Ada discusses her Louis Vuitton EPI leather pieces

Hi Everyone, I was asked to discuss/review my Louis Vuitton EPI leather pieces. I have a Neverfull, Noe and Brea. I love this leather and find it very hard wearing, please enjoy.


MSpanders10 says:

Love all your EPI pieces.

Rany Muong says:


Linda Klinton says:

Lovely bags hun. The NF is soooo Beautiful. Xoxo

flossy1298 says:

Loved your review Ada, I don’t own anything in Epi ❤️

Stanleydragonjr says:

Love love love EPI leather, I have three neverfulls,two breas,a Noe,and a few other bags and piecies,great leather,I love that color ,I think indigo is one of the nicest colors they have a beautiful collection and I love your channel.
All the best to you
Xoxo MJ

Jessica Hernandez says:

I found one of the those and i cant find a date code

Rachel's Remedies says:

I couldn’t agree more-absolutely LOVE the Epi-it wears so well, and the neverFull in Epi is such a versatile piece

ibee4u2luv says:

One concern I have with the bottom part, do you have any scratches on it? Or any scuffing on the edges around the bottom of the bag?

imjulielee says:

Love the Burberry bag in the back! I love Burberry so much but I am not a fan of too flashy things so I am unsure about bags with the patterns all over it. Could you maybe do a video discussing Burberry bags or just too flashy designer things?


Emma McDonnell says:

Do you find this bag attached easily compared to other epi bags. I have this and have scratched it twice and I never scratch my bags. Not sure if this was a slightly thinner leather. X

Leo Lion LV says:

Great video. I do not have any Epi “yet”. I will look closer now at it since this video 🙂

Carolyn Campbell says:

I very recently read that the baby wipes contain certain chemicals intended to dissipate a baby’s urine from their body. So using it on the leather actually destroys it. I think it may have been pursebop? If you would like to read it I will find it in my bookmarks. Beautiful choice in the LV Neverful. I prefer understated elegance and surely fits the bill. I will likely choose black but the indigo is yummy as well. Thank you for a good review 🙂

momo-p says:

Hi, this colour is sooo beautiful! Will the base sag? Do you recommend to have a base shaper?

Isabel Isabel says:

Do you still have this bag? Would you recommend it over the Monogram Neverfull MM? I want to buy a Neverfull for my birthday in September but have no idea which one to go for. Please help.

jo34576 says:

What a beautiful bag it is Ada. Thanks so much for sharing. Big Hugs, Jo

The Fashion Act Blog says:

Love your bags” What do you think about epi leather vs vernis? I want to get an alma bb but I am not sure which leather is better

Jennifer J says:

I have always wondered about Epi leather so this was great information for me. Glad you did it.

Becky F says:

Your Epi Neverfull is a beauty!! She’s on my vision board!!

Szys says:

Great review! Beautiful neverfull!!

HappyGeekChic says:

Is the EPI leather heavy compared to the canvas? I am debating between these two as my travel tote for international air travel

nidhi sharma says:

Thank you allot for doing the review.

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