Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Reveal/Review!

Just a passionate LV enthusiast.

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Christie Mo says:

I like your Alma bb at the back! Is that indian rose?

NgoNgo Sica Vlogs says:

Does hot stamping cost more? Just curious.


thanks for your video!and I wonder that if the Emilie wallet could fill into Celine trio,thank you!

Shoes and Cars says:

HAHAHA YES LV affordable :’)

Nina Sabado says:

Do they do hot stamps the same day?

IISourAyyII says:

I can’t believe she’s trans, crazy lol

Susie Shu says:

we have the same design, and aslo we have many other band design. comes from China. same quality but the price is more more cheaper. if you need , pls contact with us. what’s app: 0086 15825763621

Kristian Jackson says:

I’m heading to the flagship store in Paris in a few months and this is what I have my eye on! which is actually cheaper in Paris) thank you for this review!

DiorAdri says:

I was actually pretty set on getting the Sarah for a long time, even though it’s a little too big for my taste, but your Emilie review really changed my mind! it’s cheaper and more my style, win! thanks for the review~

Erika Sandstrom says:

You’re rich, girl.

JonelleElise says:

This wallet is gorgeous and so are you!

JonelleElise says:

This wallet is gorgeous and so are you!

Oli cad says:

2 things I saw in this video

1. Julie has at least 400$ in her wallet
2. She has more money than me.

iGottakissU says:

who else tried to pause the video to count the money ahahaha.

My Fashion says:

I Love LV 🙂

Suzie Wong says:

I have the same wallet, absolutely luv it. Chinese characters can be hotstamp at bellagio lv.

Laura K says:

my jaw involuntarily dropped when you mentioned the price; but hey if you can afford it why not?

olivia azmi says:

Are you a real woman?

Voc Nurse says:

i just bought my wallet yesterday, exact same style.. why is mines made in france and yours is made in spain?

Sarah Hong says:

He looks and acts so much like a real girl. Wow! I am impressed that you’re able to pull it off… 99% of guys wouldn’t have the confidence to act as feminine as you do.

Brandiglitz says:

You had me at 3:20, LOL, you’re so adorable and beautiful. I am going to purchase a wallet today and cannot decide between this one or the Josephine wallet.

Kale SwissChard says:

This is the wallet I want to get but in Monogram canvas with chili red interior! You did a great job with this reveal/review by the way..!

shecanreadd says:

“…Like, girl. You ain’t Julie Vu.” Hahah. You’re the best.

Cristina Aguirre says:

Omg it’s sooo pretty!!!!

Ittybittykittypi says:

Mad stacks, yo.

Aimee Jo says:

Love this wallet! The red interior really matches your lip colour ☺️

Hunniebunches020405 says:

Does this wallet for in the alma bb?

B. Rod says:

Wow you sold me on this wallet. I was initially thinking about getting the Josephine but this one is just so simple but yet sophisticated and sleek. Good choice! And the print makes it look prettier!

Georgina Furlonger says:

Louis Vuitton!

Andora Leigh says:

You should do a purse collection, but in depth! ❤️❤️

Cody Ortega says:

Love it!!! hope u do more!

lindsey cundiff says:

i was thinking about getting this as my first louis vuitton item and you just sold me on it 🙂

HivesAnabel Rafael says:


Sue Sweet says:

I love this wallet and just got it today. I usually used MK and Kate spade wallets and they lasted really long time. I don’t know how about this wallet. Maybe last until the end of my life lol

ladymeow01 says:

I love how neat the cash is ;p
loved the wallet ! I want a new one so differently considering this

Danielle Johnson says:

You will not see me carrying anything like that for that much! Heck no!

FreeNooja says:

I came across your channel and really like your personality! Thanks for the review. xx

Caen loh says:

“so if someone steals my wallet, girl, you ain’t Julie Vu” HAHAH she’s so cute

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