bag organizer Jennifer! They are really handy in big bags…which is what I mostly carry. We’re heading off to the Tulip Festival in Holland MI the first weekend in May, any good recommendations on must see and shops/restaurants? I know you made a video last year; I’m excited to go. It’s our 31st Anniversary trip. Last year we did Mackinac Island. Have a great week my friend! Xoxo Anne

Frances McNicholas says:

Jennifer, yeah, it’s a great bag was in LV looking it. Love the zipper too. I also went to Hermes looked at the H bracelet want to purchase a silver with light pink. How is your chic clack wearing I’m surprised they do not warranty their jewelry. The bracelet is 600 they should. Do you think it will wear well and worth having. I love the look and free of the bracelet?

Gia says:

I have that same Pursen though I am not using it in my purse at the moment. I have it on my dresser in my closet holding miscellaneous items. The bag looks like a perfect everyday, travel bag. Love it in the Damier Ebene.

Meg Marie says:

I love your personality… you’re so cute! Thnx for the great review.. I’m def gonna get a purse organizer.. need it so bad! ❤

Abby Lili says:

Hi Jennifer! Just wondering, I remember you returned the other Iena with the canvas because the side tabs might curl, but these also have side tabs. Will the tabs on this bag not curl because of the type of material it is? I’m trying to decide which print I like better 🙂

Sierra Elizabeth says:

Love this bag so much! Clinique black honey reminds me so much of high school, it was one of my favorites.

Dina Armeniakos says:

Hey Jen any plans of doing a lv bag collection?

Jacqueline Fry says:

Thank you for the great review of this bag. Been considering buying it and you were a great help. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

maryb1206 says:

Do you have problems with the straps falling off your shoulder ?

Jen Design says:

Hi Jennifer! I went to get this bag in DE and came out with it in D. AZUR. I must be crazy with the light pink interior. It was so pretty. I really had no intentions of getting it in that because I wanted to use the crap out of it, now I have to be super careful. I always play it safe but didn’t this time.

nzhels says:

0o0o0o0o another amazon find! #jennifersamazonfinds hehehehe. I might look for one for my speedy! I had a samorga one but I sold it. Might have to give this find a whirl!!! Thanks again Jennifer! 🙂

mireckca says:

Great review of your new bag. I’m with you on the felt organizers. I bought one for a leather tote that I have and set it aside in favor of a nylon one that I picked up on Amazon. It’s lighter weight and easier to clean. Enjoy the nice weather – it must be beautiful in your neighborhood!

Cindy Arrington says:

Seriously looking at adding this bag to my collection as my first DE bag. I like using luggage tags as bag charms and was wondering if the shiny brown would match the matte looking brown on this new bag? Also I use Divide and Conquer bag organizers in my Neverfull and speedy. They are twill, lightweight and Connie can make anything! Her shop is on Etsy and I’ll get one for this bag as well. Thanks for your advice.

Christy Marsengill says:

Hey Jennifer!  Have you had any issues with the straps?  I purchased this on Saturday, and already I’ve noticed the strap “glue” has come apart.  I’m worried if I exchange it, it’ll happen again.  Help!

LoveMyBeagle13 says:

Hi Jennifer! Watching your reviews not only introduced but inspired me to add this beauty to my collection… thank you!! 🙂

Whole Truth says:

I have a PurseN organizer too and I love it! They usually have great Black Friday sales or deals on discontinued patterns. I’ve found that the medium size works well in my Speedy 30 or Neverfull MM.

Terrance Steadman says:

You’re either losing weight or you’ve done something different with your hair. Either way you look great!

CapeCodBelle says:

Hi Jennifer, I’ve watched this video a couple of times now. I’m considering getting the MM or PM size I’ena in Damier Ebene. Did you look at the PM size in this bag? I have two Totally PM’s (mono and azur) and I love the size, but I don’t really want to add the same bag a third time in DE. The I’ena seems very similar, but different. Would you recommend this in the PM size? By the way, when I asked my SA about the I’ena, she said it’s pronounced Yenna:)

I migliori suggerimenti di Antonella Patella says:

Hello beautifull your bag im italian girl please look at my chanel
Thanks a lot see you soon

lidia starr says:

Have you noticed any corner wear? I tried this bag on at the store and what made me not get it was the lack of piping. I imagined those canvas corners would get scuffed easily. After watching your videos, I want it agin! 🙂

Cyndee Cochrane says:

I bought this in the PM and really like it but am considering getting the MM too!

Jesters Cap says:

Hi Jennifer! Great LV videos. I found you on YouTube as I’ll be buying my wife her first Louie purse for her 40th birthday in the next few days. Until now she’s been a Coach girl but she’s ready to step up : ) Here’s where I could really use your advice. I’ve decided on the Iena bag. Now the challenge…she’s not the most gentle or careful person with her leather goods. Given that the vachetta leather on the classic monogram version can require special care (pre-treating, being paranoid of a cloudy day as it might rain and stain the leather, etc.), would it be best to get her the Damier Ebene version? I could be wrong but it seems to be more of a ready to go out of the box, ready for anything type bag. My only hesitation is that this is her first LV bag so shouldn’t it be in the classic monogram? And if you get the purse, you need a wallet too right! So I really like the Victorine Wallet I’ve seen you review a few times. I thought to get her something a bit different (and maybe even kinda match the interior color of the bag) and so I landed on the Monogram Vernis leather in Amarante. Where I could really use your experience is…it’s patent leather. Have you heard any issues as far as longevity? I just picture this patent leather wallet tumbling around in her purse getting scuffed and scratched to heck and back. So there it is. Any input you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!

Michele Samaha says:

Are you considering the Azur? Tried it on for size today thanks to your great reviews it’s the next bag i’m targeting for. This would be the first azur piece i pick up (trying to break my monogram/ebene mold) but am nervous about the patina. I’m sure i’ll get over it soon enough like i did with the pochette metis.

sara g says:

who would spend 1,430.00 on a zip up tote bag purse when you can go to walmart or target and get one just like this but with 3 pockets on the outside for 40$ much cheater and then you can more money for purse accessories and more purses. i got the tote bag purse i am talking about much cheaper. i think 1,430.00 is to much money for a bag there are more important things to spend money on like rent utilities and gas. not trying to sound rude just my opinion i think that bag is nice but to much money for just one bag. now if you get bags with it then it would be more worth it.

tzeling says:

Hi Jennifer, what size is your PurseN bag organizer for your Iena in MM?

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