Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram Speedy 30 Unboxing

this is a review of the bright and sophisticated Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram (signature LV) in the speedy 30

I purchased this on the Louis Vuitton website and had an excellent experience with the customer service! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere Damier

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene

Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM Unboxing


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Holly Farol says:

2:17 I love her

james zanda says:

she is w
ay to perky

Tammy Jefferson says:

Your videos are life, You just made my day. Luv ya 🙂

Massiel Deleon says:

This my fave Louie Vuitton I had a fake one as a teen lol

pug does makeup says:

gdo I’m jelus…

J S says:

Love this bag I sold mine.wanting it back now I miss it

Lindsey bby says:

I have this bag!

LVfan81 says:

Can you review it. Like the wear and tear. I hope u read this 🙂

HermesLVDiva1976 says:

My favorite collection (the Multi-color) designed by Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs. This bag is a must have for the serious Louis Vuitton collector. Worth every penny.

Elizabeth Clarke says:

Trish I like the bag really I just think that there too much going on in the bag I personally would settle for a plain jane Brown lv

Hi I'm Shannon says:

Its not called patina leather! its called Vachetta…*rolls eyes*

Thouk Inthichack says:

Can you show your lv key?

Kendra Cunningham says:

I love this bag! I just purchased it as well. Another off the bucket list on to the next!

Danielle Purvis says:

The multicolored is much more expensive because they use 30-33 different colors. The letters are silk screened on so they have to do one color and let it dry and they do that for each color.

Crystal Taylor says:

Can you do a handbag collection.

terri Smith says:

I love my lv speedys, I got both white and the nor The black one , I Ve had them for about 10 years now and the still look good

Rich Lux says:

Please do more Louis Vuitton videos please !!!!

Barbara Melville says:

I bought the same bag love it.

Janette Blanco says:

Where is the date code on your bag? is it stamped directly on the lining or is it on a leather tab attached to the lining? I need to know in order to authenticate a preloved multicolor speedy. Thanks in advance!

Terri Smith says:

They also have super fakes out there the have the wrapped around look ,I have one super fake and one real, the super fakee are about $320..00 but better then $1500.00,

Regina George says:

I have this same bag 30 & 40 , the black and the white multicolor speedy

NafisaPrecious says:

This bag is very Jessica Simpson 2003, but still beautiful.

NikkieCampbell says:

i have a speedy 30 and it looks nothing like that!
The speedy 30 has 2 LV on each side of the pocket mostly green and black and this one doesn’t have the  LV on either side its just the pattern which makes me believe this is fake. Also this bag is not affordable at all it cost me $3500.

hugh janus says:

I just noticed… her hair doesn’t match her extensions.

Donna Perry says:

….that is soooo pretty!

FaFa Brasil says:

Hello super large video kisses from France and good luck for your videos and subscribe more !!! 🙂

Daniel McIntyre says:

I alwasy think of Jessica Simpson with the white multicolor monogram

Kate Greenshields says:

It’s stunning xx

Karen Nguyen says:

I have the same one girl!!! <3

CookieMonster says:

Such a beautiful bag ♥♥♥

serina love says:

this bag is so lovely..too bad they don’t make it anymore 🙁

Alexus best says:

I love that bag

Gabrielle Price says:

Something about her bag doesn’t seem right. The 2 LV’s are not in the front, and it’s seems off.

Agnieszka Bella says:

YOU LOOK beautiful also on my bucket list I cant acheive…

Klaus W. says:

i understand you

Rose Lopez says:

I so love ur taste in clothes n handbags…i could only dream of having a real design handbag!!!

Marlon Jones says:

Please do a bag collection video

Petty Paris says:

Can you do a collection of you louis vuitton bag

Lauren Bee says:

Hi , you have had your speedy for a couple yrs now. Can you to a wear and tear video? Please ????

JesusIsLoveTR says:

Trishaaaa!!!!! This makeup look is DEF one of my faves that I’ve ever seen on you. You’re always adorable though  =o)  The eyes look like the Wonder Woman costume colors- LOVE- but then the look overall makes me think of “My Little Pony” or “Rainbow Bright.” Lovely! OK now I can unpause and finish watching the rest of the video. ;<)   btw- will you ever do a purse collection video?

Viri Ruiz says:

Its so fucking beautiful im in love

Cas M says:

The most I spent on a bag was 110 and the least I spent was 5 and the 5 dollar one lasted me so long

Jacqueline E Dorssers says:

thx for sharing, nice

juutje alazelfie says:

It is vachetta leather and when the leather changes in color, that proces is patina

Tonia Colwell says:

that purse is beautiful, BUT i will never be able to afford one…

Addison Dewitt says:

total ditz—dye your roots, wipe off the hideous eye shadow, and stop talking so goddamn and like a 5 year old

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