Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Review 2015

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Finally, better late than never right? Thank you Dolls so much for requesting I do a review on this bag. I hope I was able to help by giving you all as much information as possible when it comes to making a decision of adding this beauty to your collection. Thank you so much for watching and please don’t forget to comment, rate, like and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous!! Xoxoxo

Louis Vuitton Artsy MM in Monogram
Retail $1960.00 USD

Makeup in Video:
Eyes: Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Eyeliner: Loreal The Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown
Blush: Mally Liquid Face Defender
Lips: MAC Velvet Teddy
Nails: Christian Louboutin Sevillana

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LunaSalvatore26 says:

also found a cute gucci tote first time ever that i like gucci but yeah it has blue details and handles and blue is my favorite color was pink as a little girl and changed to blue when i was 11

bneefreak says:

Just found your vids and I soooo appreciate your review of this bag. My hubby bought this for me for V-Day 2014. This is my ONLY luxury bag. But now that I see your review, I know that I’m missing the D ring that is supposed to be on the inside. The bag was purchase from a LV boutique. What do you think I should do? Should I take it back and explain to them that I didn’t know it was supposed to come with one?? I sooooo worried now. 🙁 Mercy

I Garcia says:

Hi! Did you end up keeping this bag?

Elise Loves Aziz says:

Just wondering if you decided to keep this bag? Do really love it, thinking of buying it from the boutique next month…

KSBM A says:

do you have the montiagne? if you do can you please make a pro and con video on it? I’m deciding if i want the artsy or montaigne

Ngoc Dang says:

It’s a beautiful…but I dislike that there are so many pockets inside. I cant remember which pocket had what…

Pikot says:

Hi, i just want to ask if you still have this bag? I am planning to get this artsy bag as is it really a lovely bag but withthe cons you just mention, is it worth getting this bag? Thanks

the darling debs says:

Hi Minnie!
I like it more now than when I first saw it. I don’t mind the slouchy hobo look. Thanks for sharing! xoxo!

Susu Fadi says:

I don’t know why I can’t love this bag, my husband also bought it for me last year in July and it still in the box I didn’t use it and I see no Beaty in it

Mike Bessy says:

I am one of your Sebbys I really like your videos they’re very informative can you please answer me a question I have the artsy bag I love it but I’ve been very frayed of cracking I really feel I need a bag organizer can you please tell me what is the best organizer you can suggest to me also I have the neverfull GM the new one with the rose Balerene interior would the same organizer fit both bag or what I need to buy to thank you very much

niki san says:

Great vid. I’m thinking about purchasing the artsy mm in Damier azure but if it’s so close to your body….yikes, dat color transfer doeeee. Hmmmm.

Nadya Cardia says:

the name of the litte purse??

Asilem Zamora says:

I use an organizer inside my Artsy and it keeps it from sagging.

ai bar says:


Pandora Box says:

My hubby just bought me one for my birthday tomorrow. I have the same ideas for pros and cons – for the shoulder I would actually hand carry instead on those hot days. It’s a very comfy hand carry and I just wrapped the handle in a scarf. :-). Great review. Thanks!!!

Nefertiti Kimagawa says:

would you recommend this for traveling? I like the neverfull but everyone uses it for traveling, I want something different. I have a keepall 45 in monogram as the carry-on but I want a matching bag that I can use for travel but also daily

ja051207 says:

What Louis Vuitton bag would you think be a great first bag?! Please help

Paty Perez says:

I want one of these bags! 🙂 I do love the way it slouches.

cwm53 says:

Great video. Beautiful bag

accessoriesjunkie1 says:

Now that it has been a year…what are your thoughts on it?

Princess Ginwood says:

Gorgeous bag! Thank you for an Amazing review! I love your videos you’re so beautiful and so knowable and unbiased. About high end designer handbags.i like how you give the pro’s and Cons, that is so helpful especially if you’re undecided. Thank you for an Awesome video I really enjoyed it!

maryb1206 says:

Would you consider getting the Melie?

Cheerdeb1 says:

Great bag! Did you keep it?

Jenny Khau says:

Love your review; honest, comprehensive and funny.

Luv1234 says:

I just bought this bag but with python handle. It seems large but once it “grows” on you it looks good.

Angel Reed says:

I’m really really hoping you can help me with something I’m looking to purchase the porchette Matis handbag but I’m afraid that My large Adele wallet will not fit would you have any information on that I really could use your help thank you

Dablkwid0w2008 says:

the way that bag sagged when you put it down…it looked like a souffle loool

popinfresh says:

I just bought the artsy, and I notice the canvas on this bag is way softer than my other monogram bags. I wonder if I just got a bad one?

Sasha Alice says:

can the folds get away?

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