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This is the Alma Monogram Vernis in the size PM & in the color Pomme D’amour (red)! I can’t believe Louis Vuitton has raised their prices so much in 6 months! What are your thoughts on designers raising their prices every year??

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kary Veselinova says:

Girl that is beautiful and I want it xxx OMG love itttttt !!!!!

Tam's Travels says:

Not an LV girl but this shape and size is pretty!

criminalxxxlove says:

does your bag have a stamp or tag if so where? I purchased one second hand and im super paranoid lol

기위 says:

please do the what’s in my bag video with this bag ^^

Debbie Persaud says:

Hi, I am considering getting this purse in one of these colors and this size.  I have seen all the following colors on your tube.  Cerise (Cherry), Pomme D’amour and Indian Rose.  I love all colors. Which color do you think will go with more seasons? Thanks.

marie tran says:

bag collection video please?

Sarah Chang says:

Could you do the same type of video for the white Michael kors selma?

megzwainwright says:

Omg thats a lot of money just on a bag!!

Samadhi Herath says:

I love this bag! This is one of the purses from LV that I want to get so badly! I have the tivoli pm bag and I just filmed a video on it so you can see mine if you are interested. Mine I got in London and it was 850 pounds don’t know the convention in $ but I do think that they are worth it for once in a while kind of a gift because you work hard for your items! 😀 

shoes addict says:

how does the hardware holding up?

Vision33r says:

Big waste of money, my plastic grocery bag for free can carry more than this.

Debbie Persaud says:

Thaks for your help. Love your channel.

hannah k says:

I saw your also got lv brea, so if I only want to get one, which one do u recommend? alma or brea?

Matthew Doyle says:

I love your reviews. Let us know when you are looking for your next designer product. We can always get anything you want and would love to see one of our bags get reviewed by you.  Matt

BagBravado says:

whooaah! Soo lovely! 

lissaandbeauty says:

I love this purse and I have the one in the color Rose which is the nice Pink color. I also got the matching wallet and it is so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

swtd12eams says:

You mentioned you don’t zip your bag all the way.  Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your stuff (e.g. wallet)?

Love your bag!  I’ve been eyeing the PM as well.  

iheartscookie says:

It’s actually $1,820 on the LV site right now!

iheartscookie says:

Can you do more purse reviews? I love this!!!

MsUa125 says:

If you unzip it all the way down on both sides does your stuff fall out?

Kim WH70 says:

My husband just purchased this for me as an early Christmas gift, it’s a beautiful bag but could you tell me if yours had a chemical smell, not sure if it’s the varnish but you can smell it on the bag , the bag to store it and the box it came in. He ordered it from Louis Vuitton online, mine is in the cheery color. Thank you

Vicky Daza Butler says:

I love it, I want one too! Do you find it wears better in the fall and winter? I live in the desert and it is hot most of the year. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing patent leather in the heat of summer. By the way, love your eyeshadow.

phdiva100 says:

TIp for bag reviews: actually hold the bag up where people can see it. 

cavaliercountry says:


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