Jessica Simpson’s Billion Dollar Fashion Business | TODAY

Jessica Simpson joins TODAY along with Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley to talk about Simpson sharing financial advice as the dean speaker at Teen Vogue’s annual fashion university. Simpson also gushes about her husband and children.
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Jessica Simpson’s Billion Dollar Fashion Business | TODAY


Mona Moore says:

Don’t believe that she owner the company it’s so clear from her answer she’s so stupid

Karen Suchy says:

Anna Nicole Smith

Jennifer Colaizzi says:

SAD. The ” GREAT” people around her, that she speaks of, NEED TO GET HER HELP. ..INSTEAD OF FEEDING OFF HER. She’s obviously OVERWHELMED and has reached for some substance as a crutch. I know from experience.

Nicky Nicki says:

She really inspires me, I would love to shadow her for a day

Rachid Rachid says:

I’m confused ,I read where she sold half her company and she’s not a billion dollar mogal.You can’t believe anyone anymore.I guess thats her father manipulating again.

Genya Arikado says:

She is supposed to be one of the most unintelligent singers in present time…

Sy sy says:

How greedy can people get they got $150 million and still want more they are willing to sell their soul to the devil, give up marriages etc just for more and more money …Fake people who are never happy with what they have

Robot Nutz says:

She is on pills here…..

cloud625 says:

She look great. She should be Guest Judge on America’s Next Top Model & Project Runway.

mandii babii says:

she really does have a great line!

MK L says:

You won’t see her fashion line at Wal Mart…HAH!

Consultante en personnel says:

She does have a beautiful accessible clothing line.Thank you Jessica and your team.

Weisz82 says:

she is a sweet soul , time made her more beautiful and real. way to go.

Saran2701 says:

She looks the same…still young

Brogan Logan Roman says:

Jessica Simpson is absolutely sexy gorgeous beautiful naughty & stunning swear down she is

rainy month says:

She wasn’t making much sense.

Amaya Moubai says:

Why is she slurring?

Emmanuel Jauregui says:

I dont really know if she is the owner of a huge empire why she cuts cupons with her husband and employees … thats really disgusting

dojufitz says:

For all her short comings…..I wish I was married to her….

mysterychemistry says:

Yeah, who’s laughing now, Nick? She can’t count, doesn’t know what chicken of the sea is, but she got herself a billion dollar business.

Jemir JemirP says:

She is on something

Angelica Samsob says:

Beautiful as always Jessica

BaileySEA says:

She seems high or something, and this was months before her HSN appearance. I’m worried about her.

Grand Illusion says:

Jessica Simpson has done really well for herself in the fashion industry, but I would like to see her return to either pop or country music. I liked both of her singles, “Come on Over” & “Remember That” from her country album but I’m also a fan of her 2003 pop album, In This Skin, which went triple platinum in the U.S. and sold more than 7 million copies worldwide.

OGwhiteboy818 says:

Shes not wasted. Shes just dumb as a stump.

Kamilla Iqbal says:


Riaaa says:

I hope Jessica finds God again! I am glad that the clothing industry is working out for her though. I love her shoes!

Ali Johnson says:

some of these comments thou….. u are all entitled to ur own opinion but if u have nothing good to say just don’t comment at all. the fact is she runs a successful business just be happy for her and stop with these petty comment

0MissArgentina0 says:

I realized how much stuff of hers I actually own. Wallets, sunglasses, etc. Her fragrance “vintage bloom” makes people constantly ask what I am wearing. She does good.

Karla Badey says:

Her neck os wrinkly or maybe the position they put her in lol

K Jean says:

Jessica your business empire so inspiring, great job!

10ashagirl says:

Lord Help Her!

Joseph Rogers says:

Poor girl… She’s obviously on something every interview I watch. She needs help…

Erlinda Ford says:

She was probably having some morning drinks with Hoda,and Kathy Lee

poppy crust says:

What a difference, her hair a mess, she slurs, she is not all there. She’s on something.

Jennifer Lorence says:

Americans: “You Make a LOT of Money” So You Automatically become a Mogul and a Role Model, even if there are other people working behind the scenes working for You like Slaves for You to Make Money and You are a Total Bimbo.

aarongluzman says:

Deep, caring eyes…
Her looks…
Her smile…
Deep, warm…
Luxurious, direct…
Energizing, capturing our attentions…

Tianna says:

Go Jess!

Aleja Amesquita says:

Come out with better shoes. I miss the ones that I bought back in 2007.

Pete BB says:

does she really own the clothing line ? probably not, shes the face of the company and thats about it, she probably has a hand in the design but lets be honest, its the business ppl doing the real work and making the business happen, i doubt jessica deals with the distribution, production, etc that makes the company grown. Just like the olsen twins, they had a billion dollar company, when they were kids, so were a bunch of 10 year olds running the billlion dollar company ? nope.

Jalen Wesley says:

Same Jess, if you don’t get her then that’s fine. She isn’t on drugs, she’s being herself and if you allow her to share herself instead of picking her apart maybe you would learn something

Kat I says:

I don’t see she on pills.. She is just natural and sweet.. Just a happy simple mom.

Griffin Mathers says:

She is so naturally beautiful, I hope she will some day understand that she doesn’t need to pile on the makeup like she does now. Looks better before faux lips etc.

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