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Pretty Icyy says:

are you giving them away?

Lauren Writes Love says:

How was the inside quality of those bags? I just spilled coffee inside my real neverfull yesterday and I died a little inside.

Carol Benton says:

The bags look really good, really, Ms.Lady who in the hell knows if its a real bag or not. hahah. AND… it’s free shipping, and they look pretty good. Thank you so much sharing.

Pardon My Enthusiasm says:

First and foremost, I love your videos and style. So NO offense intended, but I couldn’t help it when I cracked up as your hair almost filled the view when you were talking about the pouches at 2:00 and said, “This is real, fake.” And I thought about your hair extensions. 😀 <3

Abbigail Donoghue says:

you’re so gorgeous

Sarah Krohn says:

Those are terrible knockoffs. There’s much better ones out there. Especially the makeup bag. I have one that’s an exact replica.

Madena R says:

Can you please do a what I got for Christmas haul!!!!

P Nicole says:

You get what you pay for so of course it’s not going to be top quality. Great video tho

Camaylia Tavakol says:

Can you please do a review of the happyskinco at home laser hair removal system? Love your vids!

Aiman Ali says:

Toni can you please do a video about you current hair color and extensions its sooo pretty

HaileyPollock58 says:

Never comment on YouTube videos but she’s like unreal snobby

Bebi x says:

You should buy the gucci belt from ioffer!

NoLimitRobbo says:

Shit nobody gon know dats fake

danielv2008 says:

What did you think you were getting for $20?

Kim Duong says:

Hey Toni, can u make a video on different outfits with sweaters?

Lauren Bohannan says:

can you put the links ?!!

Rachel Pavia Ramirez says:

Can you please do a “What I got for Christmas” video ??

katrina Budd says:

I ordered a shit ton of stuff on ioffer … never got any of them !

Noelle Collette says:

So I’m having trouble actually making my purchases… help

Adriana Romo says:

Do Gucci

Crystal Pacheco says:

Chewy vuitton

Nikki Anopol says:

Okay where’s your shirt from!?

Rae rahman says:

Do Chanel

Maria Mathews says:

You can’t possibly expect quality for that price. Quality costs money. I don’t understand why you’re surprised. The funny thing is, if you are walking around in public with a fake bag, only 10% or less of people looking at you would know it’s fake. I have an authentic Damier Ebene Alma and I have had so many people ask what what kind of bag it is. They never saw the “squares” before.

Candy Feyrer says:

It looks great for the money really lady , come on!

Lizabeth Michl says:

I have purchased 2 reps LV from Dhgate neverfull Damier Ebene 126.00 Pochette Metis for 74.00 and both are very nice quality. Just type all leather speedy, or neverfull you won’t see the patterns until you click on to choose color. Check reviews, and sellers reviews.

Medicine Lee says:

What’s on your lips?!?!

Jessica Barry says:

who’s the seller? no help to review if no one tells us who the seller is 🙁

jaymelee23 says:

For those flooding the comments about human trafficking, child labor, etc — you do know that luxury brands destroy stock that hasn’t sold instead of sending products off to discounters, right? Products are burned or cut up then shipped to landfills. They do this to keep their product values high instead of selling them to discounters. You also know that they use a loophole to claim a product is made in a certain country by just sewing a label or doing a small percentage of the final work on said products too, right? Products will be completed a certain percentage in a poverty country then shipped to Italy, France, etc. for “finishing touches.” A lot of luxury brands do all of the above. There’s plenty of reputable documentaries on YouTube about those practices. My point is true luxury brands are not so innocent. Pick your evil, I guess.

Taylor Johnson says:

More makeup tutorials plzzzzz!

Francesca Fox says:

Be careful with fake luxury products because they are created for the purpose of funding human trafficking, drug trafficking, and child labor. Many of the products are made by children who were taken from their families. Buyer beware!

Jasmine G says:

I’d like to see your thoughts on fake gucci belts.

molly roll says:

What do you expect? A real one is $1400. It’s pretty good for $25 LMAO

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