HANDBAG ORGANIZER COMPARISON & REVIEW | Samorga vs. Original Club | Shea Whitney


Curious about handbag organizers?? I absolutely love my handbag organizers for my Louis Vuitton bags!! I discuss Samorga vs Original Club organizers including layouts, material, pricing, shipping times and how I pack my organizers! As I mentioned in the video, I highly recommend Original Club! They don’t just have to be for Louis Vuitton bags either…any purse or handbag will work! I hope this video was helpful to you!

Much Love,

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misty wilcox says:

I love this and I have a gm neverfull with red interior.

Hermesmerized theduchessofh says:

No sacrifice Bags, le Mobile organizer is worth looking at too.

Srey Sorci says:

The contents of your channel are so informative. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness to offer your viewers a discount without any selfish agenda. Love it!!!!

Susan .V says:

Hello! What is the name of the luggage tag on your neverfull GM? Thanks!

Miva LA says:

Hi, thank you for this video, I will definitely check the Original Club, my pick would be LV Nevderfull in MM 🙂

Isha Upadhyay says:

Hi.. Love your videos. I decided upon Speedy over Neverfull after watching your comparison video. So i purchased the Speedy 30 B. I love the non structured look of the bag yet i feel the need for an organizer. Whats your recommendation. I know its tricky but was wondering if there exists one.. lol

Zoe Kalogiannis says:

I watched your review and comparison of the two organizers and really enjoyed it. Very helpful!. I went to the Original Club website to place an order for the Organizer with the Round Holder in red for my Speedy 40 and at check out it would not accept my credit (debit) card. I tried a few times and still nothing. I then immediately got a call from my bank’s fraud protection agency number asking if I had authorized the transaction, to which I said yes. They explained that perhaps it was flagged because the transaction gets processed in Ireland and the company is based in Turkey, so they wanted to be sure it was me. I tried again, after I assured them it was me, and still same problem. I even tried with a different card (Discover), so it would appear that perhaps the site has issues. Bummer! Anyone else have the same issue? I was really looking forward to ordering one. 🙁

Wendy Teitelbaum says:

Which one from original club is like your Samorga organizers for your GM?

Linda Shaffer says:

I would love one for the LV Melie bag. Red would be great!

Fashonistaism says:

Hi Shea: I wanted to know did you pay any duties on yr package when it arrived?

G Arebalo says:

I’m looking for an organizer for my Tumi Q tote (large). What would you suggest. The base measurements are 12×6. Thanks!

Rosie Salinas says:

I need a red for my speedy 30 thank you million

Monica Garcia says:

I tried to use the code today and it said invalid…was it for a limited time only?

Angelica Cuevas says:

Thanks to your video I just ordered an organizer for me LV Neverfull GM.

Sherry Green says:

Never full MM

Celebrate.Luxury says:

Hi Shea. Great video as always. Just got a Speedy 30 and would like an organizer. Options are Original Club or CloverSac. Lots of reviews on the CloverSac which say that it is terrific and very light. this is improtant to me. Since you are the only one I’ve seen recommending the Original Club am wondering if you are familiar with CloverSac and can weigh on the weight difference, pardon the pun. Many Thanks!

Jordan Barenberg says:

hi! i hope its not too late to win your giveaway?! im new to your channel and have been researching a purse organizer !

Mia Shin says:

I’m buying my speedy 30 this weekend. I would love a pink organizer.

Phoebe Lalas says:

I want a neverfull mm sand color please. Thank you!

Nicol D says:

First – You’re gorgeous!

Second – thank you for the honest review!

Jasmine Wang says:

can you tell the difference between the thickness of the two felts? and over use, do the sides fall inwards? i’ve had that problem with previous bag organizers..

Katharine Hudson says:

Hi Shea, I just bought my first Neverfull GM damier ebene so would LOVE LOVE LOVE the RED organiser for that baby x Love your videos! Love the double bottle organiser for the neverfull xxx

Kim Strickland says:

would love it for my new Neverfull MM…just got the Hawaii special so pink would be awesome!

My_luxury_cravings says:

I would love a beige organizer for my Neverfull mm 🙂

Barb Leazier says:

I just bought a Neverfull GM and that is how I found your channel. I was searching for bag organizers! Thanks for the giveaway. Barb

nlovett5 says:

Hi! love your videos. I would love to have an organizer for my neverfull GM color (red) thank you!

Gloria Kim says:

I would love to have a red bag organizer for my speedy 30 in damier eben. I love watching all your videos!

Irene Richardson says:

I would want a neverfull gm organizer in beige! So sweet of you. I would want the compartment organizer

Jade Bernier says:

Hi! I just bought a never full mm and it’s my first designer bag! I would love to win an organizer in beige: the same color of my bag interior! Thank you 🙂

Two Happy Girls * says:

Hi, Shea: I love your videos! You always looks beautiful! I’d love to have the red organizer for speedy 30:) if I can win. Thank so much!

Andrew Crouch says:

I wish they accept pp payment

Linda Bluez says:

I could use an organizer for my Totally MM ….in RED. Thanks for doing this comparison, it was very helpful!

Sarah Bradley says:

Hi Shea-I have the Neverfull MM. I like cinching the sides from time to time. Can you do this with the size designated for the Neverfull MM. I have heard that it may be better to order one for the Speedy 30. Btw-love your videos!!

Lorena Carranza says:

Love this! Thanks for the info!

Megan Cooper says:

I bought an organiser from Original Club a week ago, money is gone from my account but haven’t even received an e-mail to give an order number or when it will be dispatched or anything! They also haven’t replied to my emails! Is this normal?? Can anyone help? 🙁

Destinee James says:

I just purchased a Speedy B 30. What color would you recommend from Original Club? Can’t decide which would match better: mocha or chocolate. Aaaaah.

Parisa Amirzadehasl says:

Will the speedy 30 original club organizer fit inside of a neverfull mm?

La Mistique says:

WELCOME 17 doesn’t work 🙁

Kim C says:

Hi there!! Been watching you for awhile now!! Love your reviews!!! Can I please win the neverfull mm organizer pls!!! Thank you

amphilxoxo says:

Hello shea do you still have the organizers as a giveaway? I have a gm and i could really use ine of these

Ashley Fitzpatrick says:

Is anyone else having trouble with color selection? The only ones I see on the OC site are brown and grey… All colors seem to be available through Etsy, but the Welcome code isn’t valid there 🙁

patricia freitas says:

Neverfull gm magenta!

hedaya hamed says:

I agree about getting an MM insert for the GM Neverfull because once I fill it up, the bag becomes really bulky looking & synching the sides becomes harder. Overall, the insert is very handy and I thank you so much for sharing this video. I actually bought the insert before I bought the Neverfull lol. I also used your promo code. You are awesome, keep doing what you’re doing. The more the merrier ❤️

Trish Wu says:

I would love an organizer for a Neverfull GM with a pink color to match the Pivione color!

layne Gadd says:

never full

Ash Ann says:

Hey girl! How long did it take you to get your organizer? It’s been a week and I have yet to get any shipping info or message that it’s been sent but I have been charged

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