Louis Vuitton Duomo Review and Comparison!

I review the Duomo and compare it to the Bllomsbury PM and the Speedy 30 and Speedy 25!

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video of first discover and back story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AeKLiCtZl8

video of new Duomo info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN7eQb56DPs

video of the unboxing of the Duomo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMhHBuqywV4

Thank you so much for watching! Let me know if you have any questions!


TvNetJunkie says:

I’ve seen this bag on the Louis Vuitton website in the crossbody bag list. I was actually thinking of a Siena PM. However because of your video this bag went up on my wishlist and I think I will get it for my next birthday. I seems that it will hold its structure even if I don’t fill it up with things and in the same time I have the peace of mind knowing that I can fill it up with a ton. It also seems like a reasonable carryon bag. Thanks a lot ❤️

yo yoli says:

Wonderful review! Thank you so much. Your video definitely sold me on the Duomo.

Lanita Greer says:

Thank you for this review. I was waiting for it. Saw your unboxing and I agree with you, I was also on the fence about this bag. But when I saw your comparison to packing the Speedy 30 (which easily becomes heavy with just a few items), this is a good purchase. The reinforced bottom, and the wide opening are a definite plus!

belinda jess says:

Great comparison video. Loads bigger than the Bloomsbury PM.

Karen says:

Great video ! I was wondering if you could do a video reviewing your LV lumineuse bag stating the pros and cons on it. I’d greatly appreciate it as right now I’m torn between getting the lumineuse preloved or buying the LV Totally mm new. Any advise ? Thanks!

Kelsey Boyce says:

Hi Jennifer!I purchased the Duomo but am trying to decide if I should keep it or exchange it for the Siena MM, any thoughts?

Simplelifetaylor 318 says:

I love this bag from the first video you posted I’m saving now to get it hopefully by August a nice B-Day gift to me lol. Good review!

MilaN says:

What a great bag. It’ll never go out of style. Thank you for the review. I wish it came in DA. It would be perfect as a summer cross-body bag.

Leo Lion LV says:

Great review, thanks for sharing!!

Ma Smith says:

I’ve been waiting your review about this Duomo bag. Thanks!

Lady B says:

Hi Jennifer, I really like how the Duomo looks and it can hold a lot. Is it possible to make it a shoulder bag as well. I didn’t know if the strap is adjustable ? But I really do like the design of the bag. Great review/comparison and thanks for sharing.

Carlotta Evora says:

great video..on my wish list is the pochette metis ..but I have feeling after watching this video the 25 might be more practical 🙂 ty

Laureen Gorham says:

Your glasses case I mean!

Natasha Campbell says:

Hi Jennifer. I know you have had this bag for some time. I am considering the Duomo and the Besace, which I saw you also considered. Why did you choose the Duomo over Besace?

Marty Cogley says:

Great video! Love the bag. Thank you for doing an updated review.

mrstlc68 says:

Wow! You really can get a lot in the 25. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Paula Bodden says:

Great video! Is that your new room? Looks nice!

Connie Lahman says:

Great video as always!!! I have not used mine but one time as of yet and just wondering how has yours held up since you use your duomo often and if it keeps its shape and do you still love.Thanks Doll

Shamil Buxo says:

great review! thanks for sharing.

Kathleen M says:

Thank you so much for doing this video-so very helpful!! I really like this Duomo, but have Brea on the brain too, and sadly, I did not win the powerball (yet)- can’t decide! If that is your new room, absolutely love the paint color now -and your decor looks great!

rosannebent says:

Great review! I have the Bloomsbury and you can fit everything you had in the first scenario. But the eye glass case is pushing it, If I do carry the case I put it in the front pocket. It will get bulky if I add my agenda pm, if I do carry it I leave it unzipped. And it’s funny you mention repositioning the strap, I’ve noticed I’ve had to do that with the Bloomsbury….interesting. So happy you are enjoying the bag. It looks good on you, I like how it falls down lower on the hip/leg. Enjoy☺️

Helenne20 says:

I was at LV last week and haven’t seen this bag, it’s really nice, I like it a lot.

Chris Pilk says:

Just got a Duomo MADE IN FRANCE LV LOVERS! . How are your straps holding up? Are they wrinklling Jennifer? The difference in the Bloomsbury strap and Duomo is the Bloomsbury strap has sharp edges with no glazing and slightly thicker like the old speedys. The Duomo strap is the same size but has glazing so the edges do not dig into the shoulder blade. Also, the Bloomsbury has to be worn on the right side to avoid the buckle digging into the chest if you want the pocket facing outwards. The Duomo has no front or back so you can wear it either side of the body and always have the buckle at the back. 🙂 Really intererested in how your long strap is looking ? Some in the store were already wrinkling.

Lyddy C says:

Love your duomo!How are you attaching all your keys on your cles?Can you show closer on your next video so I can copy and will the chain break with all that weight? I find not much fits in it and just using it as a charm stuffed with some cards.

Times Fong says:

hi, would you mind showing how this looks on the shortest setting as a shoulder bag? thank you~

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