Comparison between the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and the Goyard St. Louis GM.


maggs mum says:

this goyard bag is so ugly

Susiescloset73 says:

I just found out from another channel (Eva in the City) that you’re going back to school for nursing! Congrats! I did the same thing once my kids were both in school. I graduated almost 2 yrs ago from an RN program. Let me know if you have any questions about the journey/destination! So excited for you!

chad bergeron says:

Missed you !

MegaMeli79 says:

Hi Sierra, I’ve seen you comment on other YT’rs videos but I didn’t know you made videos. I came across this one while searching for Goyard reviews. I have a Neverfull but still want the Goyard. I just have my reservations because I hear so much about how bad they wear throughout time. I’m still trying to make up my mind. Thank you for making this video.

MariChanel316 says:

YAY!! So excited to see you back, I’ve missed your videos and snapchat too they were hilarious 😀
This review has convinced me I need both bags, haha 🙂

tshopem says:

I noticed someone has been stealing your videos. Just wanted you to know.

kresta s says:

have you had any color transfer from your organizer onto the goyard?

Danielle G says:

Did you have an issue with the strap drop on the Goyard St. Louis? I want to get the pm but I’m unsure if my larger arms would fit it right. Loved the video, thank you!

docLUXURY says:

welcome back! very nice review!

EH says:

Do you still have your Goyard? Just wondering how it’s holding up. Thanks!

Brianna Hope says:

When you crumpled the bottom of the bag I almost lost it LOL

Daisy Christina says:

Im sorry but really Goyard bags looks like a plastic garbage bag. Lol I would go for LV for that price.

Sara01977 says:

I think it really depends what you’re looking for. Most people go for the LV Neverfull because it’s a workhorse bag so you feel like you are getting more for your money. I consider Goyard in another league, since I baby that bag because of the paint on the canvas. It wilts in the heat but gets more stiff in the cold weather. It’s just much more unique especially in the other colors: blue, green, orange, fuchsia.
I do use it for work every day and stuff if full. However, the weight is what you have to be careful with. When I say stuffed, I mean with light items like a scarf or sweater and a smaller water bottle. I would never put a laptop in there. It’s way too heavy for a painted canvas bag. That’s when you start to see the corner wear and cracked handles. Keep it light, and the bag will be okay. I love my Goyard GM St. Louis.

Just Jennifer says:

Great to see you! Love your beautiful, smiling face 🙂

Sherri Talbot says:

Missed you sooooooo very much!! Good to have you back. You are my top videos to watch!

Sam Bonnett says:

Glad your back! What is the price difference between the two?

LValiquette says:

You’re back! Great comparison video! Xo

Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u says:

Nice to surprise to see you back, I just love the look of the black goyard, yes looks very chic. Lovely comparison 😀 xox

Lin R says:

glad to see you back! do a “funk” video! must be the time of year bc i am in a MAJOR ONE 🙂

Sheila jacklin says:

Thanks, a nice comparison.

T JONES says:


Moni Mon says:

Good to see you again Sierra!Great comparison video.

Laura Henschke says:

Where did you get the pink purse organizer insert? What size?

mb lvoe says:

I have been in a funk too – but I am trying to pull myself out of it. A lot has happened lately that it has just been hard to go through for me but I will pull through as I always do! I am looking forward to meeting you at Wendy’s bash soon! and I do believe PATINA-ING is a verb bc I also use that word to describe it lol xoxo

Angélique Eva says:

Great video!

OooSolala says:

Hi . Just wanted to let you know I can across three of your videos listed under a different channel name and under the info it has essentially an ad for a handbag store. Not sure if this is you.. the name of the channel is Er Ge. It has 7 subscribers.

VR Mom of Four says:

I have 4 girls age 15, 6, 5, & 10 mths so I understand you. It’s hard to be a mom. Hope you get to feeling “you” soon.

LUCKY says:

Goyard got me looking at Louis different- Dave east

Stanleydragonjr says:

so happy to see you,loved this comparison.
you look awesome
the corners on the Goyard have a tendency to rip really fast,the base shaper will make that happen much quicker, i made a base for my friend’s bag from the cardboard from a Poland spring case of water.the cardboard was soft on the corners and added just enough structure to the bottom,i cut to size, she eventually stopped using a base shaper,but keeps a stash of those cardboards in case she wants to,i use the purse organizer from purse bling,and it gives great shape to my Longchamp la pliage.
BTW the cardboard also molded at the corners,no poking, for her.its cheap and adjustable
yay ,so great to see you
take care

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