Louis Vuitton 2018 Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse What’s In My Bag Review/Inspiration Chit Chat 💖

Louis Vuitton 2018 Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse What’s In My Bag Review/Inspiration Chit Chat

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Hi Everyone,

This Video Features A “What’s In My Bag” On The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Reverse


1. About The Purse
2. What’s In My Bag
3. Inspiration Chit Chat

*A Very Special “Thank You” To The Kind Girls On Here That Have Touched My Heart. They Have Beautiful Souls And I Highly Recommend Checking Out Their Channels!


Chers Slice of Life

If You Guys Have Any Questions Or Comments About This Style Bag, Please Do Comment: I Will Surely Respond 🙂

About Me: I Love Helping To Find That “Perfect LV Piece” For Each Person. I Also Enjoy Giving Inspirational Advice.


MsPassiontea says:

Love!!! I havent seen this type before. Well there are only limited style here in manila but omg i love this!


Awesome video. I love it so much, wish I can get it

Olive Leaf says:

Love the two toned colours on this one! I just bought a neverfull in monogram and was wondering how long it takes for the leather to patina? The handles are so white that it almost looks funny to me! Lol.

Andri says:

It absolutely gorgeous in the reverse .. xx

Kny Fortaleza says:

ughhh the PM! and in reverse! I am imagining it with monogram plus black trims. Looove the look of the PM. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time from afar. :)) great video hun!

Myfavoritethings says:

I love my pochette metis in reverse monogram! It’s so carefree!!! Love your channel!

Manja K. says:

I really love this bag. Maybe I can buy the Pochette Metis one day too. Great review.

Harriet Shearsmith says:

This was so useful, thanks lovely x

sharon oconnor says:

Another great video, review and inspirational comments.You are a wonderful example of intelligence and goodness:-)))

Deborah105 says:

I have all of my unused bags (most of them) in the dustbags as well. I have a very sunny bedroom and worry about the sun getting to them even though they are in a closet. Crazy? Yes! Ha! I have been looking at this bag for over six months. It’s incredibly beautiful! I’m wavering on so many bags. A Speedy? The Pouchette Metis? Damier Ebene? Azure? Bandolier? Classic? Gah! Your bag area is wonderful and I loved all the eye candy to look at. Gorgeous! I loved your inspirational portion of this video. Happiness comes from giving to others _ just teeny things even yes? I love letting people ahead of me in line when they have only a handful of things, I love chatting the volunteer workers at my local donation center/thrift store, I’m not a natural happy face – I’ve perfected RBF, but this past year in my life has taught me to always smile or have a relaxed half smile on my face and I just feel much better all around. You are a sweet person and it shows. xxoo little-girl! p.s. I have been thinking about what you said to me. I might have to make a few videos. It really is fun isn’t it? Yours are very relaxed, informative, and lovely.

DTotalPkg4Life says:

New Subbie ,, TFS

Louis Vuitton Lover says:

omg Meghan. I’m IN LOVE with this bag! I thought think you did an amazing job with this video. You’re 100% right about the Dalai Lama! He does seem so happy and it makes sense because of how good he is to people! Please don’t change the endings of your videos. It really sets you apart from typical bag reviews – in a good way! Thanks for another great video hun. xo

Cerene Besa says:

Hi! Is your PM made in 2018 already? Is it really better than the old versions? 🙂 Hoping for your reply!

Lady B says:

Beautiful bag sweetie, yes I agree we should treat others as we want to be treated. So glad your experience here on YT has been a great experience. Thank you for sharing xoxo

Kristy Saelee says:

Love your purse

AchelTheGreat says:

Oh my goodness I think I found my favorite bag of yours! It is the most adorable bag ever! I need to start a savings account or just stop buying makeup lol so I can get one :p

Wardrobe on Cruise says:

My next dream bag! Is it worth buying dear?

Samantha Christine says:

Love your reverse PM!!! Awesome review! <3

Luxy Rose Reveals says:

Great video! I remember you said you’re taller, which i am also, so your videos are esp helpful for me . I’m trying to get this myself (reverse metis)…fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing. P.s You are so gorgeous and a sweetheart too.

Resa Cups says:

Your bag is beautiful and I love your inspiration chit chat! Thanks for sharing…

Me And My Haileyv says:

The PM will always be one of my favourite bags. I’m very happy to have one in my collection. Yours is beautiful in the reverse monogram. The fact that it has the black leather opposed to the vachetta is great. More weather friendly lol. Congratulations on getting over 1000 subscribers. That’s amazing and very well deserved. Your inspirational message at the end is so true. Always be kind no matter what. It will always take you much further in life and you’ll definitely be happier. Xoxo

Kelsey Bang says:

love the two tone colors!

Silvia Deegon says:

oh!! amazing Hun!! love it 🙂 xoxo

tracey ellison says:


Style With Nina says:

Perfect addition to your LV collection. Great Video.

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