Jessica Alba Shows Us What’s In Her Bag

The green-beauty guru empties out her bag to show us every single thing she totes around daily.

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Jessica Alba Shows Us What’s In Her Bag

Starring: Jessica Alba
Director: Andrew Thomas
Producer: Kate Hammond
Director of Photography: Adam Reign
Camera Operator: Rob Johnson
Production Coordinator: Conor Lamb

Sound Mixer: Anton Leonardo
Video Editor: Donny Knowles


Rachelle Zhang says:

Is someone in her family lawyer? Those books on the shelf look like statutes. Lol. Just saying.

Vency Cheng says:

What’s her bag??

Inna Sokolova says:

Интересно только одно, сколтко ей заплатили за рекламу…

CaliforniaLaughter says:

I knew this was gonna be a shameless plug but I just wanted to make sure

AnnietheGirl 425206 says:

Yas Korea

smiley face says:

we need an asmr video of her speaking

gypsyvanneraddict says:

She’s so organized

Arath Enrique says:

She still looks so young and pretty

fabio says:

“Go with the flow bag” that says be prepared. Which one is it sis

lili linda says:

Jessica is aging backward , she was so pretty but now she is even more prettier

Lauren Standaert says:

Does anybody know where i can buy the sunglasses aka SUNNIEEESSS 😀

Jenna Sexton says:

her voice is so soothing

magickat says:


parvana mammad-zada says:

cant decide if she is fake or her voice is soft …

Contemplayted ._. says:

Things I Need In Life:

– Jessica Alba ASMR

Ana Terrese Junio says:

Gosh so seductive =)

Kiran Randhawa says:

Does anyone know what the make of the purse is?

Isy Mabel says:

she gives me asmr

neha ravinder says:

Trust me I like your bag arrangement in fact I do same with my bag there is some key points which I learnt from you thank you very much showing your bag really well managed and well arranged love you

gomezguru says:

you know you are famous when 900 000 people care what you carry in a purse

Mary Ann says:

This is just a huge free commercial for Honest beauty

Niaa Ward says:

We are all loving her voice clearly. She should make asmr videos

Curtis Redden says:

But her eyes are out of focus.

Underyourbedeyes says:

no wonder she can’t get acting jobs

she’s awful at acting normal and down to earth in this..

Lana Golightly says:

I love her dress! Does anyone know who the designer is? And what season it is?

doitee52 says:

Is she still smoking cigaretts?

abbie sol says:

What kind of purse is that

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