Hi Guys!!
Today’s video is on my Louis Vuitton Alma bb in Damier Ebene print. I will be going over the pros and cons and if I think this bag is worth purchasing. I know that I accidentally wrote Pochette Metis and not Alma bb on the intro.
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Thanks so much!! xoxo


Myra E. says:

So in love with this bag. Hopefully my husband surprises me with one for our anniversary ❤️

Michele Baltunis says:

Can’t decide on Alma bb or Neo Noe. Recommendations?

Leo Lion LV says:

Loved hearing your thoughts on the bb size. I am obsessed with my alma bb now! Love your pants babe and I really enjoy your videos ♥ Have a nice weekend!!! xoxo

Celita Guia Whittington says:

This is such a cute little bag. Thanks for the review : )

Eds V says:

When you first got the bag, have you noticed that the handles dont align like you cant stand the handle easily? Thanks!

LVfan81 says:

I find the strap on my ebene Alma bb very comfortable

Vanessa T says:

Your girl boss vibes is killin’ me! How to be you? Love this alma bb review by the way, love how a mini bag like this can carry a lot.

Ma. Lydia Celada says:

this bag is definitely on my wish list ♥

Margrét Ósk Eggertsdóttir says:

Hey there! I got an Alma BB bought it as pre-used! Wondering because I see yours has your Initials I think is it possible to get adfterwards and does it cost extra?

corikay says:

I couldn’t stand it…and finally had to order one of these today! I would love to know if the shoulder/crossbody strap has become any more comfortable with continued use? Thank you so much for providing great information and videos!

Simply Silent says:

Love it! Definitely my next bag! 🙂 Great review! Thanks for sharing!

MiyakoOtaku * Hokage says:

I have no problem with my Alma BB Strap. I find it comfortable ♥ I love this bag! ♥♥♥


Nothing personal but YouTuber drives me nuts with that um um um um looking for words . It makes the video long and agonizing to watch .

Mrs Grandberg says:

Loved the review. Very honest about the straps digging in. I think I didn’t get it because of how the handles lay on your hip. That bugs me.

Dina Armeniakos says:

Love it! Can you link the website of the exact pom pom you got?

hapaidol says:

Between this purse and the speedy 25, which one do you prefer better if you had to have just one. It seems like you might lean more towards the speedy. I love the look of both but have a hard time deciding which one I like better. Please let me know. Thank you!

juls_luvs_ lv says:

Hey Gorgeous….Great review… I have really gotten to love this bag… Maybe one day I will add it to my collection.. Thank you for sharing Babe.. xoxo..

shoppingwithapassion says:

I have an Alma on my wishlist but I can’t decide between ebene Alma bb and the ebene Alma mm (I believe LuxMommy has this size) what do you think? I know you love crossbody I’m not a huge crossbody fan and it looks quite small…the smallest I’m comfortable with is the Pochette Metis…and that’s pushing it lol…help!!

Susan Lee says:

You dont have to explain why you were wearing your sweatshirt. Its about the bag. Nobody care about the sweatshirt you were wearing while you were making this video.

Anthony Cruz says:

Thank you for your advice, it helped me to decide between Alma BB and Speedy B 30

Abbey Mugroso says:

Great review 🙂

IG mylove4bags

Nakell Sullivan says:

Good morning! Just a heads up, your title intro on the video lists the pochette metis.

minnie neo says:

Is the strap came together with the bag?

naz Mann says:

Hello. You have a mm agenda does it in the Alma B.B. and a clemence zippy wallet plz and thank u

Ebyan Mohamed says:

I’m leaning towards this or the Gucci dinoysis woc they are both the same price and this would be my first designer purchase which one would you recommend?
I really like the LV alma bb so classic but with Gucci on trend I don’t know which one to decide could you help me ?

Prese Jay says:

The alma bb is such a cute bag! Thanks for sharing your review!!!

I love FPOT says:

Thank you for this review. I finally decided to order it just now by phone since it’s not available online. This is my second LV purchase, my first is Felicie in monogram and I used it every day and my husband loves it so much. I told him I am going to sell the Felicie to get the Alma B.B. and he insisted of me to just have both so I did. I don’t carry a lot so the Felicie is perfect actually but my husband tend to put his wallet and key on my purse when we are on a date or errands so I am sure this Alma B.B. is perfect.

MaggyP Lukmanjaya says:

So cute with the bagcharm. Is this bag still in your collection? Loveeee your review as always…..thanks , girl

Project 18MILE says:

Hi. I am from korea. Good review! It helps a lot

Giggra says:

I recently decided to switch to small bags for 2 reasons. 1. I’m a RN and I got tennis elbow moving patients and my beloved large bags needed to go into storage for a while. 2. I am 5’3″ and I have loss 70lbs this past year. Prior to losing weight small bags didn’t hit right cross body. I have a personal question if you are comfortable answering. What is your weight? I am currently 160lbs. My goal is 130. Are u much smaller than 130?

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