Jessica Simpson Collection Haul

:::OPEN ME!!!

just a few items, not really a haul but didn’t know what else to call this video!!! lol. maybe a mini haul!?

these are my first Jessica Simpson items EVER!!!!! I always thought her stuff was a little overpriced but the quality of what I got is really amazing thus far!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

“jessica simpson, sing the chorus…”





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disclaimer: all items purchased by me. not sponsored.


tanya dinkins says:

someone talk to me!!

Peter M says:

she is soo beatiful <33333

Ciara Sheri says:

I’m generally not into animal print but those shoes are fab

Kiki H says:

I Love Jessica Simpson shoes!

maine bound says:

You really needn’t be like this person. Be your real self.

Jazz Poole says:

Can you do a video on how you did you make-up in this video??? I love it <3

Tigger Muir says:

dont be so disrespectful …this girl is awesome!

megan Blivin says:

she can be who she want to be

Rosalie G. says:

Wow she kind of said that we have no style.

Project Inspired says:

I just filmed a fabulous fashion video that I promise you’ll love! Come see me! 🙂 xoxo Nicole

Maddie Chiaro says:

Dd you make the two bracelets you have on??

Hi Hii says:

R u rich??

Brenna Tippitt says:

Love your videos!! Cutest shoes ever!!!

GoddessAntares says:

You have to put into context of what ‘broke’ means to some people. To us, broke might be wondering where we’re going to get gas money or we can’t buy that dress we like this week. To her, broke might mean something else. Like not having $500 to blow at the mall or the few hundred it takes to maintain her extensions. She also might be a bit of an exaggerator. Her attitude is (mostly) nice on the outside but take it with a grain of salt.

Channel says:

Credit card debt.

kelly velasquez says:

ur top is cute

Ortal Alschitz says:

I have that same dress you’re wearing!!!!
i’m planning on getting the polka dots one too!!!

Holly Frawley says:

For the ladies asking the wallet is called Jessica Zip Around Neon wallet. I emailed her company and got a very fast reply they was great but NO WALLET 🙁 so so sad. Dear Holly,
Thank you for your inquiry. The wallet you are looking for is the Jessica Zip-Around Wallet in Neon, however, that is an item we carried in the Spring and are out of stock. We can suggest contacting online stores such as eBay where previous seasonal items may be sold.

Thank you for contacting Jessica Simpson

Blake Knight says:

Now she has a YSL wallet…thanks sugar daddy!

MissterMustard says:

She is SPONSORED…. She got the shoes for FREE… Why do you think she was doing so many promos for bling shield ..

PeaceLovePink345 says:

macys has sales all the time in the store 🙂 i got an 80 dollar jessica simpson jean jacket for 27 dollars 🙂

Katie Lee Hill says:

I love how at the beginning of every video you’re like 😀 😀

Lovelyday says:

Even tho i recently start watching you I love how you embruse yourself and that you style motivates me to start dressing up again and being comfortable in my own skin.

camcat milly says:

I’ve been trying to find that wallet everywhere!!! Do u know any site where I can get it, I’m totally in love with it!!

Bailey Dark says:

i loooove your shirt in this video 🙂

Lashawne Smith says:

I love Jessica Simpson jeans they have a great fit for curvy girls

camcat milly says:

I know that’s the jessica Simpson wallet but does it have a pacific name coz I’ve been trying to find that one I LOVE it !!! Awesome video

Channel says:

Credit card debt.

Lauren Lucia says:

Those shoes *.*

Featherpuppies says:

I’m proud of how far she’s come.. Especially her makeup skills

GoddessAntares says:

Yes, she did used to be a stripper. She has made videos about it even acknowledging her day shift work with all the fat girls and single moms. It’s quite honest and you can tell she’s not proud of it. They’re called her “Stripper Diaries” videos.

Tatum Allee says:

You look so pretty today Trish! I have these purple flats by Jessica Simpson that I love and get so many compliments on.

Bonnie F says:

Where did you get your outfit???!

MissterMustard says:

Yes that was her, she has a video on her channel of every TV appearance she made..
She was also on this show called “My strange addiction”

BlueDaisy824 says:

I love Jessica Simpson!!!!!

BloodyNightSky says:

I know, right?!?! Go to the bling shield website and look in the products and 8 inch heel category, they are $849.99 now. I am being completely serious.

LizzieRawkz says:

The lipstick your wearing, makes you look like you have no lips (wipes them out), and darkens the rim of your mouth.

kaceymarie says:

i work at macy’s lol.

Sophia Foster says:

what heregreece means is that a purse is a womans wallet , we dont use it to refer to a handbag 🙂 @heregreece they calla handbag a purse and so use the wallet as unisex x

Sophie Lee says:


Miri Varez says:

you can get those wallets at burlington for like $20

Eve Wee says:

hi trash, i just need to leave you a note in all your vid. i think u are fabulous and sweet and real. keep it up girl. you give me lots and lots of confident and i love u. u look beautiful and u teach me to be comfortable with my body. i am a Large size and loving it. 

riner9 says:

1st job a stripper second job a hooker by the looks of it.

Holly Frawley says:

I am so in love with that wallet. I know you do contest but are you willing to sell your wallet? I can not find it anywhere and really like it. haha I know weird request.

Thank you so so much!


05blondie says:

@sprinkleofglitter1 I have respect for jesus, however I have no respect for people who try to force religion on people. Have you ever thought maybe trish doesn’t gave a damn what you or Jesus thinks?!?!

BloodyNightSky says:

Agreed!!!! The shoes she got from Bling Shield were $700 US dollars! I don’t understand 🙁

JudytheExtraterrestrial says:

Eww those shoes are the tackiest things I’ve ever seen they must die x_x

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