Louis Vuitton Birthday Bag ^,,^ Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Epi Noir

A Special bag brought in for me by my Louis Vuitton store ^,,^


Jill says:

Hi Kattz, I saw acouple epi nf that’s say made in Spain when I was shopping at Neiman Marcus in Newport beach,Ca. I know what u mean by the tag I hate that stupid tag too. It’s a beautiful bag but I find it alittle small, wish they make it in gm. Take care xoxoxox

Sandra Beltran says:

what a great bag I love epi leather its my fave and now they have the neverfull in epi! <3

Psychotic Lammington says:

love your video, definitely going to get this bag now thanks for showing us

Isabel Isabel says:

Do you still have this bag? Would you recommend it over the Monogram Neverfull MM? I want to buy a Neverfull for my birthday in September but have no idea which one to go for. Please help.

SparkleAndGlow11 says:

Do you know if the lv extender chain is still being produced? I went a Louis Vuitton in LA and the sales lady told me it was discontinued. Seems strange because it’s a popular item.

Dois0513 says:

I totally agreed with you about that stupid tag lol! Georg bag by the way.

Margarita x says:

Love that bag! I am absolutely going to get that bag for my 20th birthday. Such a nice treat!

Roses says:

First you look fabulous love the new setting I love this bag so classy

Jetzki Hamasaki says:

We have that here in japan 🙂

lamaison deslapins says:

great bag!! i just bought the same bag in France last week! the navy blue one. don’t remember the official name of color. Love it! I love the idea of the luggage tag!

midgreen100 says:


Connie Lahman says:

Would you please tell me if you still own the epi neverfull and how it has held up.I read some were having issues with chipping of epi leather around opening of bag and wonder if you have seen any wear like that. I’m thinking of purchasing next month but want to feel comfortable that it will hold up to normal wear.Thanks so much.

G U says:

i just love this BUT for how much we consumers are paying for it, you would think that we could utilize it without having to worry about the leather cracking in the future. sometimes i like to cinch my bag for security reasons (depending on where i’m at) …but this bag is like a 9.5 on a 1-10 scale for me. it would’ve been 10 if i can wear it minus the worries.

Mary Lynda says:

Love your bag!  Love the silver lock idea.  You are GOOD!!!

ajpenn84 says:

LVOE IT!!! The MM is the perfect size! Congrats! 🙂

Judy Kim says:

I was wondering if you still have the bag? And how is the wear and tear?

CallmePhoenix says:

Lovely bag Queen! It looks very classic. Can’t wait for you to do a review on this! Enjoy 🙂

Carmen Lamborghini says:

Should I get mine in black or the monogram ?

chrisjaycabello says:

Happy Birthday!!! Queens Kattz Day! Great purchase, thanks for sharing. JNC

Lee Lee LV says:

The date code is also on the bag pull the right back handle down and you will find the date code , at first I thought the pochette was the only place where the date code was located but I knew it had to also be on the bag as well

Nina C says:


emilieclarke says:

Seriously … GORGEOUS!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!
You have such amazing taste!

ZeeQue says:

Hmmm..i will have to look at this one now. I’m researching for my second bag. Thinking i’ll have made my mind up in next couple weeks. I now am addicted to LV after buying my first 6 months ago. Don’t even look at other handbags in stores anymore since nothing compares (to me) anymore. Hehe!! ;-). Very nice. Is your Speedy an everyday bag, or a carryall for tablet, etc? Is it TOO big now you had it for awhile? Would you have gone smaller to a 35?

Emilie Attia says:

what can fit in that pouchette!>!>?

Lovelle says:

Gorgeous bag! Has the bag held up well? Would love to see an update on this bag. Xx

Jubilee Jones says:

is this bag comfy on your shoulder?

lamaison deslapins says:

I was in france two weeks ago and they told me they don’t sell it separately. It was in Nice, France.

Marilyn Abelon says:

Do you still like this bag? It has gone up in price.

Qadriiyah says:

Kat love your Canadian swag! I have this bag on my list can’t wait to get it I thing this bag is good for daily use enjoy this bag I know I will when I get it lol

LovelyCesi says:

Very nice, that’s the color I would pick for some reason I never get bags with color haha! Subbed of course & I just started making videos so I know it’s hard to reply to everyone so don’t worry. See you in the next one 🙂

Lee Lee LV says:

I know this video was done 4 years ago according to the website the new epi NeverFull now has a hot pink interior and I was the biggest critic when it came to made in USA bags ,however I just purchased my first one made in USA and it was the pochette Metis in Monogram , not sure if you know the pochette Metis is the bag that has taken the Lv world my storm , I was thinking of adding the epi NeverFull now with the hot pink interior which by the way today is now $2050 plus tax ,would you recommend this bag or do you feel it is a tad to heavy on the shoulder ? I have the petit Noe in epi leather and yes a tad softer but it’s an amazing leather bag I prefer epi over the new empriente please let me know if you still have this bag and are still using it thanks so much

Lance Dam says:


Brittany D says:

Is your bday July 7? if so , that’s my bday too!

Robert Finch says:

You are so lovely and make great videos. This got me excited for mine which is coming this week. Thank you for that!

lisa siu says:

Nice bag!!! Too bad they aren’t made in France

Aileen Marotta says:

After this bag, have you fallen in love with the EPI leather? What do you think of it? Is it more delicate? Please give us feed back!

ajpenn84 says:

The tag in my USA 2013 DE Speedy is red to match my bag’s lining & is actually difficult to find in my bag so it doesn’t bother me at all. I personally just look at it as another symbol of authenticity actually because I have so far, never seen a made in USA stamped fake & the counterfeiter’s are likely not going to bother to replicate the tags. Don’t let it keep you from loving your bag as much as the MIF ones. Enjoy her in good health & keep these videos coming! 😀

KWS Styling says:

Congrats, Gorgeous bag!!! Just wondering if you are still happy with your bag? and how is it wearing? would you re purchase? Thank you so much…. Long time viewer xoxo

WMC says:

That’s such an awesome bag! I share your passion with the cloth tag. It’s absolutely hideous.

CallmePhoenix says:

I was told by my SA that the yellow was the only color that was limited. All the other colors you can still pick up online or in stores.. Hope this helped 🙂

Nina C says:

Love you videos! We have the Epi Neverfull in Australia and they are made in France. Also seen some reveals on TPF with made in France

Miss Cherry says:

Great, I will get this tag for my petit noé. I hope they have this also in fuchsia

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