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Erika Moulton says:

omg it is SO GORGEOUS

Oogle at Luxury says:

The hardware reminds me a little of the Gucci Padlock. The reason I didn’t get the Padlock is because I thought the hardware would get scratched really easily

Daria Kuznetsova says:

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Monique Rachel says:

I love the way this bag looks 🙂 great video

TheLaLa0825 says:

Love the new bag, but more importantly the color combo.. I love the brown with the black. I haven’t even used my neverfull enough. I had multiple LV’s and sold all but that one b/c I never use them. I’m scared they are going to crack or split. My SIL got a neverfull for Christmas last year and her’s has already cracked, and I know if you are going to spend that much money you shouldn’t worry about using them, but I’m only going to be carrying mine cautiously. ha! I kind of want a few more accessories and then I might consider another bag. I also heard they were discontinuing the neverfulls and a few other styles.. crazy considering the neverfulls are the most bought bag I feel like. <3

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Nice review

M*chelle M*chelle says:

I want that one so bad then the speedy beautiful bag that fits so me it’s so pricey

misc me says:

Hi Casey – new subscriber. Really informative video thanks! Pam

jo lee says:

This is my fave everyday LV bag. It’s beautiful.

Robert Warren says:

The hardware will scratch easily and it will show wear easily but aside from that my wife really love this handbag.

Monica Leong says:

Thxs so much for the video! You are right there aren’t a lot of videos about the Clapton. So Thxs very much for the comprehensive video. You covered everything – your mini story behind the bag, the close up shots of the bag, what it fits (super important!) and mod shots.

Galatia Kardon says:

This bag looks so soft and roomy. Definitely a great purchase.

Stephanie G says:

Love this! Is the zipper compartment stitched to the bottom of the bag or is there a gap where things could slide under?

Aussie says:

I love the way you go straight to the point! Congrats! I do not like Youtubers who keep talking about their personal lives when the propose of the video is to review a LV item!!! Got a new sub!

Ethan Jakoby says:

great review! love watching your vids. i just subscribed!!

Luxurynewbie says:

The same thing happened to me. I went into the gucci store to purchase the marmont flap and hubby said that it looked so cheap and insisted we go to LV. I ended up picking the clapton bag in magnolia. No regrets here!! Congrats and enjoy !! Great review!

Ilene Dominguez says:

Hi Casey!! I got this bag as a gift from my husband on our wedding day a few months ago and I love it! Thank you for doing such a wonderful review of it, I think you nailed its pros. You mentioned this will be your fall/winter bag – do you think it will hold up in the rain?

Quy An Truong says:

mmh….. I think I need to start saving up for this bag after watching your video 🙂 thank you!

sunshinemama says:

Hi! I have this bag and I loooovvvveeee it also! Congrats and the bag looks really cute on you!!!

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