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Louis Vuitton Favorite MM (brand new): http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/search/favorite%20mm
Louis Vuitton Favorite MM (preloved:) http://rstyle.me/n/b59njvb8fn7
Louis Vuitton Favorite PM (brand new): http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/search/favorite%20pm
Louis Vuitton Favorite PM (preloved: http://rstyle.me/n/b59nn5b8fn7
Louis Vuitton Monogram Strap: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/adjustable-shoulder-strap-16-mm-monogram-monogram-000664
Louis Vuitton Zippy Multicartes: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/zippy-multicartes-monogram-010133#M61299
Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder: http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/6-key-holder-damier-ebene-001089
Sarah Happ Lip Slip (it’s amazing!): http://rstyle.me/n/b59nt5b8fn7

H&M shirt: http://rstyle.me/n/b59pnzb8fn7
Kat Von D liquid lip in Lolita II: http://rstyle.me/n/b59pgdb8fn7


Thank you for watching my review of the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM, along with seeing what’s in my bag! I hope you all enjoyed this review of the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM. I think the Louis Vuitton Favorite is great! I absolutely love having different strap options too! Do you like Louis Vuitton bags? If so – what’s your favorite? Comment below! Do you have a favorite Louis Vuitton SLG? If you already have the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM, let me know down below if you like it! Do you prefer the Louis Vuitton monogram or damier ebene print? Thanks again for watching my review/what’s in my Favorite MM!

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Filming Equipment Used:
Canon 70D
Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens
Studio Box Lights
Final Cut Pro
Music courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds – Youtube: Konac – Home


juliana lee says:

Hey, love the idea of having the monogram strap, could you tell me which model of the strap or which bag does the strap belongs too ? I will buy one too 🙂

DsnyLuv says:

another great video

Campos 047 says:

I can buy one online? I’m from Mexico and I don’t know if there is any shipping to Mexico!

PatkaPat says:

how tall you are? just to refer how it look on you with both straps?

Yes fan says:

Love your videos! I’ve decided on the Favorite MM for my introduction into LV and first high end designer bag. I want to use it for an upcoming trip to Monaco, as it looks like it will make a great travel bag – perfect size with day to night versatility. I’m debating between the Monogram (w/ monogram strap) and the DE print. My question to you is, specifically for going out in the evening, between the two prints, which do you think has the “dressier” appearance? Or, which print would you opt for as an evening bag?

Quit3Cut3 says:

Love this bag tempted to buy it… for the longest time I wanted the pochette or the Eva, and just recently came across this design and I love it. It’ll be my first high end designer bag. And yay giant eagle I’m from Pittsburgh pa.

Stephanie Berenice says:

I purchased mine in the beginning of November & im so obsessed with it. I actually did a blog post on what I carry in it as well hehe. Awesome video! Just subscribed

Annie Phan says:

Can you do a review on the 6 key ring holder ?

I migliori suggerimenti di Antonella Patella says:

Hello shea I love your video I’m italian please look at my Chanel I subscribe to your Chanel because I will buy in may the favorite pochette pm please give me some opinions thanks a lot bye antonella

Baldish Rihal says:

hi ! do you think the pouchette metis strap would look ok on this bag ? thanks

Lacey S says:

How long is the monogram strap you bought on the longest setting? Hardware to hardware?

Hayley Kay says:

Thanks for the video. Great idea about changing the strap. I think it looks way better than the vachetta strap. Now I want one lol. Subscribed to your channel. 🙂

goneptis says:

she could have become a Megan Fox.

LL Nut says:

Is it easy to get the cards in & out of that multicard?

Cindy Aguilar says:

Hi Shea!! You always mention you sell your LV bags, could you tell me where?

From Hair to Heels says:

How much was the monogram strap ? And what is it called ?

Stacey Veras says:

Recently found your channel while researching my 1st LV and I love it! Just got my first bag and I’m already on the look out for my next!

RaCheyl Williams says:

I’m torn between the Monogram or Damier Ebene mm

gemmlr says:

Your green eyes are so pretty!

emmaofthewild says:

Would a key shaped bulky car key fit in the 6 key holder comfortably?

j king says:

Giant eagle!!! I grew up right outside of Pittsburgh PA!!! Shopped there all the time.

Kim Pham says:

Hi Shea. How the feel of the monogram strap. Is it comfortable as vachetta strap or stif like treated leather strap in ebene strap . Thanks

Vanilla Twilight says:

You are such a classy person, Shea! I love watching your videos❤❤❤❤

Coffee & Makeup24 says:

what’s ur thoughts on the Gucci disco soho bag in comparison to the favorite mm?

Haf Sa says:

I am watching ur bag videos – i feel as though I have found my bag twin – ur tastes and functionality in terms of bags are so similar to mine !

Yasmin Mirchandani (Asst. Manager -Alumni Relations, ITM Khr) says:

Shea, love your videos !
I have the speedy 30 in the ebene print and do intend to pick the never full in ebene and the favorite in monogrammed.
Love the additional canvas strap u bought. How much does it retail for ??

cutiecute64 says:

Great Review! New subbie. Is the vechetta strap adjustable? I’m shorter than you so I’m hoping there are other holes to modify the length. Thanks!

aesthetic unicorn says:

Only if I could afford an LV bag but nevermind, I will one day but great video, Shea!

itsbrittany banks says:

That bag is EVERYTHING

Lauren Atwell says:

Would this monogram strap be functional and look okay used with a speedy b 25 monogram bag? Loving all of your videos!

June Malaki says:

Found your channel and I have been binge watching for 1 week! Watch you while getting ready for work! Wish you will get 1 million subscribers soon! You deserve it!

Insaf Saadat says:

Can you do a wear and tear video on this bag?

Zilla Mish says:

I love your hair❤

jackuline123 says:

great video. I just purchased this bag and I noticed that when I hold it, it tends to tilt forward. is that normal? lol did you notice that with your bag? I’d if it’s because it’s heavier in the front because of the magnet, or maybe mine is just misaligned.

NowImDancing 30 says:

why does the monogram look bigger then the rest

LipsLoveCharm says:

Thanks so much for this great review love your videos…side bar question: what color is your lipstick? It’s gorgeous

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Great review. So detailed

celia torres says:

does an ipad mini fits on it?

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