What’s in my Purse!

This was a requested video and I always thought they were so much fun! Hope you enjoy and please subscribe!

Purse- Jessica Simpson- Macy’s



ShineBright says:

I LOVE YOUR VIDS BABE COULD yOU DO A tutorial for the makeup look you have in this video Thanks 🙂

Nikki Cory says:

@jenandboys2023 Me too!! I love both of them! Thanks for watching!!

jenandboys2023 says:

i love joel osteen he is so uplifting and positive i just went to see creflo dollar loved it

Love&Heart104 says:

Where did you get your bag from?

Nikki Cory says:

@MissChrissyful Thanks chica! Do one! I’d love to watch it! 🙂

Nikki Cory says:

@skater1234567892 Well it’s very small! lol But sure! Thanks for the request!

danilishus says:

I love the hard candy lip glosses!

Nitraa B says:

Joel Osteen is the bombdotcom I love the funny little stories he tells at the beginning. 🙂 I love your videos girl. You will be popular. Your just new give it time 🙂

Chrissy Gutierrez says:

Cute purse! I love these videos too! Im going to film one eventually! Love you darling! xo

Nikki Cory says:

@talkingaboutsomeone Ha! That’s it! I love reading those! Thanks!

Nikki Cory says:

@yellecomplete Thank you! 🙂

Rachel Robinson says:

This was fun to watch 🙂 You deserve SO many more subscribers!

Angela QuixoticGirly says:

Love Joel Osteen & you! I saw you bag video and I wanted to watch this one first..haha! You are so cute! You know, I just bought some VS makeup for the first time and I like it. I wish we had an outlet here. I’ve never tried their makeup before because it’s so expensive & I didn’t know what to get, but I had a coupon. I tried the hightlighting stick and it’s nice! Love you! xo

Nikki Cory says:

@bluetigressemoon Yeah! They are just normal stickers…so I guess you could use whatever stickers you want! lol! Thanks so much for watching!! XO

Nikki Cory says:

@Racheloll Thank you!! I loved yours so had to post as a video response! I have to start somewhere right?! lol It’s a fun hobby! 🙂

talkingaboutsomeone says:

the whats in my bag article thing-y’s are in Marie Claire! 😛

Nikki Cory says:

@danilishus Me too! They’re awesome and affordable!

Nikki Cory says:

@MsSalvadorean Thanks so much girl! For sure! Thanks for the request! xo

kristie cory says:

Great video!! That’s so funny that you said that about Victoria Secret makeup, cause I feel the same way about it! My new favorite bronzer is Victoria Secret’s Mega Bronze, you have to try it!!

Jasmine Donielle says:

Love your bag!

bluetigeressemoon says:

Are tanning stickers just normail stickers you put on during tanning? My sister had a Playboy Bunny one…

Blanca Crespo says:

Can you do a makeup collection ?(:

Nikki Cory says:

@nitraab Wow! Thank you so much….that’s so great to hear! You’re inspiring just like Joel is! lol! Thanks again, it’s comments like that, that makes this fun!

Nikki Cory says:

@MacIsMyLover104 i think my sister got it at Macy’s around Christmas time!

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